Barry McDonald
Long service awards
Service awards are distributed by the City each year commending employees on years of service to the City of Wetaskiwin. The following individuals were recognized for their years of service: 
5 years - 
Chris Goode, Bruce Greig 
10 years - Michael Palmer 
20 years
Karen Schatschneider 
The Spring Clean-up dates for 2012 are set for May 12 -21. 
An awareness campaign began in mid-March to promote the spring clean-up. Virginia Lehman, Manager of Family and Community Support Services, provided an update on the Spring Clean-Up and how individuals can be involved in spring clean-up
There are many fun ways for resident to participate in Spring Clean-up Week
  Kick-off BBQ at the Recreation Grounds on Thursday, May 10, starting at 6:00 pm. There will be BBQ hot dogs and lemonade, Sparky the Fire Dog will have treats for the kids and the City of Wetaskiwin fire department will be helping out with the clean-up by doing a parking lot clean with the fire hose and inviting residents to lend a hand! 
Free garbage bags can be picked up at City Hall, 4705 – 50 Avenue, beginning May 1st. 
The landfill will be open special hours and during Spring Clean-up Week there is NO CHARGE! Special hours of operation from May 12 – 21 are 9:30 am – 6:30 pm. Except for May 13 & 20th 
Organizations, families and individuals that plan to clean-up an area in the community are encouraged to call FCSS at 780-361-4425 to register and their contribution will be marked on the on-line map for all to see. 
Dirty Pictures!! Contest - take a before and after photo of the area they are cleaning for a chance to win a $200 certificate to the business of their choice in Wetaskiwin 
Adopt-an-Area. - adopt an area and take time once a month to clean up that area from May through October. Groups that register for Adopt-An-Area will receive free t-shirts and gloves, sponsored by Tim Horton’s - Wetaskiwin! 
A Spring Clean-up webpage had been added on the City’s website that will have all of the information, as well as phone numbers and e-mail addresses for contact. 
Bylaw No. 1791-12 
A Bylaw Of The City Of Wetaskiwin, In The Province Of Alberta To Prohibit Or Regulate And Control The Use And Development Of Land And Buildings. This bylaw shall come into full force and effect on the date of signing
That City Council approved the scheduling of a public hearing regarding Bylaw 1791-12 for 4:00 p.m. on Monday May 14, 2012 at the Regular Council Meeting to be held in Council Chambers. 
The City has drafted a set of regulations that will apply to properties on 50th Avenue in the downtown core (Main Street) which are referred to as the Downtown District Overlay Regulations
As part of the draft regulations, permitted and discretionary uses have been included. A permitted use is a use for which a development permit shall be issued, with or without conditions upon an application having been made as long as it conforms to the Land Use Bylaw.
These regulations will not replace the C1 – Downtown Commercial regulations as they apply to many other properties, but be applied to only the properties within the downtown district overlay area when new development occurs. 
City Council approved entering into the New Police Officer Funding agreement
The Alberta Solicitor General and Minister of Public Security has provided the City with a new funding agreement for the New Police Officer Grant program. The agreement is for financial support for the two officers previously approved for the City of Wetaskiwin under the program.   The City will receive $100,000 per officer for the term April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2013
City Council approved drafting a letter in support of a funding increase to the FCSS Provincial grant allocation, to be sent to the MLA and Minister’s offices following the Provincial election.
City Council approved the FCSS 2012 Community Grant disbursements as shown on the following page for a total of $24,600.00:
FCSS is recommending the following 2012 Community Grant disbursements: 
Boys & Girls Club of Wetaskiwin Out of School Care Programs
$ 18 000.00 requested
$ 11 300.00 recommended
Wetaskiwin Community Learning Encounters With Anger Project
$ 6 500.00 requested
$ 6 500.00 recommended
Wetaskiwin & District Victim Services Volunteer Training, Advertising and Promotions
$5 000.00 requested $4 000.00 recommended
Wetaskiwin Community Literacy Improvements to child-minding area, volunteer training and appreciation
$ 1 500.00 requested $ 800.00    recommended
Wetaskiwin Senior Citizens Society Program Costs & Supplies
$ 3 000.00 requested
$ 2 000.00  recommended
NOTE: This Highlights report is only a summary. For more detailed information and explanations contact City Hall at 780 361 4400
Lorna Lowe
Council was called to order at 7:02 pm with Councillor MacKenzie absent. No public commentaries or hearings took place, with one addition to the evening's agenda. 
