Letter to the Editor

Over the past several weeks two articles in The Pipestone Flyer have centered on the belief that man has a free will, that is man has the ability to choose God or reject Him. Both Margaret Chegwin and Editor Ted Okkerse have expounded their position of free will.
 The notion of free will is a false notion grounded in human speculation not scripture.
 The premise for Margaret Chegwin's position overlooks one extremely essential point that man is sinful and anything he sees or does is guided by a nature that is originally sinful. Although we were created in God’s image we are after the fall tainted by sin just as a bathtub full of water changes color from clear to blue when a bottle of ink is added to the water. It is still water, just not pure water. Viewing man as originally sinful as scripture does, changes the perspective. We now view the world through tainted glasses (our sin) and we are all guilty before God fully deserving of His justice and wrath; not of His love or mercy. It is by His grace alone that we are saved, (II Timothy 1:9)
 Scripture clearly teaches that God’s choice of certain individuals unto salvation before the foundation of the world rests solely on His own sovereign will and good pleasure. His choice of particular sinners was not based on any foreseen response of obedience on their part, such as faith and repentance. On the contrary God gives faith and repentance to each individual he selected. These acts are the result and not the cause of God’s choice.  Election therefore was not determined by or conditioned on any virtuous quality or act foreseen in man. Those whom God sovereignty elects He brings through the power of the Spirit to a willing acceptance of Christ. Therefore it is God’s choice of the sinner and not the sinner’s choice of God that is the ultimate cause of salvation.
Adam was created in the image of God and had the freedom to choose to sin or not to sin and he chose to sin. Since Adam made that choice all of human kind that followed was conceived and born in sin with a will that is in bondage to sin with the ability to choose from among different types and degrees of sin.  Those choices are even restricted by personal preference.
 In the same way we as sinful man cannot escape our preferences when it comes to God for ultimately no one has a free will because the will is nothing more than a personal preference and preferences are colored by character and personality.  If then the will is no more than an expression of character it will never choose anything contrary to the character of the chooser.

Henry Klooster

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