By Barry McDonald

Leduc & Wetaskiwin Victim Services - 2011 report
 Mr. Gordon Sands, Leduc & District Victim Services also requested a joint audience with Council to review their 2011 Report
Leduc Victim Services work with six RCMP Detachments located at:
•  City of Leduc
•  Town of Beaumont
•  Town of Devon
•  Village of Thorsby
•  Village of Breton
•  Edmonton International Airport
 They work in partnership with the RCMP and are part of the Alberta Police Based Victim Service Units (APBVSU program). In 2011 VS Leduc responded to 859 requests compared to 753 in 2010.

Inspector S. Tod & Staff Sgt. Gary Rhode, RCMP Quarterly Update
 Inspector Scott Tod and Sergeant Gary Rhodes with the Wetaskiwin RCMP Detachment updated Council about their performance plans for the current year and more specifically, activity from May to September 2011.The intent of their meeting with Council is to keep the lines of communication open and transparent.

Review of Distribution Percentages to Libraries within the County of Wetaskiwin
 County of Wetaskiwin Council at the 2009 Strategic Planning Session for 2010 directed administration to review the distribution percentages to the Libraries within the County of Wetaskiwin. On August 23, 2011 the County of Wetaskiwin Library Board recommended to  Council to retain the current percentage rates for funding distribution until December 31, 2015.
 Council approved to retain the current percentage rates, for the County of Wetaskiwin Library Board, for funding distribution until December 31, 2015 as follows:
Alder Flats- 10%
Lakedell -  12%
Winfield -  14%
Millet -   24%
Wetaskiwin -  40%

Off Highway Vehicle Committee – Appointment Members-at-Large
 The 2011 Off Highway Vehicle Committee structure is as follows:
2 Council members. (Councillors were appointed)  1 RCMP member. 7 members at large who reside in the County of Wetaskiwin (one per division).
 Council appointed one member from each division from the resumes submitted to sit on the 2011 Off Highway Vehicle Committee.
Councillor K. Rooyakkers
Councillor T. VanDeKraats
Sgt. Grant MacDonald, RCMP
Dale Franklin –  Div 1
Bryce Misener –  Div 2
Ron Kreutz –  Div 3
Chris Daniels -  Div 4
Steve Fairway  -  Div 5
Albert Brandl -  Div 6
Gil Lechelt - Div 7
Non voting members:
Frank Coutney - County
Rod Hawken -  County
Rob Campbell -  County
Verna Lonsdale -  County
John Hackwell – Jubilee Insurance
Michael Solowan – Brownlee LLP.

Strategic Planning Workshop for 2012 Budget
 Strategic Planning for the 2011 Budget dates were approved by Council in April as follows: Wed. Oct. 26, Thurs. Oct. 27, Mon. Nov. 28, Wed. Nov. 30, Thurs. Dec. 1 and Fri. Dec. 2 at the Battle Lake 4-H Centre, commencing at 8:00 a.m.
 Council has the option to review the Vision, Mission and Core Values statements that were approved at the November 9, 2010 Council for Public Works meeting. Council accepted the statements for the Strategic Planning Workshops for the 2012 budget. 

Interplan Implementation Plan
 The County implemented Interplan software in 2010 - 2011 to automate the strategic and business planning functions. This proven integrated online solution will enable the County to:
•  Consolidate the planning framework by providing clear linkages between Strategic, Corporate and Operational Plans and other planning and accountability documents (including Annual Budget, Long Term Financial and Asset Management Plans and Annual Reports).
•  Provide intelligence on how well the County is performing against plans, projects, risks, service delivery,
•  Budgets, time frames and outcomes with drill-up/down and exception reporting,
•  Proven return on investment and significant financial savings in planning and collation of performance data.
 Council approved the 2010 - 2013 Interplan Implementation Plan and the transfer of funds from administration operating reserves for the 2011 Interplan Strategic Planning Implementation phase in the amount of $70,600.00

City of Wetaskiwin - Ad Hoc 5 Council Collaboration Committee
 Ms. Patricia MacQuarrie from the City of Wetaskiwin presented their newly established Ad Hoc 5 Council Collaboration Committee. The committee's objective is to identify areas of collaboration and opportunities for future collaboration between the City of Wetaskiwin and the four Maskwachis communities and to identify potential barriers for future relationship agreements and propose solutions. The proposed Committee Structure is as follows:
- City of Wetaskiwin Alderman.
- Elected representative from Erminskin Cree Nation.
- Elected representative from Samson Cree Nation.
- Elected representative from Louis Bull Cree Nation.
- Elected representative from Montana Cree Nation.
- Elder from the Maskwachis area to represent the joint area as a whole.
 Council approved County of Wetaskiwin participation in the Ad Hoc 5 Council Collaboration Committee and that Council. Brenda Shantz be appointed to represent the County.

