Council Notes From All Over August 18 2011

By Joanne Hagen

 The Town of Calmar Council regular meeting was called to order by Mayor Faulkner at the usual time of 7:00 p.m.
 The Mayor called a Public Hearing regarding Land Use Bylaw 2004-16 Amendment Lot 1, Block 18, Plan 752-0922.  The reason for amendment is to permit the construction of apartment style accommodation for families of modest means.  As no one stood to speak to the subject, Mayor Faulkner called the Public Hearing to a close.
 Nancy Laing of Leduc Foundation spoke to Council on a request for financial support of the affordable housing project slated for the Town of Calmar.  Over the past few years, Leduc Foundation has worked along side the City of Leduc, Town of Beaumont and Town of Devon to have affordable housing in place in each of their communities.  Most of the communities donated land, but with the understanding that the Town of Calmar was not in a position to donate land to affordable housing, Leduc Foundation purchased land in Calmar.
 The Foundation is now seeking financial support for the costs for the development and building permit in the amount of $38,300 and, "anything else the Town could do to help offset costs and make this more affordable," said Laing.  The Mayor and Council agreed that they would take it under advisement and give the proposal over to deeper discussion, getting back to Ms. Laing in the near future.

Unfinished Business
  Director of Planning & Development, Ed Melesko, submitted a memo to Council regarding a request to contact a couple who had complained about a grease spot left on their lawn allegedly by a Town employee.  Mr. Melesko said that he called and left messages for them to call him back, but received no response.  Council agreed to accept the report as information.

New Business
 Melesko also submitted a report on the frozen water lines at 49 Avenue, stating that ISL Engineering, after reviewing design grades, accepted responsibility for the error, and has assessed the situation and come forth with options to address the issue.
 Councillor Borodawka moved to accept the report.
 Councillor Wiancko moved to pass a resolution that Larry Majeski and Gerald Thomas be appointed to the Town of Calmar Local Assessment Review Board for 2011.
 The Leduc and District Regional Waste Management Authority is seeking tenders for the position of Authority Manager.  The position is open to all authority members, with tender documents to be turned in by August 30, 2011.  The term of the contract is 3 years with an optional 2 years if desired.  Councillor Borodawka moved to accept this as information.
 The Leduc & District Food Bank Association submitted a request for financial support to Calmar Town Council for $1,000 for 2010 and $1,000 for 2011.  Micheal Storey advised that there was only $1,000 available for the Food Bank in this year's budget, that no notice was received for 2010.  Councillor Wiancko moved to give the Food Bank the $1,000 for 2011 that is covered in the budget.
 Council was informed of the upcoming Alberta Recycling Conference on September 7 - 9 at the Nisku Inn and Conference Centre, and it was accepted as information.

Bylaws &/or Policies
 Regarding Bylaw 2011-09 - Land Use Bylaw 2004-16 Amendment Lot 1, Block 18, Plan 752-0922, Councillor Bordawka moved for second reading, and Councillor Yachimetz moved for
third reading



By Linda M. Steinke

Centralizing the RCMP in Warburg
 Council heard an initiative presentation by former mayor, May Metke.  Metke proposes centralizing the RCMP detachments of Thorsby and Breton in Warburg. The detachments are amalgamating into one detachment with 12 employees. Needs Assessment is currently in the Thorsby office trying to ascertain where to fit the staff. Metke said the 49-year-old Breton Detachment’s cells have been condemned and that the building was found to have three different kinds of moulds growing.
 The 37-year-old Thorsby building faces a mould issue as well. The location is not central to the detachment area. Centralizing in Warburg would be central to the detachment area eliminating wasteful travel time and duplications in office equipment and in the workload. 
 Metke proposes building a new detachment office in the Village. Grants and recouped monies from the sale of the two RCMP buildings in Breton and Thorsby could help defray building costs.
 Councillor van Assen said this would be a “big draw for others to come into town.”
 Mayor Kohl promises this will “go to the top of budget discussions.”
 A local business owner has made an offer on two commercial lots in Warburg—5016 and 5012-51st Street. Council directed Administration to get appraisals from several realtors before making a decision.

