R.A.M. Displays the Elegance of the 1920’s Autoworld

1923 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost.
Ever wonder why we call that storage space in the back of the car a trunk?


Returning to peacetime after the first World War was a time of rebuilding, prosperity and optimism.  The aftermath of the Great War created a short but difficult readjustment to the end of wartime production, but by 1921 the Canadian economy had not only adapted but started to expand at an unprecedented rate.  The healthy, robust economy caused a significant increase in the standard of living as items considered luxury goods now became attainable. 
 The intent of the phrase 'The Roaring Twenties' was to describe a unique social, artistic era of cultural dynamism, but it is often used as description of a period of sustained economic prosperity.  The decade of the 1920s was a boom as industry flourished, consumer demand increased, and lifestyles changed dramatically as rare or previously-unheard of household improvements such as electric lights and flushing toilets became commonplace.  Just as the growth of the rest of the business world was stimulated by need and demand, so was the automobile industry.  A vehicle, in and of itself, was considered one of if not the most luxurious possession one could own.  In the throws of good economic conditions and an enthusiastic public whose consumerism was demanding luxury vehicles, luxury is exactly what they got.  In the first nine months of 1926, states the exhibit, Albertans purchased 7,855 new cars. 

The Cars that Put the Roar in Roaring Twenties

 Reynolds Alberta Museum (RAM) is one first-class facility. The exhibits on display are never short of spectacular, and in keeping with that tradition the current running Special Feature entitled "Luxury Cars of the Roaring Twenties" is a must-see. Our vehicles are important to us. In present day many of us spend considerable time in our cars and the more comfort and opulence we can travel in, the better.  Getting a glimpse of yesteryear's automobile handiwork is an experience in truly luxurious splendor.
 The exhibit includes over twenty five cars from the Roaring Twenties, every one of them a unique piece of artistic design - attractive form and defining lines, delicate detail and rich colors, soft leather, just the right amount of chrome. The jewel of the Luxury Cars is the 1918 Winston Six Model 48, completely restored by the RAM Restoration Shop to its 1922 condition. 
 Other luxury automobiles on display include a 1923 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, 1927 REO Flying Cloud Sedan, a 1923 Olds 43AC 4-passenger Coupe, a 1928 Pierce Arrow, a 1926 Marmon and more. 
 My favorite was the buffed and polished 1929 Duesenberg. What a beauty. Hard to leave the museum not wondering had you lived back in the '20s, which classic style of travel would you have chosen?
The exhibit is accentuated with examples of fashion and music from the era, capturing the spirit of the amazing Roaring Twenties.
 The RAM display will be featured until the end of February, 2012. 

For more information, visit website www.history.alberta.ca/reynolds/default.aspx.

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