Joanne Hagen

 The City of Leduc regular council meeting was called to order by Mayor Krischke at the usual time of 7:00 pm.
 Mayor Greg Krischke and Deputy Mayor Terry Lazowski presented Leduc Achievement Awards to both Rosemary Kuntz and Angela Pauls.  Mayor Krischke praised the women who "sprang into action to help all those affected by the fire" that destroyed six homes in Leduc.  Rosemary and Angela made an outstanding effort on the part of the community by organizing a silent auction and fundraising barbecue, placing messages on Facebook and contacting media outlets.  The silent auction alone raised over four thousand dollars per family.

New Business
 Leduc City Council discussed possible revisions to the budget policy and review process that has not been changed since 1990, and organizing public feedback on the budget process.  Alderman Finstad moved that four members of the public be involved in the City of Leduc budget committee.
 CAO Mr. Paul Benedetto's contract is in its last year and Council agreed that it was appropriate to extend the CAO contract.  Alderman Dana Smith moved to extend the CAO contract to Mr. Benedetto.

 Bylaw #775-2011 - Certain sections of the City of Leduc need revised speed zones, Council heard.  Recommendations included:

•  45 Street section reduced from 60 k/hr to 50 k/hr
•  50 Avenue reduced from 60 k/hr to 50 k/hr
•  Reservois Road increased from 30 k/hr to 50 k/hr
 Alderman Finstad moved for first reading of the Bylaw amendment.
 Bylaw #776-2011 - Redistricting Lot A, Plan 9720059.  A public hearing will be held on November 14, 2011.  Alderman Young moved for first reading of Bylaw #776-2011.
 Bylaw 777-2011 - Redistricting Lot 3, Block 9, Plan 519KS from C1 Commercial to R3 residential.  A public hearing will be held November 14, 2011.  Alderman Lazowski moved for first reading of Bylaw #777-2011.
 Bylaw 779-2011 - Lots 2 & 3, Block 15A, Plan 1586NY from R1C to R3 residential.  A public hearing will be held on November 14, 2011.  Alderman MacKenzie moved for first reading of Bylaw #779-2011.


The Leduc County organizational meeting on October 18 saw John Whaley voted in by Leduc Council, as Councillor Jocelyn Mackay nominated Whaley for a fifth term.  Councillor Betty Glassman nominated Councillor Audrey Kelto for Mayor, but Councillor Kelto declined the nomination due to pending surgery.  Mayor Whaley expressed his gratitude to to fellow councillors for their faith in appointing him for another year.



Special Meeting
Linda M. Steinke

Elks Presentation
 Since 1956, Warburg Elks Lodge 401 have been actively and enthusiastically raising money through bingos and raffles to support various community needs.
 As of December this year, the Elks will be disbanding due to lack of membership. The organization started out the year with five members, but learned two will be leaving. “It’s hard to carry on with only three members,” laments Past President Leslie Nemath.
 Exalted Ruler Ronald Spasoff and Leslie Nemath made two presentations during the October 24 Special Meeting. 
 The first was a cheque for $2,000 was given to the Warburg Public Library to be used in joint Village/Library basement renovations. Speaking on behalf of the Library Board, Chairperson Margot Hess expressed her appreciation and stated the money will go towards furniture.
 Another cheque for $1,500 was given to the Village of Warburg for a concrete garbage container and a bench.
 Council thanked the Elks for their service and expressed sadness that the club is closing.

Remembrance Day Service
 The Mayor is invited to lay a wreath at the Warburg Legion Br. 205 Remembrance Day service on November 11 (Friday) at the Legion Hall. The service begins at 10:55 am sharp.
 Council approved the amalgamation of two lots: Lots 13 & 14 Block 10 Plan 3432 R. S. (4815-55Ave).

Organizational Meeting
October 24, 2011
Linda M. Steinke

 Council has voted unanimously that Dawson Kohl remain as mayor and Dale Miller as Deputy Mayor.

Capital Region Board (CRB)  Mayor Kohl
Alternate CRB
All Council
Public Relations & Media  Mayor Kohl
Ambulance Service Board Member
Councillor van Assen
Alternate ASBM 
Councillor Rapati
 Director to Leduc
Mayor Kohl
Alternate LF
Councillor Gould
Warburg & District
Recreation Board Rep
Councillor Rapati
Alternate W&DRB
Deputy Mayor Miller
FCSS Advisory Board Rep Councillor Gould
Alternate FCSSABR
Councilor van Assen
FCSS Board Rep
Councilor Gould
Alternate FCSSBR
Councilor van Assen
Library Trustee
Councillor van Assen
Library Trustee
Councillor Miller
Yellowhead Regional
Library Representative
Councillor van Assen
Alternate YRLR
Councillor Miller
Fire Department
Councillor Miller
Alternate Fire Department Rep
Councillor van Assen
Director of Disaster
Councillor Miller
Alternate Director of DS
Councillor Gould
Economic Development Rep
Councillor Miller
Alternate ED
Councillor van Assen
All Council
Assessment Review Board
Councillor Kohl
Policy/Planning Excellence Committee
All Council
Development &
Subdivision Appeal Board members
Councillors Kohl, Rapati, Gould
Community Hall Board Rep
Councillor Miller
Alternate CHBR
Councillor Gould 
Arena Board Rep
Deputy Mayor Dale Miller: 
 Miller’s direct quote after requesting this position, the same position he held in 2010: “I still haven’t finished beating them yet.” He said in jest.
Alternate ABR
Councillor Gould
Communities In Bloom Representative
Councillor Rapati
Alternate CIBR
Deputy Mayor Dale Miller:
 Miller’s direct quote after requesting this position the same position he held in 2010:  “I should actually go to one of these..” (unintelligible)
County Regional Working Group Representative
Councillor Kohl
Alternate CRWGR
Councillor Gould
39/20 Alliance Project
Councillors Miller and van Assen
Municipal Planning
All Council
Weed Inspector
Councillor van Assen
Development Officer
Chris Pankewitz
Meeting Fees
 Councillor Kristie Gould suggested the meeting fees be raised after reading an article stating mayors in small communities are struggling.  Mayor Kohl stated, “I don’t think I’m overworked.”
 Councillors’ regular meeting fees will remain the same as last year:  $120 per meeting with the Mayor’s fee at $145 with $70 when meetings go over three hours.
 Deputy Mayor Dale Miller said, “I think this (expenses) should be boosted up.” Councillor van Assen said he thought it was just fine.  Councillor Rapati mentioned it was “just boosted last year” and moved it stay the same. It was carried. Expenses for conventions and workshops (8 hours) remain at $130 plus accommodations plus$40/day for meals.
 The rate will remain the same as last year:  $0.50/km if Councillors use their own vehicle.

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