Leduc County Council
Joanne Hagen
The Leduc County Council meeting was called to order at the usual time of 1:30 p.m. by Mayor John Whaley.
New Sarepta Infrastructure Upgrades
New Sarepta is looking at approximately $2 million in infrastructure upgrades over the next several years, according to a draft of the New Sarepta Infrastructure study received by Council.  Over $1 million is designated for road upgrades with other repairs and improvements needed in sewer collection system, sidewalks, and pump and pipe replacement.  Though critical water upgrades have been completed ensuring a safe water supply in New Sarepta, further water distribution system upgrades are necessary.
Councillor Schonewille asked for specifics, with Mayor Whaley adding, “If we're going to approach the Minister we need to know exactly what is needed in New Sarepta.”  Council will receive a full report on upgrades to News Sarepta to take into consideration for the upcoming 2012 budget process.
Any members of the public who wish to attend the Budget Process to begin at the end of November, may request a full information package prior to November 24 by contacting the Leduc County Office.
Planning and Development
A Public Hearing was held concerning Amendment of Leduc County Land Use Bylaw No. 7-08-Pt. N.E. 14-50-23-W4th.  Landowners Joan and Dennis Marsh were in attendance and informed Council that they made application on the 20th of June and have been waiting since.  Council apologized for the couple's wait, and Council agreed with the recommendation to complete all three readings of said Bylaw.  Mayor Whaley closed the public hearing.  Councillor Mackay moved for first reading of the Bylaw.  Councillor Clay Stumph moved for second reading, and Councillor Shonewille moved for third reading.  Councillor Audrey Kelto moved for third reading of the Bylaw.
Parks and Recreation
Dean Ruptash, Chair, Nisku Parks and Recreation Society, and Sherrill Campbell, Manager, Nisku Recreation Centre presented Council with an update on activity at the Nisku Recreation Centre, and put forth a request for $305,000 for consideration in the Leduc County 2012 budget.  Mr. Ruptash explained that the roof still needs repairing as previous funding was not received.  Other upgrades include parking lot upgrade replacement of leaking skylight, new tables and chairs, and carpet removed to be replaced by proposed laminate type flooring throughout.
Councillor Mackay moved to accept the recommendation that the request be referred to the 2012 budget meeting.
Town of Millet Council
Joanne Hagen
The Millet Town Council regular meeting was called to order at the usual time of 6:00 p.m. by Mayor Rob Lorenson.
Mr. Verlyn Olson, MLA, Wetaskiwin-Camrose Constituency, was in attendance to present Council with an update on ministerial duties and activities.  Mr. Olson informed Millet Council that as Minister of Justice and Attorney General, he had received a mandate from Premier Allison Redford commissioning him to examine and review the following objectives:
Assess the appropriateness of amending or repealing Section 3 of the Alberta Human Rights Act, which essentially concerns freedom of speech, explained the MLA.  Amendment to the Act proposes restriction of any words “that may be likely to offend.” 
Lead cross-ministry partners in implementing the Safe Communities program to deliver positive outcomes for Albertans.  In the past three years, said Mr. Olson, a billion dollars has been spent on promoting safe communities.  The Crime Prevention framework launched last year, designed around intervention, prevention and early signs, is affecting positive change in gang reduction, keeping kids off the streets, and other goals of the program.
Work with the Minister of Transportation and the Solicitor General and Minister of Public Security to design proposals for administrative penalties related to impaired driving.  Mr. Olson relayed to Council some recent, startling data regarding impaired driving in our province. Noting that Alberta experiences an influx of approximately 70,000 people per year contributing to statistics, still, Alberta's record reveals 3.44 alcohol-related deaths per 100,000 compared to other provinces at 1.84.  The severity of the problem is shocking, and “Alberta is going to be as aggressive as possible,” stated Olson.  
Councillor Pat Garrett asked if there was a system in place to detect driving under the influence of drugs.  If a police officer has reason to suspect drug intoxication, the officer can suspend the suspect's license for a 24-hour period.
Council and MLA Olson agreed to set a time in the near future to convene for discussion of issues concerning the Town of Millet.
Wetaskiwin and District Victim Services Update
Executive Director Jeannie Blakely presented Mayor Lorenson and Council with an overview of the Wetaskiwin and District Victim Services (WDVS) activities.  “This is the first year we will not be providing basic advocate training,” said Ms. Blakely.  This area has been taken over by the government and offered through e-learning to ensure that new advocates from every corner of the province have access to the same quantity and quality of training.
“Perhaps the biggest, most extensive change we have is the Safe Communities Innovative Fund grant for family violence prevention,” said Jeannie, explaining that WDVS has hired two new people, a Community Outreach Worker and a Community Development Worker.
Almost every month WDVS offers their own 'hot topic' training for advocates, such as crisis intervention, safety planning and corrections.  Last Saturday a Justice Training session was held, said Blakely, complete with Judge, defense lawyer, and every level of courtroom service included.  A skit was performed portraying an incident of crime to show new advocates the process of arrest, followed by a  mock trial.  The training exercise received much positive feedback.
Ms. Blakely thanked the Town of Millet for their donation in the amount of $4,000, explaining that the provincial government will continue to fund the WDVS “providing the community also supports us.”
A Charity Check-Stop will be held on December 3 at the Wetaskiwin Safeway parking lot between noon and 4:00 p.m.  
Jeannie Blakely wrapped up her overview by stating the WDVS's need for volunteers.  “We need people who are committed and willing to work in several areas.”  For more information, call WDVS at 780-312-7287 or visit website www.victimserviceswetaskiwin.ca.
Business License Bylaw 2011-06 – Council was given a copy of the bylaw for review, with no questions or concerns brought forth, therefore Councillor Eleanor Pydde moved for first reading of the Bylaw.
New Business
Town of Millet Council received a request from the Millet Minor Hockey for a waiver of hall fees for Hockey Day in Millet taking place January 27 and 28.  The evening of the 27th will include an NHL alumni supper and auction with home games for each of the Millet teams on Saturday.  Saturday will include an end-of-the-day highlight game, games for kids in the afternoon, and a $10,000 puck shoot.  On January 28 a Hockey Hall of Fame exhibit will be on display in the Hugo Witt room.  The fundraiser is to raise money for the Ken Ogston Fund to help all kids play sports and to build an outdoor heated rink shack.  Council agreed to waive the banquet hall fee and corkage fee.
Millet Public Library has hired new manager, Margaret Blackstock.  Margaret resides in Wetaskiwin and brings with her eight years of experience, having worked in the Wetaskiwin Public Library since 2003.
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