Barry McDonald

 Representatives from the Ben Nevis Pipe Band were in attendance to be recognized by the City of Wetaskiwin.
 The Ben Nevis Pipe Band has enjoyed a close association with the City of Wetaskiwin and Wetaskiwin Branch #86 of the Royal Canadian Legion. The Band participates in several functions in the City on an annual basis including the Pioneer Days parade, Canada Day ceremonies, Remembrance Day and other functions throughout Wetaskiwin.
 Mayor Elliot signed and presented a plaque recognizing the Band’s contribution to Wetaskiwin. The Band is proud of their association with Wetaskiwin and looks forward to continuing this relationship for years to come.

Department Reports
RCMP Report for 2011

Number of Crime related
incidents      2010     3544
     2011      3452

Traffic Incidents
     2010     1858
     2011     1147

Note: 2011 does not contain November and December.

 Museum Accession project, Record Transfer Procedure with Museum, Veterans Photographs & Display, Meeting with  iCompass re: Records Management software.
Visitors to Archives: 38, Research Requests: 12.

 Compiling a list of people interested in providing yard work and snow shovelling assistance for the elderly and people with disabilities.
 Starting a public education campaign regarding  City of Wetaskiwin common bylaws.
 Total count of incident types - 108.

 New branding concepts have been developed and presented to City Council.
 Signage has also been updated within City Hall and on the Wetaskiwin Civic Building.

Annual Report
 2010 Annual Report has been completed and is currently being distributed.
 Community Engagement/Feedback: A number of successful open houses have been held. Facebook/online engagement continues to grow. More than 300 responses to aquatics survey compiled.

 The fire department responded to 195 requests for service in the period ending October 31, 2011. This represents a 10 % decrease from the same period in 2010. September and October were busy months with 48 responses. To date the fire department has responded to 79 false or preventable alarm calls. This represents 58 % of the total call volume for the city. Eighteen of these false alarm responses were repeat responses, which have been invoiced.

Information Services
 Two new HP Switches have been installed at City Hall. These along with a third switch have been configured to allow the new phone system to be installed.

Current Projects:
• Installing new computers in various City departments.
• Corporate wide programs are being updated on existing computers.
• Telephone System upgrade.

First reading of the borrowing Bylaw
Aquatic Centre
 As a part of the financing process for the proposed Regional Aquatic Centre the City must adopt a Bylaw to borrow a portion of the funds required for the project. Council give first reading to Bylaw 1784-1.  By giving this Bylaw first reading Council is only beginning the process and is not committing to borrowing any funds. Second and third reading will be deemed defeated if the project tender is not approved by Council. Second and third reading will be considered by Council at the December 12 Regular Council Meeting.
 Plans and specifications have been prepared and the total cost of the project is estimated to be $18,600,000.  To complete the project it will be necessary for the Municipality to borrow the sum of $8,221,000, for a period not to exceed 20 years.
 The estimated lifetime of the project financed under the bylaw is equal to, or in excess of 30 years. The principal amount of the outstanding debt of the Municipality at December 31, 2010 is $ 17,821,639 and no part of the principal or interest is in arrears.

Jesus Cares Christian Fellowship for the Property Located at 222 Northmount Drive.
 Council approved the transfer of the existing lease between the City of Wetaskiwin and the Kinsmen Club of Wetaskiwin to the Jesus Cares Christian Fellowship for the property located at 222 Northmount Drive. Council directed Administration to enter into discussions with Jesus Cares Christian Fellowship to update the lease for the property located at 222 Northmount Drive.

Council Code of Conduct Policy
 Council approved policy #1109 Council Code of Conduct that includes details about items such as Release of Confidential Information, Release of Information to Public and Media, Acceptance of Gifts, Discrimination and Harassment, Conflict of Interest, and Respect for Separation of Roles of Council and Administration

The Equipment Pool
 The Policy establishes the criteria which Administration will use to manage the City Vehicle Fleet maintenance and replacements. Council will continue to be presented a ten year Fleet Management Plan that projects the proposed purchases, charges, anticipated revenues and reserve levels, as a part of the annual budgeting process. Council approved Policy #1807 Fleet Management/Equipment Pool Policy.

Out of Province Travel
 Following discussion about who should attend e.g. Aldermen and/vs Economic Development Officer and how are the outcomes of attendance at conferences are monitored, recorded and evaluated , the following were approved. Council authorized  Mayor Bill Elliot to attend the Canada Aviation Hall of Fame board of directors meeting on Thursday, November 24, 2011 in Montreal.
 Council authorize Mayor Bill Elliot and Alderman Mark McFaul to attend the 2012 ICSC Conference in Whistler British Columbia from January 22 – 24, 2012.
 Council authorize Alderman Mark McFaul to attend the ICAS conference in Las Vegas from December 4-7, 2011 subject to the Wetaskiwin Air Show Society’s approval that the related expenses will be paid from the $40,000.00 annual air show funding.