Write Off Linear Tax Arrears (Interquest Inc. & Warburg Resources Inc.)
 Warburg Resources Inc. has had an outstanding property tax balance since 2006. The total outstanding balance is $636.89 (amount includes 2006 and 2007 property taxes and penalties). A recent Corporate Registries search, confirms Warburg Resources Inc. was cancelled on February 15, 2007 and transferred to Interquest Inc. The company went into receivership and transferred their properties to Burlington through the Receiver for $0. There are no funds available from Interquest Inc. to payout the arrears
 Council cancelled property tax arrears in the amount of $266.12 for Interquest Inc. and Warburg Resources Inc for a total cancellation amount of $903.01.

Tax Abatement Request - Van Alstyne (Plan 0940601; Block 2; Lot 1)
 Correspondence was received from Diverse Claims Adjusters Ltd on August 2, 2011 confirming the residence on SE-32-46-25-W4M (Plan 0940601; Block 2: Lot 1) owned by Marlow Van Alstyne, was destroyed by fire on April 18, 2011. Council (due to a fire causing loss of property) approved the request for tax abatement in the amount of $209.44 for the 2011 property taxes. (from April 18, 2011 to December 31, 2011).

Road Allowance Closure and Sale
 On August 10th, 2011 a request was received from George and Glenys VonPlaten for Council's consideration to close and sell an undeveloped road allowance between the SE 34 & SW-35 46 23-W4M (Range Road 232) to facilitate consolidation into the SE 34-46-23-W4M and for possible future subdivision of a portion of the adjacent quarter (SW 35-46-23-W4M) severed by Pipestone Creek.
 Council denied the request from George and Glenys VonPlaten for road closure (Range Road 232) between SE 34 & SW 35-46-23-W4M and sale as it would leave no Federal or Municipal access to the Pipestone Creek valley north of Hwy 13.

Road Allowance Lease Name Change
 At the August 23rd, 2011 Council General meeting Council discussed a request from Double T. Autobody/Kevin Trombley (owner of NE 1-46-3-W5M) for Council's consideration to approve a name change from Anthony Viglietti for the road allowance lease of the W/NW 6-46-2-W5M to Double T. Autobody.
 Council approved entering into a three year lease effective September 20th, 2011 at a rate of $15.00 (plus GST).with Double T. Autobody Ltd. (Kevin Trombley) for the road allowance adjacent to the west boundary of the NW 6-46-2-W5M excepting thereout the most northerly 300 metres which is opened to public travel.

Transfer Outstanding Utility Charges to Taxes
 Council was provided a list of landowners who have neglected to pay their utility charges. Council approved the outstanding utility charges in the amount of $29,634.92 be added to the individual's Tax Roll. 

Annual Christmas Banquet
 Annually, the County hosts a Christmas Party for County Council, staff, and special guests. Council approved the annual Christmas Banquet to be held Friday, December 9th, 2011.

Barn Dance & Pie Social
 Council accepted as information, The Wetaskiwin Health Foundation is hosting their 4th annual Barn Dance and Pie Social and are seeking sponsorship/donations/gifts to help reach their goal of raising funds for the "Seniors Health and Wellness 2011/12 Campaign - $268,600.00" that will impact residents of Long Term Care.

Request for Funding
 On August 29th, 2011 a request was received from Kelly Seely, Treasurer of the Alder Flats Agricultural Society requesting Council's consideration to assist in off-setting the cost ($5,366.55) of the emergency repair to the sewer line break at the Ag grounds which occurred just days prior to the annual Alder Flats Rodeo of May 27th to 28th, 2011.
 Council approved to fund the Alder Flats Community Agricultural Society in the amount of $5,366.55 pending receipt of a current Audited Financial Statement to cover repairs to the Alder Flats Agricultural Society's wastewater line and that the funds be allocated from the Buck Lake/Alder Flats Recreation Zone Capital Reserves.