Dandelion Survey 
 Of the 56 surveys returned, 9 were against spraying, 44 were for spraying and three had no view on the dandelions but requested spraying for mosquitoes instead.
 Comments included: fears that the spray may drift and be toxic to children, animals and other plant species; the futility of spraying when surrounding yards or fields are full of dandelions; support for the need to spray because the weeds are taking over; and a request to be notified so that children not be out playing on the grass until it is safe. Councillor Rapati noted the Village “can’t spray for one year only; it must be ongoing for 10 years.” Councillor vanAssen suggested running an advertising campaign to bring as many Villagers onboard as possible. The survey was tabled for budget meetings—discussions regarding the 2012 spraying campaign will take place in the fall.

 The Village will reimburse Merv’s Truck Parts $1755.57 for surface soil testing for salinity and coliforms completed due to an underground sewer break in 2010. Discussion followed, some in camera, regarding the need for further testing at the site.
 Council approved giving a $100 citizen’s award (not associated with school awards) annually to a worthy Village resident.
Warburg Village Council of July 11 from approved minutes:

Victim Services:
 Victim Services Director Gordon Sands met with Council to provide information regarding the mission statement, vision, values, program goal, history, volunteer advocates, and more. Council thanked Mr. Sands for the great job they do and appreciate the program they offer to the community.

Annexation Taxation: 
 Council reviewed and approved paying Leduc County a $9,050 lump sum property tax compensation rather than paying $905.00 each year for 10 years (“which represents 50% of all property taxes collected yearly on the lands for a period of 10 years based on the 2009 assessment”).

 Council reviewed the 1 quote received for the 2011 sidewalk project. Deputy Mayor Miller moved that the Village retender the project for later in the year due to lack of tenders received.

Assessment Services:
 The Assessment Services Agreement between Paul Laslop and the Village for the assessment years 2011 through 2015 was reviewed by Council. Duties commence July 1, 201 and continue until June 30, 2016. With only Councillor Gould voting in opposition to approval, it was carried.
 Council approved a subdivision application for two parcels  from Lot F  Plan 772-1980 with various conditions—including providing detailed plans to describe how the storm water will run, allowing for easement along the east side for future water and sewer services, etc..

Sewer Cost
 Council heard a request from the Goulds for sewer cost reimbursement of $315.00 for the cost of auguring their sewer line. Councillor Gould spoke as a resident in regards to the sewer reimbursement and then declared her conflict of interest and left the meeting.
 Council discussed the request including the reimbursement, cameraing the sewer line, purchasing the extension for the power snake.  The extension for the power snake has been ordered and arrangements for cameraing the sewer line along with others are being made. Deputy Mayor Miller requested recorded vote.   Councillor Rapati moved that the Village camera the Gould’s sewer line, exempting the Goulds from paying the deposit of $200, in order to determine if the sewer line between the street main and the property line is plugged because it is not laid according to good practice; and that Policies #48/06 and #60/08 be reviewed at the next regular Council meeting.  Mayor Kohl, Councillors Rapati and van Assen voted in favour and Deputy Mayor Miller voted in opposition. It carried.

 Undeveloped easements at 47th and 48th Street, North of 55th Avenue are being used for driveways. Letters will be issued to property owners notifying them that their driveways must come off 55th Avenue as the undeveloped road easements will not be developed or maintained by the Village until the properties to the North are developed. 
 Deputy Mayor Miller and Councillor van Assen reported on the 39/20 Area Alliance Marketing Plans with Parcom. Council voted to opt out of the marketing project with Parcom at this time.

Library-Village Office Basement Renovation Project
 The construction contract is now completed and funding is being sought for flooring and furniture. Capital Power declined a funding request for the project.



By Linda M. Steinke

CAO Report
Parks and Rec—the ice booking schedule is underway for the 2011/2012 year.  “Reed Atwood is presently working on completing construction deficiencies in the Recreation Complex—the heaved floor along the south wall of the yoga/dance studio.  A portion of this floor will be removed and replace with vinyl flooring which will serve as a base for storage cabinetry.”
 Emergency Response Planning—Fire Chief Norm Osness nominated Thorsby Fire Department member Troy Mutch as the new Emergency Management Director, replacing Terry Bosse.  Troy will continue the development of the Thorsby Emergency Response Plan, including collaboration with our 39/20 Alliance partners, Leduc County and the summer villages at Pigeon Lake. Mayor Rasch directed administration to send a letter of thanks to Mr. Bosse for his service to the community.
 Silver Beach and Sundance Beach AIMS—The annual information meetings were very well attended with between 50-60 residents at each. Residents were very appreciative and supportive regarding the change in administration , citing numerous examples of tangible changes—tree removal, development permitting, snow removal, road maintenance, and clean up.

