By Joanne Hagen

The regular Leduc County Council meeting was called to order by Mayor John Whaley at the usual time of 1:30 P.M.

A Moment of Silence
 Mayor Whaley first addressed the tragic news that occupied the minds in the room as he asked everyone present to stand for a moment of silence in honor and memory of  62-year old Larry Majeski who went missing on Pigeon Lake on Saturday, September 10.  After an aggressive search and rescue effort ensued, Majeski is presumed dead after an apparent boating accident.  "Larry Mejeski was good man and a valuable employee of the Leduc County for over 35 years,' said Mayor Whaley, adding the pleasure it had been to work alongside Majeski, a family- and community-minded man who will be missed by many.

Telfordville Community Centre - Funding Request
 The Tellfordville Community Centre is requesting financial assistance to help offset costs of its 100th anniversary celebration on June 30 of 2012.  A significant milestone for one of our local community halls, an old-fashioned day of games, sports, horse and buggy rides and much more is planned for the hallmark event.  The Leduc County Council approved a grant in the amount of $2,000 to the Telfordville Community Centre for their 100th Anniversary Celebration.  In addition to the grant support, Leduc will provide letters of support to allow the Telfordville Centre to apply for provincial and federal grant funds

Development Permit Application D11-179
 Applicant Argo Sales proposed development is in regard to an addition to an existing general industrial building, located at Pt. NE 36-50-25-W4; Roll 6356000.  The plan proposes adding 19.5 thousand feet to the existing structure.
 It was noted that thirty-one percent of the property is in wetland area and over half the property has wetlands on it.  If flood area becomes developable, offsite levies will come about at that time.
 The Leduc County Council approved the development permit application subject to specified conditions, including the addition of nineteen extra parking stalls, and with the understanding that any future expansion of the area currently being used on the property would trigger the need to pay the remaining off-site levies.



By Joanne Hagen

The Town of Calmar Council regular meeting was called to order by Mayor Don Faulkner at the usual time of 7:00 p.m.

Request for Subdivision Extension
 In 2008 Andrew and Wanda Liddle made application to subdivide their property, Lot 11, Block 05, Plan 4063ET located at 5022-50 Street, with the intention to build a new residence more suitable to Wanda's needs as she is confined to a wheelchair.  The application received conditional approval in May of 2008.
 After review of the application, it was found that if the subdivision was permitted it would create two non-conforming lots within the R2 zoning.  Although both lots would be non-conforming with the municipal Land Use Bylaw 2004-16, Council took into consideration Wanda's needs and approved the subdivision.  The Liddles did not, however, proceed with their plans to build and have now decided to list the empty lot for sale, so have again applied for an exgtension totheir subdivision approval.
 Mr. Ed Melesko expressed that because both newly created lots will become non-conforming with Land Use Bylaw 2004-16 and that the original intent for the proposed lot has changed to create a marketable lot, Mr. Melesko felt the subdivision should not be granted.  Further, that subdivision would make both lots undesirable to a developer becuase of the restrictions which need to be instilled on the property to develop a compliant property.
 Having lost $81,000 to a shady developer, Andrew Liddle said, "Our only hope is to sell one lot and raise enough money to get out of debt, so we'll have to stay in the house we're in for now. In order to list the lot," continued Andrew, "we have to have the extension." 
 After some deliberation, Council approved the extension.

New Business
 Fortis Alberta 2012 Electric Distribution Franchise Fee. Calmar Council discussed the options regarding whether to change the current arrangement with Fortis Alberta, agreeing to keep it the same.  Councillor Borodawka vowed to keep the Fortis Alberta franchise fee unchanged.

Proclaimation Request
 Taking falls are one of the most common injuries to seniors, a risk many don't often think of as being as potentially dangerous as a serious fall can be.  Mayor Faulkner and Council received a request to proclaim November as Seniors' Falls Prevention Month.  Councillor Don Bartlett moved that the Town of Calmar officially recognize November as Seniors' Falls Prevention month.

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