Joanne Hagen

 The Leduc City Council meeting was called to order at the usual time of 7:00 p.m. by Mayor Greg Krischke.
 Mayor Greg Krischke and Deputy Mayor MacKenzie presented Laurel and John Underhill, Leduc's McDonalds Restaurant, with a Leduc Achievement Award from Leduc City Council in recognition of the Underhills' outstanding fundraising efforts.  In just three hours, the fundraiser, including a silent auction, raffle, donated employee wages, and $9,000 in food sales added up to a total of $26,000 for the Noah and Hannah Rutherford Trust Fund.

New Business
 Downtown Heritage Inventory Project – Cory Labrecque, Long Range Planner II, presented Council with a proposal to begin a Heritage Inventory in the Downtown Core area.  The Inventory, explained Mr. Labrecque, is intended to identify historically significant properties on and near main Street, and help facilitate the revitalization and preservation of important Downtown properties. Labrecque spoke of the Downtown Heritage Inventory as an important first step toward securing provincial funding for implementing the draft Downtown Master Plan. 
 The Alberta Main Street Program requires a heritage inventory to qualify for the grant program that provides funding for downtown building improvements and assistance with economic revitalization.  The Heritage Advisory Board may require the assistance of a professional heritage consultant in the later stages of the project.  It is anticipated that funding for this expert would come from the 2012 Capital Budget from funds allocated to Downtown revitalization projects, and may be eligible for a matching grant from the Alberta Municipal Heritage Partnership Program once criteria for funding eligibility is met.  The estimated cost to the City for a consultant would be between $25,000 and $30,000, and receiving the matching grant (up to $30,000) would help offsets costs of the project.

Legion Grant Application    Leduc City Council received a request to award a grant to the Royal Canadian Legion No. 108 in the amount of $4,300.00 to help offset expenses at the Leduc Recreation Centre for both the 2010 Remembrance Day Ceremony ($2,100) and 2011 Remembrance Day Ceremony ($2,200).
The Royal Canadian Legion is Canada's largest veteran's organization consisting of over 340,000 member nationally, and is a non-profit, dues-supporting organization with no financial assistance form any outside agency.

 Municipal Development Plan Bylaw #773-2011 was given first reading by Council.  The Municipal Government Act requries that municipalities adopt Municipal Development Plans (MDP), and that all MDPs in the Capital Region must be submitted to the Capital Region Board for evaluation and approval to ensure that the MDPs are consistent with the Capital Region Growth Plan. The Capital Region Board requries that the bylaws to adopt MDPs receive first reading before the MDPs can be submitted to the capital Regional Board for approval. The MDP will provide long-term direction for further City of Leduc policy plans such as the Downtown Master Plan, new Area Structure Plans and other strategic policies.

Bylaw #774-2011
Downtown Master Plan
 City of Leduc Council received an administrative recommendation to give first reading to Bylaw 774-2011 – Downtown Master Plan as presented, and authorize adminstration to submit the Downtown Master Plan (DMP) to the Capital Region Board for approval. The DMP is a long range comprehensive plan for revitalizing the City of Leduc's downtown area, addressing key economic, environmental and social issues for a comprehensive approach for redeveloping downtown over time, focusing on key factors such as Reinforcing the Exisiting Character and Uses, Creating a “Pedestrian First” Downtown and Encourage Residential Redevelopment in and Around Downtown.

Bylaw No. 775-2011 – Amendment to Speed Bylaw No. 547-2003
 In an attempt to accommodate curent traffic needs, Administration is proposing to amend the Speed Bylaw to more accurately reflect the appropriate speed limits for the roadway design.  Council   received the recommendation to give Bylaw No. 775-2011 second and third reading.  Bylaw 775-2011 was given first reading on October 24, 2011. 
 Various sections throughout the City need to have the speed limit adjusted to accommodate the current traffic patterns and recent upgrades:
 The speed limit along 45 Street has been reduced to 50 km/hr through the 'S' curve to provide safer access and egress to multiple driveways in the area.  The lower speeds also allow for safer travel through the 'S' curves area.
 The speed limit along 50 Street has been reduced to 50 km/hr from Bella Coola Drive to Hwy 2A to reflect the development in Southfork and make a uniform speed zone into and out of the subdivision.
 The speed limit along C.W. Gaetz Road has been reduced to 50 km/hr south of Rollyview Road to the South City limits to reflect the recent road upgrade to an urban cross-section and Robinson subdivision development. 
 The speed limit along Reservior Road has been increased to 50 km/hr to reflect the intent of the the design and streamline the traffic flow through the area.

Bylaw 516-2002 - Application to Amend
 Re: Redistricting Lot A, Plan PLAN 8720059 (6420-50 Street) from U-S - Utilities Urban Services to C-3 = Commercial - General Commercial.
 Council recieved recommendation to give Bylaw 776-2011 second and third reading.  Bylaw 776-2011 was given first reading at the October 24, 2011 regular Council meeting.
Redistricting the lands to C-3 will allow the Leduc and District Chamber of Commerce more flexibility in use of the buildings on the lands.  The City of Leduc remains the property owner and prior consent from the City will be required for any use within the building. 