Wild Pink Yonder Complaint Discussion
 A formal complaint was received from Dr. J. F. Hunter regarding “wasting taxpayer money on discretionary projects. The Breast Cancer Fund is fine on its own, it’s a big enough stretch that we give to Communities in Bloom.  All research fundraising for diseases should be voluntary. I would be interested to know the total cost to the village for this pink campaign, in terms of paint and labor costs.”
 In response, Councillor Williams noted $1,500 was a budgeted line item for Special Events. This includes 2 hours for STEP workers (covered by grant), a few hundred dollars for paint, fencing, and ribbons. 
 Councillor Hart said he lost his wife to breast cancer so it hits home. He discussed giving to Cross Cancer directly.  Hart then inquired who is feeding and looking after the horses. 
 Councillor Pharis explained the Ag Society is donating both the Centre and the feed and that the $1500 includes all the expenses.  
  “Because there was no trade fair this year,” said Pharis, “the money for the Wild Pink Yonder event, which Council decided to host,  was available through the Special Events budget.  This event will generate publicity for Thorsby.  It is a goodwill promotional opportunity. I volunteer a number of hours of my own time, so it is no cost. STEP workers painted. There was some photo copying done that only took minutes. This is an incredible organization and hats off to the riders. I have known people with this disease and don’t want it for my daughters.”
 Council representatives will attend the Kraft 10 in 10 $25,000 cheque presentation  for the Devon Ramp Park. The event will be held Sunday, August 21 at 2 PM at the Voyageur Park. A TSN autograph booth will be running at 5:10 PM. Mayor Rasch said, “This is a big day for Devon...anytime you can win a cross-Canada contest like this!  Hats off to Devon!”
 Mayor Rasch requested a breakdown of remodelling costs for the Public Works Office.

Council Committee Reports
  Councillor Osness reports Library Board members and the Librarian have some concerns regarding the wording of the draft Yellowhead Regional Library Mastership Agreement. Does everything have to be put on the TRAC system—becoming the property of YRL instead of Thorsby Municipal Library? Will local libraries be forced to do things they know are  not in the best interest of the community—such as removing duplicate copies of very popular books for adolescents?  YRL President Kevin Dodds has agreed to meet with the group in order to clarify things and to give them some input.
 Councillor Williams reports the completion of some Parks Development initiatives—putting in more plants and getting the signage put up.  The Lions’ Park signs look awesome!
 Mayor Rasch attended the Leduc-Nisku Economic Development Authority  meeting welcoming the new Executive Director, Gail Scott. 
 Councillors Hart, Williams and Mayor Rasch all attended the Motorcycle Memorial weekend held in Thorsby.  “The Bike rodeo looked interesting.  It was a nice event,” said Mayor Rasch, “It could have been more attended. We will have to review strategies and see what we can do different to promote the event next year.” The Council members flipped burgers for a good cause and got the signs to the Lions’ RV park erected. Councillor Hart quipped, “Sunday was a Robaxicet afternoon.”
 Councillor Pharis is coordinating the Wild Pink Yonder Fundraisers in Thorsby. Pharis reports there will be a “Wild Pink Carnival” on August 30 to welcome the riders into town. Please note the pink pledge board next to the Village office.
 In the fall, there will be a concert. However, the details must be kept under wraps at the request of the entertainment company.
 A unique fundraiser idea came about after she talked to a friend who has breast cancer. “I asked her what was the worst part (ridiculous I know considering the horror of diagnosis, treatment, etc.). Her answer was ‘I'm not sexy.’ Breast cancer isn't sexy. In a world with a ‘boob fixation’, these women are being robbed, not only of their health, but of their sense of self-esteem and sexuality as well. It affects them forever. This is where the idea was born. I am trying to bring back a little ‘sexy’ and some humor to the cause.” 
 Thus began the “Undies for the Cure” campaign where celebrity unmentionables will be autographed in pink and a photo taken of the celebrity holding the garment. The photo and undergarment will be auctioned off—the first auction tentatively will take place the week of August 20th with consecutive auctions to follow.
 Pharis ends on a note of hope by saying, “ day we can prevent the loss of anymore sisters, daughters, mothers and grandmothers to this dreadful disease.”

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