2011 Financial Statements; Two representatives from MNP came before Council to go over the independent audit they had conducted on the City of Leduc's finances. The conclusion that MNP came to was that the City was overall, in good financial shape. Carrying a net debt of $18,906,705.00 was actually a good thing as it shows that the residents in Leduc are not being over taxed. The only item that came up as less than desirable was that home owners in Leduc were were falling behind a bit in paying their property taxes on time. The gentlemen from MNP said that this was actually typical of the times right now. Almost every community is experiencing the same thing and as the accountants stated, when it comes down to which bill to pay and whether to keep the lights and heat on or paying their property taxes, people know that the City isn't going to take their home away if they pay their taxes at a later date. The accountants did however, state that the fact the City was only running at roughly half of their debt limit was excellent. Councillor Finstad motioned to accept the report from MNP and it was passed unanimously.
Policing Model Review; Director of FCSS and Enforcement Services, Donna Brock, came before Council seeking Council's approval of the Policing Model Review Report for implementation in a phased manner commencing with the 2012 budget.
Currently the City of Leduc is working with the "Post" model in regard to their policing services. The consulting team that created the Review for the City determined that there were a few areas that could be better serviced by making some changes to the current model and thereby making it more of an integrated model. 
Councillor Lazowski questioned the differences between the Post model versus a stand alone model as the report did not address that very much. Donna said that to transition to a stand alone model would take a very long time and would require a significant amount of changes to the way the City dealt with their police and emergency services. Councillor Smith also responded by stating that with a stand alone model the City would need to "purchase" their own dog handlers and canines, while with the integrated model the City of Leduc has access to these tools and more. Councillor Smith went on to say that Council needed to ensure that they were utilizing our tax dollars for the maximum safety benefits of the residents.    
Donna continued on to say that one piece that was missing from the Post model was an accountability framework. The Review identified that there was a lack of feedback on how resources were allocated and the changes suggested would help to correct those issues.
Councillor Finstad motioned for acceptance and Council approved unanimously.
Leduc Economic Competitiveness Assessment Review; Josh Pyrcz, Director of IGASP, stepped forward to request that Council approve the Economic Competitiveness Review in principal, and direct administration to continue negotiations with the Economic Development Authority (EDA) to create a deliverable based contract for services. In 2011, the City of Leduc commissioned a report conducted by Miller, Dickenson, Blais to discover how Leduc stood in regard to our economic competitiveness. One of the major items they found was that the City should be leveraging and taking advantage of the good work that the EDA is doing. However, it was acknowledged that a "fee for service" schedule needed to be brought forward by the EDA, and a spring budget adjustment that could be used to enhance the EDA services would be required to take the City through to 2013. Josh took a moment to inform Council that there had been rumours circulating that City support for the EDA was lacking and the notion of that was simply "irresponsible". Councillor Smith commented that even though at some points it had been a difficult process, she was glad to see that all the partners in the City, EDA and County were now working well together. Councillor Smith then motioned for acceptance and it was passed unanimously.
Council then made a quick motion to move the April 23rd Committee of the Whole Meeting back to Council Chambers, with travel time being accounted for due to the required attendance at the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Telus Cup at the LRC. Motion was passed unanimously.
Bylaw No. 773-2012 - Municipal Development Plan (3rd Reading); Don Schultz, Manager of Long Range Planning, returned to Council with an amended version of the MDP which included a revision to the boundary between Transitional Residential Mixed Use and Aerotropolis Business Industrial on the quarter section between the southern edge of the airport, Grant MacEwan Boulevard and the western edge of the City limits. The revision allows for a slightly larger area in the western portions of the Transitional Residential Mixed Use policy area of that quarter section. The amendment was passed unanimously and the Councillor Lazowski motioned to pass the third reading of the MDP which was also accepted unanimously.
Bylaw No. 789-2012 - Supplementary Assessment Bylaw (1st, 2nd, & 3rd Readings); this Bylaw would provide the City of Leduc with the ability to assess and tax new buildings and/or building improvements for the portion of the year in which they were completed or occupied. All three Readings were passed unanimously.
Emergency Management Bylaw; Darrell Melvie, Acting General Manager of Community and Protective Services, came forward with the last issue for Council to hear for the evening, asking Council to direct administration to draft an updated Emergency Management Bylaw current with the Alberta Emergency Management Act. Darrell stated that this report was being brought forward primarily as an informational item but he was looking for Council's feedback on a couple of items. He was wanting to see Councillors Finstad and MacKenzie on an Emergency Management Committee that would establish an Emergency Management Bylaw, Agency and Plan and that would appoint a Director of Emergency Management. Darrell also stated that the City needed to clarify who would declare a local State of Emergency, such as the Mayor or the Deputy Mayor, and that protocols needed to be put in place upon the drafting of the Emergency Plan. Council agreed and the motion was passed unanimously.
