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 Leduc County Council

Joanne Hagen

 The Leduc County Council regular meeting was called to order at the usual time of 7:00 p.m. By Mayor John Whaley.

River Valley Alliance Bylaw Amendment
 Amendment to the Bylaw regarding the River Valley Alliance Policy Overlay was held due to a number of landowner concerns relating to the proposed land.  The land involved in the overlay is located east of the Town of Devon and borders the North Saskatchewan River.  Three individuals expressed their concerns during the public hearing, one of the main concerns being that the provisions of the overlay would take precedence over those in the land use bylaw.  Two of the landowners requested more clarification on precisely how the overlay might effect landowners rights on their land.
 Fred and Astrid Burghardt, one of the property owners (since 1972)  of the land in question expressed to Council their feelings that there may be a problem regarding the 50 metre development setback from the top of the bank of the North Saskatchewan River where a trail may be permitted to be developed within the setback.
 Lawyer Jim Murphy, representing one of the landowners on the affected land, pointed out to Leduc County Council the potential problem of the passing of said bylaw inadvertently purchasing many acres of land of which his client is on.
 In light of the stakeholders' concerns, Leduc County Council moved to recess a decision to read first, second and third readings of the bylaw that would amend the River Valley Alliance Special Policy Overlay to January 10, 2012.

Council Approval to Lease
 Mr. Clarence Shields presented a request to Council to lease a 1.5 acre piece of land west of the Leduc County water station located on Sparrow Drive east of Highway 2 in the Nisku Business Park.  Mr. Shields wishes to lease the property for vehicle storage from November to March, leaving as little environmental impact as possible as the ground would be frozen.  The area would be fully fenced and lighted for security, said Shields, and a minimum of $5 million in liability insurance in favour of Leduc County throughout the lease period.
 Councillor John Schonewille moved to approve the request to lease 1.5 acres of land west of the Leduc County water station located on Sparrow Drive east of Highway 2 in the Nisku Business Park despite administration's recommendation to deny the request.


Village of Thorsby 

Linda M. Steinke

Organizational Meeting:   
        Using secret ballot, Council elected Barry Rasch as Mayor for the 2011-2012 term. The Deputy Mayor rotation is as follows:  November to January, Councillor Hart, February to April, Councillor Osness, May to July, Councillor Pharis, August to October, Councillor Williams.

Thorsby and District Fire Committee
Subdivision & Appeal Board
Mayor Rasch
Councilor Hart
Councilor Osness
Development Appeal Board
Councilor Rasch, Councilor Hart
Thorsby and District Parks and Rec Advisory
Councilor Rasch, Councilor Pharis
Leduc Foundation
Councilor Hart, Councilor Pharis
Thorsby FCSS
Councilor Osness, Councilor Rasch
Leduc County FCSS
Councilor Osness, Councilor Pharis
Thorsby Economic Development Leduc Nisku EDA  Councilor Hart, Councilor Williams
Thorsby Chamber of Commerce
Councilor Williams, Councilor Osness.

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