According to much feedback, Senator Nicole Eaton has put untold numbers of Canadian citizens on the defensive by referring to our national emblem, the beaver, as a 'dentally defective rat.'  There are many who are quite fond of our national symbol and are rising to the toothy castor Canadians' defence.
 There is nothing defective about a beaver's teeth, they are perfect for what they do for a living; gnaw.    Eaton's attempted slur at the beaver's barbaric manners in which he defends his territory with urine doesn't hold water, either...thousands of households across Canada have pet dogs that mark their territory with urine too, and others' territory when they get the chance.  The beaver, at least, has the good manners to keep it in the wilderness.
 I agree with Ms. Eaton on her description of the polar bear as 'strong, majestic and brave.”  Polar bears are splendid creatures – but then so are our bison, which have a rich and deep history with Canada as well. 
 Eaton says, “A country's symbols are not constant and can change over time as long as they reflect the ethos of the people and the spirit of the nation.”  This statement does nothing to convince me that the industrious, log home-loving  beaver doesn't reflect the very characteristics of the Canadian way.
 So if we are looking for a beauty contestant, no, our beloved cartoon-ish, buck-toothed Canadian beaver won't win.  But if, like Eaton says, we want a symbol to reflect the ethos of the people and the spirit of the nation, we already have one. 

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