Lakedell Women’s Conference

In the last issue, May 10th 2012 the story of the  Lakedell Women’s Conference , the  photo credit was not run. The picturesincluding this one that appeared on the front page,  were taken by photographer Sarah Perry from Legacy Photography at Pigeon Lake


On Wednesday, April 25th, the Lakedell Agricultural Centre was filled with women from across central Alberta who came out to enjoy a day of “Life, Love & Laughter” at the Lakedell Women’s Conference.
While the weather outside was wet and dreary, the hall was full of life with bright spring décor, including a hand-made old fashioned wheel barrow, thanks to the decorating talents of Cheryl Satre.
In continuation of the spring theme, Carmon Frick from Sprouts Greenhouse began the day with a wonderful power point presentation on planting and arrangements.  Her presentation illustrated some colorful and unique flower arrangements and Carmon provided some great tips on using various textures and plants to create an eye-appealing display of plants and flowers.  Located just 20 km west of the Village at Pigeon Lake, Sprouts Greenhouse provides a wide array of plants and flowers, with the added value of knowledgeable and personal service.
Margaret Sanders from “mindsprings” lead the ladies with her presentation on “Receiving the Gift of Good Conversation.”  Margaret lives on the shore of Pigeon Lake in the Westerose area and is dedicated to hosting conversations that matter and is an architect of process for individual or group coaching and discovery.  Margaret got the group going in an open discussion where they picked someone else in the audience and shared a past experience that brought them good memories.  The audience was encouraged to really listen to what the other person was saying without commenting or thinking of how the other person’s story related to themselves.  When everyone was participating in Margaret’s activity, the room came to life with smiles and laughter and a new story from someone else’s life.
Barb & Carolyn Karlstrom from then took the stage to share the various technologies provided by their company, Empowering Balance.  They spoke on the constant “mind chatter” that continuously goes on in our minds and how their products help reduce that “chatter” so we can become more relaxed and focused.  The audience was asked to recite certain words together as a group and their voices were recorded onto a computer.  The sounds are then analyzed by the program.  The benefits of the various systems include a greater sense of well-being, happiness, relaxation, harmony, improved sleep, improved focus, and enhanced sports and business performance.  Barb and Carolyn shared their personal experiences of an improved life while using these products and systems.  
The Keynote speaker for the day was the 2007 Global Television Woman of Vision for January 2007, Wendy Edey “The Hope Lady.”  Wendy is the Director of Counseling at “The Hope Foundation of Alberta,” an internationally recognized centre for hope studies.  As a blind person, Wendy is a wonderful example of what you can accomplish with a positive attitude and a little hope!  Wendy’s presentation on “Finding Hope When You Can’t Fix Everything” hit home with everyone in attendance on a subject that we all could relate to. She encouraged us to change our thinking to become more positive and express hope in all that we do and see hope in what lies ahead.   
Janelle Ford and some of her students from “Yoga at the Lake” provided the audience with a little taste of some of exhilarating poses that are used in the various yoga classes instructed by Janelle at the Village at Pigeon Lake.  She currently offers various daytime and evening classes of heated and no heat/beginner classes and will soon be starting yoga for hockey players!  Janelle’s many years of instructing experience, along with her kind and patient demeanor make her an excellent yoga instructor and she welcomes yoga students of all levels.
The audience was wowed by the sword dance demonstration by the extremely talented Rena Sorenson.  Rena has been an instructor and professional performer in Greek and Arabic restaurants throughout Edmonton.   While balancing a sword on various parts of her body, Rena displayed an exciting artistic demonstration of belly dancing with a twist!  
Thanks to Christine Boake, owner of the Country Sampler, the audience was treated to a surprise visit from Cobi Ladner, creator of cobistyle and past Editor of Canadian House and Home Magazine for 15 years.  With her down-to-earth personality, Cobi provided some great advice on home décor.  She encouraged everyone to decorate with items that inspired them, things that hold a meaning, and not necessarily what is the trend for the year.  She spoke of her love of colors and suggested that you add some excitement to your brown leather furniture and tan walls!
It wouldn’t be a woman’s conference without a fashion show!  Thanks to Carol and Cindy from the Bluffton Boutique and all the models that provided a great display of spring and summer fashions.  The Bluffton Boutique is open Mondays to Saturdays and offers a wide variety of styles and sizes from Junior to 3X.  The personalized service provided at the Boutique results in a large volume of repeat customers.
The day wound up with the antics of comedian Bob Beddow who shared his experience of an accident while driving his wife’s car.  Bob’s life motto is “If it hasn’t happened to you,….it will.”  
Other entertainment for the day included the beautiful music provided by local musicians Jasmine Whenham and Lesley Schatz. Jasmine belted out three beautiful songs before lunch and brought the audience to a standing ovation.  Jasmine has returned to the Canadian music scene this February with the release of her second fully produced studio recording, Bandaids.  Bandaids is a collection of material that tells an emotional, hopeful story of coming to terms with grief, from heartbreak to acceptance.
Lesley Schatz brought her wide guitar, banjo and mouthbow to entertain the ladies who wanted to stay and visit and enjoy her music during the wine social.  After listening to Lesley, you can understand why she is the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement award from the Alberta Women of Country Music Hall of Fame.  Lesley's musical composition (Mother Love) was included on a UNESCO-endorsed "New Songs for Peace" project that is intended to encourage people to think, talk, and write new songs about peace, which will eventually become a book. These songs will promote peace, cultural acceptance and understanding for those who work towards peace throughout the world.  We are truly fortunate to have these talented ladies in our community. 
The day also included displays by the various presenters, as well as displays  by Brenda Smawley from True Energy, Marsha Mantai from West Country Nails, and Terry Odegard with Body by Vi.  The ladies in attendance were treated to numerous door prizes graciously donated by the many sponsors and a delicious lunch and snacks made by Carey and Jisteen Stewart of Maple Leaf Catering.

It was a great day in celebration of “Life, Love & Laughter!”. 

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