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Wetaskiwin County Council

Barry McDonald

Draft Policy for MSI Community Facility Funding
 Through the County of Wetaskiwin's strategic planning process, Council dedicated a portion of its annual MSI Capital allocation to the capital projects of community facilities to support their long-term sustainability. This program is currently administered on an ad hoc basis.
 To provide community organizations with more consistent direction and ensure better accountability, a formal policy has been drafted which outlines the application requirements and funding terms and conditions.
 It is administration's intent that this policy be in place and effective for the 2012 application cycle. Administration recommended that the MSI Community Facility Funding Policy be approved as presented. Council decided the Policy be tabled and amended.
 West End Medical Transportation is currently forecast to be over budget for 2011
 The County provides subsidized medical transportation to County residents who are seniors or disabled.
 Users of the services on the West end of the County pay a user fee of $10.00 for trips between 0 and 40 km and $0.10 per additional km over 40 km.
  The majority of the costs incurred are for the provision of service on the West end of the County
 The County is continuing to offer service to residents as it is considered critical for users to be able to attend important medical appointments. Council accepted the West Medical Transportation Funding Report 2011 as information and directed Administration to provide a comparison of fees of similar programs in the area.
Equalized Assessment Report for 2012
 The current 2011 assessment is based on 2010 (market) value levels which was used to determine the 2012 Equalized Assessment. The subject report has been reviewed by Administration, and is believed to show a reasonable reflection of the assessment changes which occurred from 2011 to 2012 (vs) actual 2010 to 2011 assessment totals.
 Council approved the 2012 Equalized Assessment Report as submitted.
Tri-county Health & Safety Agreement
 At the Health & Safety strategic planning session on November 29, 2011, County of Wetaskiwin Council reviewed the Tri-County Health & Safety agreement. Council at this time agreed that the Tri-County agreement was no longer in the best interests for the County of Wetaskiwin, and that the County opt out of the agreement.
 As per the Tri-County Health & Safety partnership agreement, one years written notice was required to opt out of the aggrement. Council approved written notice to Camrose County and Beaver County giving them a years notice.
Critical Improvements to Landowner Rights in Alberta
 Proposed changes will address Albertans' concerns about penalties and the role of the Courts under the Land Assembly Project Area Act formerly Bill 19.  Recently amendments were introduced under Bill 23. Landowners will have access to a third party, including the Land Compensation Board and the Courts to determine compensation when an agreement cannot be reached. Enforcement penalties will be reduced, and landowners will have increase access to the Courts to contest enforcement orders.
  More information can be found on the website at
 Any feedback regarding Bill 23 is welcome.

Proposed meeting dates for January to April 2012 are as follows:
January 10 & 24. February 7
March 16. April 3 & 17

Letter received from Alberta Municipal Affairs
 The letters informed that the following projects have been accepted as qualifying projects under the capital funding guidelines.
$481,191.00 Reconstruct Township 464 -Base and Chipseal  
$162,097.00 Winfield Arena (amended) 
$2,400.00 Upgrade Fletcher Community Hall  
$238,769.00 Rural Addressing Signage System  
$288,170.00 Public Works Cold Storage 
$30,000.00 Replace Alder Flats Community Hall Roof  
$10,741.00 Usona Community Hall Kitchen Upgrade 
$10,000.00 Upgrade Buck Lake Seniors Drop-in Centre 
$30,000.00 Construction of Playground in Alder Flats
$10,123.00 Upgrade Buck Lake Community Hall Washrooms  
$336,000.00 Culvert Replacement - BF7490 - RR 234 South of Hwy13  

Emergency Medical Services
 On November 21, 2011 a letter was received from Sue Conroy, Senior Vice President of Alberta Health Services advising they concluded recent Request for Proposal's (RFP) for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) for our community. The EMS RFP was released in the summer and was specifically for provision of services in areas of the province where for-profit contract service providers were in place.
 The ambulance service for the County is split into two regions; the east County boundary to Secondary Highway 795 (north and south respectively) and 795 to the west County boundary (north and south respectively). Alberta Health Services tendered for ambulance service providers for these regions and awarded a tender for the region west of Secondary Highway 795; however the successful tender has not been announced. Ambulance services for the region east of Secondary Highway 795 was extended to Peace Hills.  Ambulance service is on a one year contract basis.
Council accepted the Alberta Health Services letter regarding Request for Proposal for Emergency Medical Services as infor

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