By Joanne Hagen

 The October 3 Calmar Town Council meeting was called to order by Mayor Faulkner at the regular time of 7:00 p.m.

 Wendy Cooper, President & CEO of Port Alberta, presented Council with an overview of the vision of Port Alberta, its goals and progress.  A bold and ambitious transportation logistics and economic development initiative, Port Alberta's main goal is to link businesses and resources of the Edmonton Capital Region to the global market.  Cooper's key information messages were:
• Port Alberta will continuously gather all information possible on transportation logistics, supply chain and economic development, becoming a centralized information source in the greater Edmonton Region.
• The success of the industry-led opportunity necessitates the collaboration and cooperation among all partners in the Edmonton Capital Region in order to address common challenges, support growth and create value added wealth generation for the entire area.
• Port Alberta will align its opportunities with provincial and industrial initiatives to diversify and expand our economy, and will build on Alberta's prosperity, accessibility and stability to increase our region's global competitiveness.  Communicating with municipalities and organizing strategic alliances with other countries and businesses, Port Alberta will work to break down cultural barriers.
• "We aren't going to be able to get things done without a regional economic development authority," stated the Port Alberta President. "All government funding is going to run out by 2012 so we have to be self-sufficient."

New Business
 Regarding a Calmar Royal Canadian Legion Diamond Jubilee request, Council agreed that clarification was necessary, and Councillor Don Bartlett moved to table the request until further information was received.

 The following correspondence was moved by Council to be received as information:
• A letter from the Assessment Services Branch was received, stating that the preliminary 2012 equalized assessment report for the Calmar municipality is now available for review.  The assessment can be viewed at
• A copy of the Primary Care Network 2011 Annual Report was provided to Council, intended to supply information on the status of their programs in addition to showcasing some of the evidence supporting the success of these programs.
• The construction of ViaSat-1, North America's first 4G broadband satellite, is complete.  A game-changer in terms of ubiquitous broadband access in Canada, ViaSat-1 will allow for previously unavailable speed and bandwidth economics and will provide Canadians in its footprint, which includes many remote areas, the opportunity to get a broadband connection that is fast and affordable.  Together with the planned launch of a second, similar 4G satellite in 2012 and with its national fixed-wireless 4G network, Xplornet will effectively end Canada's urban/rural digital-divide.  Updates on launch status are available at
• The Capital Region Assessment Services Commission (CRSAC) is an assessment provider to 29 municipalities in the Edmonton area.  The purpose of the letter was to advise Calmar Council that the Town of Calmar is situated within the boundaries of what the CRSAC has established as their operational area.  More information on the CRASC can be obtained from website


Joanne Hagen

 The October 4 Leduc County Council meeting was called to order at the usual time of 1:30 p.m. by Mayor John Whaley.

Public Presentations
Mr. Clarence Nelson was introduced to Council as the newest member to the Peace Officer force, bringing 20 years of experience to the position.  Mr. Nelson was presented with a welcome pin by Mayor Whaley.

Leduc Fire Department (LFD) District Chief, Roger Anger, was presented with the Fire Services Exemplary Services Medal marking 20 years of excellent service to the community. 

Leduc Fire Department
 LFD Fire Chief, Bob Galloway, shared recently recieved information on the fire truck that was donated to Chile.  The truck has arrived and pictures of a number of excited Chilean firemen surrounding the new fire truck were shown to Council.
 Mr. Galloway also informed Leduc County Council that a request to replace the Millet Pumper Truck had been made.  Seventy to eighty thousand dollars would cover half of the replacement cost, and would be applied to the 2012 capital budget.  Councillor Kelto moved to accept the recommendation.
 In order to improve fire/rescue services in areas adjacent to the common boundary between Leduc County and County of Wetaskiwin, a recommendation was made for Leduc County Council to approve entering into a new mutual aid agreement between the two municipalities.  Councillor Kelto moved to accept the recommendation.
General Business
 Council received a request from the Family Violence Prevention Team (FVPT) for $5,000 for the Family Support and Intervention Program, to be referred to the Leduc County budget meeting.  In 2008, Leduc County provided $10,000 toward the Leduc and District Emergency Shelter Association to cost share a Needs Assessment Study for emergency housing within the Capital Region.  The study found that there was clear evidence of domestic violence in our region.  Due to loss of provincial funding last year, the Leduc FVPT is depending on community donations, in-kind support and funding from participating municipalities.  2009-10 statistics show a breakdown of the percentage of use by community as follows:
• City of Leduc - 70%
• Leduc County - 20%
• Town of Beaumont - 5%
• Town of Devon - 5%
 Councillor Audrey Kelto moved to accept the recommendation.

 Road Closure - Bylaw 21-11 (NW 26-49-28-4. Bylaw 21-11 authorizes Leduc County Council to provide for the closure and sale of a portion of the original surveyed road allowance west of N.W. 26-49-28-W4th.  Bylaw 21-11 was approved by Alberta Transportation for closure and sale on September 15, 2011, and is ready for second and third reading if Council so chooses, said Leduc County Manager, Brian Bowles.  Councillor Jocelyn Mackay made a motion for second reading, and Councillor Clay Stumph moved for third reading.
 A request for support by way of a half page advertisement in the Royal Canadian Legion (RCL) "Military Service Recognition Book" was presented to Council for consideration, with the suggestion that the advertising opportunity be added to the pre-approved advertising list.  Proceeds allow the RCL to fund the printing of this publication and for Alberta veterans support programs, support for Alberta's returning troops and important youth programs that provide opportunities for local children that they may otherwise never receive.  Councillor Jocelyn Mackay moved to pass the recommendation but without the adding to the pre-approved advertising list.

 Mr. John Soprovich of Wizard Lake spoke to Council regarding Road Right of Way Dedication as it applies to the process of subdivision and development permit processes.  In the process of subdividing, Mr. Soprovich told Council that Township Road 481 is supposed to be widened and paved when the traffic count hits 400 cars per day.  With the intent of protecting the trees and ecologically sensitive environment, Soprovich proposed to Council that the 4.94 acres of land that he is to donate for the purpose of road widening, be leased back to him until such time as the road actually needs to be upgraded.
 Council agreed, with Mayor Whaley confirming that no trees would be knocked down until road upgrades were needed.  Des Mryglod, Director of Public Works & Engineering, stated that it would likely be 7 to 10 years before road construction was initiated on 481.

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