Letters to the Editor

 Paul Champion's comments about the new drunk driving laws sound like a lot of arguments I've heard on this topic - that it gives the constable-on-patrol too much power, that it's unfair to the average guy, that it'll be the death of small business. Nonsense and poppycock to all - the ongoing attitudes displayed by the public say that it's a right to drink and drive. NOT!!! If you drink, don't drive - even one beer will limit one's reaction times, and most people can't see any difference between one and five beers. Driving home drunk is a regular pastime in Alberta; I think it's way past time that some stronger laws start showing up. Maybe now those repeat offenders will do some serious jail time! Except, of course, those good ol' boys who work for the police and the ‘honourable’ members of our legislature - after all, we can't punish any of those. They're special!

Georges Giguere

 I agree Georges. Those who drink and drive are criminals and should be treated as such. It’s high time that innocent people stop dying on our highways because it still seems to be “In Vouge” to drink and drive in Alberta.
 I say if you don’t want to be treated as a criminal, stop acting like one.



As another winter season is upon us remember to keep safe on the roads.  Be sure to slow down well in advance of approaching intersections to ensure that you can get stopped at the stop sign during icy road conditions.  This may seem minor to some but the highways are increasingly busy throughout Brazeau, Leduc and Wetaskiwin County’s and too many people have been seriously injured or worse in intersection related collisions this year. 
  The same prevention should be used when approaching school buses picking up or dropping off kids.  When the roads are snow covered or icy, you can’t stop on a dime, allow plenty of room between yourself and the vehicle in front of you and slow down a few notches.  Also when buses are stopped with their red lights flashing, both lanes of traffic must stop, not just the vehicles following behind the bus.  This issue has been brought to light recently. 
  A good set of snow tires are recommended and will make a world of difference during winter driving.
  Prepare a winter emergency kit and keep it in your vehicle just in case.  Things like warm hats, gloves, matches, candles, water, a flash light, some non-perishable high energy snacks are good ideas in case you go off the road in the middle of nowhere.  Create your own with an old duffel bag or pick one up at a local hardware store.
  Be responsible and take the extra time to arrange for a sober driver if attending a Christmas or New Year’s party. 
  I hope you enjoy a safe Season with family and friends
Merry Christmas
Breton RCMP



 I attended the City of Wetaskiwin’s 2012 budget presentation and although disappointed by public turnout, I was more disappointed by the format. The public, representatives from city departments and local reporters were in attendance, so why were questions not permitted in council chambers after your presentation? Asking questions in the foyer limited stakeholder ability to hear responses and engage in discussion in a public forum or was this your intention?
Included in the presentation was the statement "We will achieve our vision by moving towards our goals - Always keeping in mind fiscal responsibility". The aquatic facility tenders are 15% - 20% higher than budgeted which will increase the city's debt load over 80% but yet Mayor Elliot  voted in favor of proceeding? Why are the new costs not being presented to the public?
Everyone I talk to, regardless if they agree or disagree with me, know that I am in favor of either fixing the old pool or building a pool this community can sustain. What upsets me is how this whole project has been presented. Best case scenarios, selective/borderline misleading information (i.e. sponsorship money not guaranteed) and limiting opposition (i.e. no town hall meeting) is not acceptable. Isn’t government supposed to be open and transparent?
Lastly, from ongoing Wetaskiwin Times reporting and a recent council meeting, it appears things are getting personal between certain council members. When the Mayor chose to run for office, was it not in the best interest of the City of Wetaskiwin?  Is it wise to let  personal feelings interfere with the job the Mayor was elected to do? As Mayor, are you not supposed to set an example of professionalism?

Brian Archinuk

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