The Mayor's and Councillor's reports were accepted as information and with no items in camera, the meeting was adjourned at 9:19 pm.
Lorna Lowe
The meeting was called to order at 1:31 pm with all Councillors present.
There were no public hearings and one addition to the agenda.
The first business of the day was Gert Reynar, Manager of the Leduc Food Bank, presenting a Certificate of Appreciation to the County of Leduc for the recent success of the County's inter-office food drive challenge. Each division within the County building competes to see who can raise the most food to donate to the food bank. Des Mryglod, Director of Public Works and Engineering, even allowed his head to be shaved by the highest bidder to raise extra funds for the food bank. This competition has been going on since 2006 and this year County and Black Gold School Division staff managed to raise 5051 lbs of food and $328.00 to donate. 
Gert told everyone gathered that she couldn't thank the staff enough and she really couldn't explain what a difference this donation would make in helping the food bank to get through the summer months. In closing, Councillor Schonewille made a suggestion that in the fall the County should challenge other municipalities to do the same kind of competition. 
The next item on the day's agenda was Brandy Kelly, Communications Coordinator, coming forward to ask Council to amend the current per item cost of promotional items. She pointed out that the current policy makes it very limiting as to what can be given as you don't get much for $60.00 (the current per item limit). And since the County does not buy in bulk they do not get any price breaks. The amendments would create four price tiered categories that would enable the County to gift a single item up to a cost of $400.00 all the while staying within the current budget. Council passed the amendment unanimousl
Then, Phil Newman, Director of Planning and Development, approached Council to address an issue that had been raised by a resident out by Wizard Lake, requesting the same privileges that residents of Enchantment Valley have of rebuilding on the same footprint in case of a disaster. The original concern raised by the homeowner was determined to be a non-issue as his property was covered by the grandfathering clause that allowed rebuilding in the same place. However, there are four existing homes in the same area that were exempt from the grandfathering clause. Councillor Stumph stated that he felt to be fair, "What we've done for one, we should do for the rest." Councillor Glassman agreed that the County should give the same consideration to the four properties currently not included. Councillor MacKay motioned for the report to be accepted as information and Council passed the motion with Councillors Glassman and Stumph against.
Councillor Glassman then motioned for staff to create a report to amend the current land use Bylaw to include the grandfathering of existing residences within the Wizard Lake Riparian Setback Matrix Model and to bring it back for the May 22, 2012 regular Council Meeting. Council passed this motion unanimously.
The next issue placed before Council were two separate extensions being requested for Subdivision Validity Periods. The first request came from a development on NW 9-51-24-W4 where Council had previously agreed not to give any more extensions. Councillor Schonewille stated that he felt there was no option but to highly recommend and motion for another extension due to the amount of work already done and the importance of this project. The motion was passed unanimously.
The second extension applied for was on SW 01-50-23-W4. Councillor MacKay motioned to extend this validity period as well with the developer being notified that Rural Road Surfacing Contributions in the amount of $7500.00/lot would be required. The motion was passed unanimously.
Des Mryglod, Director of Public Works and Engineering then came before Council with the Arterial Rights of Way Policy - Off Site Levy Areas, that had been deferred at the last meeting. Des said that after researching the extra information from the City of Edmonton regarding Edmonton's Policy and Bylaws he recommends that the current Leduc County policy on the dedication of land by the developer at no cost to the municipality remain the same. The exact wording of the recommendation is "Any additional rights of way required beyond that required to accommodate a six lane structure should be dedicated by the developer at no cost to the municipality, as long as the municipality does not exceed the requirements as per S.662(1) of the Municipal Government Act and RSA 2000." Des made sure to clarify to Council that this policy only applies to the Greater Nisku Off Site Levy Area. Councillor Schonewille motioned for acceptance of the policy and it was passed unanimously.
The next item up for discussion was a request for sponsorship from the Recreation For Life Foundation. The Foundation was requesting that Leduc County sponsor four golf packages or four similar County promotional items for the 10th Anniversary of the Foundation's annual golf tournament at the Derrick Golf and Country Club. Councillor Schonewille said that normally he would have a tough time supporting this but since it's their 10th anniversary Council should be very clear that it would be a one time donation as it is not necessarily a direct benefit to Leduc County. The motion passed with Councillor Harrison against.
