Letters to the Editor

 I was undecided on whether to vote for our new premiere until the proposed passage of the new alcohol limit bill. Once this is passed it will no longer be safe to stop and have a drink with friends or at a dinner. The cop at the scene has been appointed judge, jury and executioner. He alone will decide whether you drive away or walk away and how much discretion he/she will use. Not unlike a traffic ticket. Perhaps taxpayers dollars would be better spent enforcing existing laws instead of allowing for second, third and fourth time offenders to drive and kill, something the government pays lip service to but little else. This law is but one more step into the lives of the people from an ever increasingly invasive government. This law will stand as another law in an alarming series of laws that pronounce the offender guilty until proven innocent, and in this case is taking away due process and left us in a position where we no longer even have the right to confront our accusers. It is my sincerest wish that the people of Alberta wake up to the fact that their rights are slowly but surely being eroded by their government. This is a very slippery slope being ventured into. I shudder to think what will follow once the government pulls this off. I for one will not condone this gross miscarriage of so called justice with a vote for the Conservative party.
 As a side note I feel bad for the unknown number of small business people this will ultimately damage or destroy. More lip service “small business is the backbone of this country.”  Very sad when our government can`t walk the talk.

Paul Champion

Raising Funds for Valour Place
 Recently students at Alder Flats Elementary, Buck Mountain Central, and Winfield Elementary Schools all helped raise awareness and funds for Valour Place.  Valour Place is currently being built in Edmonton.  It will be a home that will provide “hope away from home” for injured soldiers, veterans and their families who do not reside in the Edmonton area and are still in need of medical treatment.
 All three schools held separate fundraisers in conjunction with their own Remembrance Day Ceremonies.  Ceremonies varied from school to school but each school hosted special guest speakers.  Corporal Mathew Seely of CFB Cold Lake and  a former student at Alder Flats,  joined other soldiers from CFB Penhold to talk with each class and later play games with the Students. Corporal Shaun Orton of CFB Shilo, Manitoba spoke and did a “Show and Tell” for students at Winfield.  Master Corporal April Masson and Master Corporal James Ross of CFB Edmonton spoke to students at Buck Mountain Central School.  Students in each school were very attentive and asked some rather interesting questions of the soldiers.  The elementary students were  rather excited to have the opportunity to “meet real live Soldiers”!
 The ceremonies in each school were followed with fundraisers.  Alder Flats encouraged students to wear army green and bring a donation.  Buck Mountain Central and Winfield schools both held hot dog sales.  The Winfield Legion donated funds for the hot dog sales and all profits are being sent to Valour Place.  A total of $ 1040.37 will be sent to Valour Place. 

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