Members of the executive of the Wetaskiwin & District Christian Education Society include Vice-President Arnold Van Os, Treasurer Linda Stahl, and President Chris Berkley.  Missing from the picture is Secretary Stephanie Heggerud.

 The Wetaskiwin & District Christian Education Society (WDCES) is being formed by a group of parents who wish to promote and support a faith-based Christian education option within the Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools following the model of the Logos schools in Edmonton.  The model designates certain schools or classes as faith-based where a Christian teacher applies Christian values, understanding and accountability to the regular Alberta curriculum.  The key to success is having enough parents with enough children support this option. 
 The WDCES Mission is, “To bring the choice of a Christ centred perspective to the Wetaskiwin Public School District following the Edmonton Logos model which recognizes that: 'students taught in a spiritually nurturing, intellectually challenging and disciplined environment, acquire the knowledge, attitudes, skills and training necessary to seek after “whatsoever things are true”.  That sustained by Christ's teachings and God's love, students may develop binding commitments to their families, neighbours, country and the global community while leading moral, healthy and productive lives.'”
 The next step for WDCES is to hold an Information and AGM Night at which many new interested parents can receive further information, indicate this preference for their children, and purchase a $10 memberships if desired, and the board and by-laws can be ratified.  A presentation on how the system works will be given by a teacher with many years experience in the Logos schools in Edmonton.  This very important meeting will be held on Monday, November 7th at 7p.m. at Clear Vista School.
 Christian teachers have progressively found their views silenced in the public school classrooms ever since the adoption in the 1930s of the Educational Philosophy of John Dewey.  It is impossible to separate a person's philosophy from his or her religion, and John Dewey was one who signed the “Humanist Manifesto 1” in 1933.  Suffice it to say that “Religious Humanism” denies the existence of God or the possibility of any supernatural action and is the basis for the development of the present  “secular” culture. The Christian education option puts Christian values, accountability and freedom back in the selected classrooms for those who want it.
 Attendance at this meeting is very important for all parents who would like to see their children in classrooms in which it is possible to be free to be Christian, or who want their children exposed to Christian values.  Again, that's Monday, November 7th, at 7 pm at Clear Vista School.

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