The final item on the agenda for the afternoon was the added item of the Nisku Recreation Centre Business Plan. Dean Ohnysty, Director of Parks and Recreation, presented a report that recommended that the County discontinue the lease agreement with the Nisku Parks and Rec. Society and transition the entire operation of the Nisku Recreation Centre to Leduc County. It was also recommended that all existing staff with the Society be offered employment with Leduc County. Councillor Stumph stated that they were investing a lot of tax dollars into the facility and Council must make sure they are well spent. The motion was passed unanimously and Council determined that emails would be sent out to Society staff that same day notifying them of the change, with personal contact being made as soon as possible.
There were no in camera items and the meeting was adjourned at 2:46 pm.
Lorna Lowe
Council was called to order at 6:00 pm with Councillor Wadsworth absent. There were no public presentations or hearings at this meeting but two items were added to the agenda.
Several reports were entered as information and then Bylaw 2012/07 the Tax Rate Bylaw came before Council for all three Readings. Council carried all three Readings.
Then Bylaw 2012/08 the Animal Bylaw was brought forward. Councillor Buchaski motioned for acceptance of the first Reading and it was passed by Council.
Resolution 102/12 Parking at Cranston Place was then brought before Council and it was moved by Councillor Storey that parallel parking signs be placed along the east side of Cranston place, and further, that resolution 79/12 be hereby rescinded. The motion was carried.
The Town's 2011 financial statements were accepted as presented and then Councillor Buchaski motioned that the Town host a public meeting on April 30, 2012 at the Millet Community Hall at 7:30 pm. The motion was passed.
It was then moved by Councillor Pydde that Councillors Pydde, Garrett, Storey and Buchaski attend the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner on April 19, 2012. The motion was carried.
Council was then adjourned at 6:44 pm.  
Tom Dirsa
Mayor Don Faulkner called the April 16th Calmar Council meeting to order at 7:00pm.
Delegation – Mr. Graham Gilchrist explained the proposal Land Use Bylaw Amendments for Commercial Design Guidelines that will be presented at the Open House on April 24th from 5pm to 8pm at the Senior Center. Mr. Gilchrist hopes to have a final draft available for first reading consideration by Council at the end of May. The guidelines would only go into effect for future changes and not affect businesses that are not planning changes or additions to their current structures.
Adoption of Minutes – Councilor Yachimez moved approval of the April 2nd Council minutes. Carried.
Town Manager Rodberg presented the Leduc RCMP’s Detachment Profile and asked Councilors to read the profile and if they have any questions to give them to her in order for the detachment to have time to respond at a future meeting.
Bylaw – Bylaw 2012-08 was given 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Reading and passed. The Bylaw allows the Town to appoint all members of the Assessment Board from the public at large which will remove any perception of bias by Councilor members. Council then appointed Gerald Thomas and Brian Calhoun to the Local Assessment Review Board and the Composite Assessment review Board for a term of three years 2012-2014.
Subdivision- Council was asked to approve the subdivision of Lot 8, Block 10 072-6244 5202 50 Street. The subdivision would allow 2 lots and the request conforms to the Town Land Use Bylaw for R1B Residential. Council approved the subdivision.
Reports - Council members provided their reports of activities they were involved in since the last council meeting. Those attending the Water Commission meeting reported that there will be a need later in the year for a possible temporary water shut off due to a need to move major lines in south Edmonton to accommodate the planed rerouting of the rail lines in that area.
Councilor Borodawka indicated in her report that there is a concern in the surrounding local municipalities of the decrease in volunteers. In some communities the drop has been as much as 50%. It seems that many volunteers feel that they are either too old to continue or that if they volunteer they will have committed themselves for a role larger than they had envisioned. 
It was announced that The Royal Canadian Legion would commemorate Victory Day in Europe on May 8, 1945 beginning at 6:30pm at the cemetery.
Council also received written reports from Mike Storey, Director of Finance, Recreation Coordinator Ankerstein, and Fire Chief Blackmore.
Correspondence -The Council was informed of the resignation of Cathy Edmunds from the Calmar Recreation Board. Council received a thank you note from the Conjuring Lake Curling Club History Committee. The Leduc Foundation presented their 2012 requisition. Council received confirmation of the Municipal Sustainability Initiative allocation for the 2012 budget year. The Leduc & District Victim Services provided their Executive Summary for the first three months of 2012.
The Calmar Council adjourned shortly after coming out of an in Camera session.


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