By Joanne Hagen

 The September 26 City of Leduc Council meeting was called to order by Mayor Greg Krischke at 7:00 p.m.
 With no Public Commentary or Public Hearing, Delegations nor Old Business to tend to on the agenda, Council went directly to New Business, of which two items were listed for the attention of Council.
 Fire Services Level of Service Policy and Fire Safety Codes Quality Management Plan
 The Leduc Fire Services Level of Service Policy provides policy direction from City Council to Fire Services on the service types and levels that the department is expected to provide. Services that fall outside the specified service levels, like hazardous materials response, will be delivered through agreements or contracts with service providers and funded out of municipal contingency funds.  Such services are not often required making direct allocation of budget funds to fire service operating budgets undesirable.
 A submission for inclusion of new and amended fees and charges to provide for cost recovery is included in the 2012 Fee and Charges Bylaw amendments for Council's consideration.
 The 2010 Fire Safety Codes Audit performed by the Alberta Emergency Management Agency identified the renewal of the current Quality Management Plan (QMP) as one of the recommendations to maintain the City's accreditation.  The proposed QMP follows the suggest template provided by the Safety Codes Council.
 Administration recommends that a basic service level be adopted for the City that includes the following:
• Mandatory periodic inspections of multi-unit occupancies with sleeping accommodations (hotels, apartments, motels)
• Discretionary inspections permitted on all other occupancies as staffing and need dictates
• Inclusion of public education and awareness programs in both policies in keeping with Council's 2011 directives for proactive fire service approaches to harm reduction strategies
• That the City enters into an agreement with the Petroleum Tank Management Association of Alberta to look after all tank storage installations, a highly technical piece of work that the Association will provide at no cost to the City.


By Joanne Hagen

 The September 27 Leduc County Council meeting was called to order by Deputy Mayor Ruth Harrison at 1:30 p.m.

General Business
 Melissa Cosgrove, Health & Safety Coordinator, and Cindy Cvorak, Acting Director Corporate Services, presented Council with an overview of the completed Health & Safety  external audit.  The Health & Safety audit conducted interviews, visited wastewater sites, agricultural centres and more.  Councillor John Schonewille asked how this year's score compared to last, and Ms. Mangrove replied that this year's score, unofficially, was 89%, compared to last year's 88%.  More information will be available when the executive report comes out.  Council accepted the report as information. 

Conflict Resolution Day
 Leduc County Council received a request to officially proclaim October 20 as Conflict Resolution Day, an annual international celebration of learning ways to resolve dispute and conflict without violence.  Councillor Mackay expressed that since violence is never the answer, recognition of Conflict Resolution Day should simply be added to the pre-approved yearly list and Council agreed.  Councillor Glassman move to add Conflict Resolution Day, held annually on October 20, to be added to the pre-approved list.  Deputy Mayor Harrison proclaimed October 20, 2011 as Conflict Resolution Day.

Parks and Recreation
 In February of 2011, Leduc Council amended the Leduc County Library Board Bylaw and adopted Bylaw No. 8-11, which was then sent to the Province of Alberta in time for year-end reporting and the distribution of the 2011 provincial funding allotment.
 Upon review it was discovered by the province that certain conditions of the Bylaw contradict the libraries act resulting in the province not supporting Bylaw 8-11.  Until a new bylaw is in place and approved by the province, the annual allotment of provincial library funds will not be sent to the Leduc County Library Board.  "The library can't receive their funding until we change the Bylaw," said Dean Ohnysty of Parks and Rec.
 Councillor Mackay moved for first reading to establish the Leduc County Library Board and rescind Bylaw No. 8-11.  Councillor Schonewille moved for second reading and Councillor Mackay moved for third reading to establish Leduc County Library Board and rescind Bylaw No. 8-11.

Thorsby Recreation/Library Cost Sharing Agreement
 The Village of Thorsby has submitted their current year budget for recreation and library cost shared services.  As per the information provided, the total County cost sharable amount for 2011 is $416,172.  The 2011 payment includes a capital contribution of $175,000 towards the Thorsby Recreation Complex redevelopment.  As per the cost share agreement, a budget payment of $319,703 is due.  Councillor Schonewille moved to accept the cost share and amount of first payment.

Family & Community Support Services
 Jennifer Hourihan, Director, F.C.S.S., presented a report covering from July to September. 
 With the revamping of the disaster social services plan, FCSS staff are far better equipped to deal with disaster, reported Jennifer.
 "We sent a letter of support to Norquest College informing them that we will promote Norquest within our programs and on our website," said Hourihan.
 F.C.S.S. is partnering with Bosco Homes, said Ms. Hourihan, "Bosco has a man with FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder), and F.C.S.S. is looking after his girlfriend."  Partnering increases resources and provides more effective service.
F.C.S.S. is seeking a Public Member at Large for the F.C.S.S. Advisory Committee-Rural West for a term expiring December 31, 2013.

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