Bylaw No. 777-2011
 Regarding Application to Amend Bylaw 516-2002, Section 79 Land Use District Map – Redistricting Lot 3, Block 9, Plan 519KS (4706-47 Avenue) from C-1 - Commercial - Central Business District to R-2M (C) - Residential - Comprehensively Planned Multi-Dwelling, it was recommended that Council give Bylaw 777-2011 second and
third reading.



Barry McDonald

South Pigeon Lake Fire Truck
 The County purchased a 1979 GMC pumper truck from the Town of Millet in 2001, which was utilized by the South Pigeon Lake Fire Department until early 2011. The truck was replaced by a 1997 pumper truck, formerly used by the Wetaskiwin Rural Fire Department.
 On October 27, 2011 the old (1997) South Pigeon Lake fire truck went to Ritchie Brothers Auction for sale. It did not sell at auction.  Council approved a tender for private buyers interested in purchasing the old South Pigeon Lake fire truck.

Health & Safety Program Requirements
 The County of Wetaskiwin Health & Safety Program currently requires management and department safety meetings to be held on a monthly basis with all available staff in attendance.
 Council approved that County Administrator will participate in at least three formal inspections in each department every year on a rotating basis.
 Department safety meetings to be held every two months with all staff in attendance
 Management safety meetings to be held every two months.

Woody Johnson Congratulated
 On Saturday, October 29, 2011 Elwood Johnson was one of the four Albertans who received the Recreation Volunteer Recognition Award. “Woody Johnson” was invited and attended the Council meeting and was presented a plaque recognizing his achievement. (See Pipestone Flyer for story, Oct. 27/11.)

Park Attendant Contract
 Following an in-camera session, Council approved attendant contracts for Battle Lake, Twin Lakes and Mound Red Park for five year terms and Coal Lake for a three year term.

County Participation in City Recreation Master Planning
 City of Wetaskiwin has asked for County input as part of the creation of their new Recreation Master Plan. Council approved the County’s participation in the public consultation for the City of Wetaskiwin’s Recreation Master Plan including the County-wide distribution of the planned household survey and the inclusion of County students grade 5 and up from the schools located in the County.

Condominium Corp. 0122324 (Sunset Harbour) Lighting Agreement
 Council entered into a Contribution Agreement for Lighting with Condominium Corporation No. 0122324 (Sunset Harbour). The County shall pay Condominium Corporation No. 0122324 for 20 lights at $16.00 per light, for a total of three hundred and twenty dollars ($320.00) per month plus GST, for each month in the term, January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2016.

Gravel Supply Contract Negotiations
 Administration will tender for Division 7: supply loading and scale of 20,000 tonnes of gravel with specs of 4-20 modified and 5,000 tonnes of gravel with specs of 4-30 modified for the Winter Gravel program. The tender will include the option of a two year extension based on fuel prices.

Special Tax for Lot 2, Block 6, Plan 3838ET to Connect to Sewer Service in Winfield
 Council agreed to establishing a Special Tax for the purposes of connecting a sewer line from the property line to the County main sewer line for 3838 ET, Block 6, Lot 2 (SE 18-46-3-W5M - Rol#3466.66) in the Hamlet of Winfield. The full amount of the Special tax would be for $7,988.78 to be paid over 10 years at an interest rate of 6.5%. A Caveat will be applied against the property until such time that the entire amount is paid.

North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance Letter
 The NSWA requested financial support for a $0.50 per capita contribution to NSWA's operations in 2012.  Council denied the NSWA request for funding.

Penn West Exploration Buck Lake Open House
 Penn West is hosting an Open House in Buck Lake on Wednesday, November 23, 2011. The event will be taking place at the Buck Lake Community Centre from 4:00 - 7:30 p.m. Penn West would like to extend their invitation and warm welcome to the County of Wetaskiwin to attend the event. Council accepted the invitation as information.

Brazeau County.
 Brazeau County invited the County of Wetaskiwin Council to a joint meeting with Brazeau County Council and their neighbouring municipalities on Friday, January 27, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. at the MacKenzie Conference Centre in Drayton Valley. The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss issues of mutual concern. All Council will be attending.

Road Allowance Lease Renewals
 Road allowances may be closed and leased to adjoining landowners. The term of each lease is for a three year period. The Lessee is responsible for paying the lease fee of $15.00 (plus GST) for the upcoming three (3) years. Approved by Council:
Stanley Peterson - subject road is located in Division 1.
Marvin & Jean Muth – subject road is located in Division 4.
Phil Smith - subject road is located in Division 4.
M. Karpowich - subject road is located in Division 4.
Scott Middleton & Reg & Cathy Minchau - subject road is located in Division 4.
Dean & David Colborne -subject road is located in Division 4.
Lloyd Wilson - subject road is located in Division 6.
Double W. Ranches – subject road is located in Division 6.
H.D. Goltz - subject road is located in Division 6.
 For more information contact Frank Coutney - 780 361 6223.

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