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Barry McDonald
Development Permit - Cold Storage Shed 
On March 15, 2011, Council approved (Budget) allocation of $288,170.00. for "Priority 2 - 60' x 200' x 22' high Cold Storage" shed
At the April 19th, 2012 (Budget) Meeting Council approved to allocate a total of $450,894.00 (previously approved amount of $288,170.00 from 2011-2013 MSI Capital & Operational 2011 Business Plan and $162,724.00 from the Public Works Fixed Asset Reserve
The Cold Storage Shed will be constructed on the County yard described as NE 9-46-24-W4 M and adhering to specific conditions. 
2012 Wetaskiwin Airshow
Mr. Mark McFaul, Alderman, City of Wetaskiwin, and Wetaskiwin Air Show Society requested “the participation of the County of Wetaskiwin at our 2012 Air Show” August 4 and 5, 2012 “with practice day for the performers on August 3rd”. All three days require emergency personal and equipment on site. Also road closures need to be in place. McFaul requested the same level of commitment that the County of Wetaskiwin provided to the air show in 2010.
Council tabled this issue to the June 19, 2012 Council for Public Works meeting for Administration to investigate the request and provide council with recommendations.
Covenant Bay - Future Plans
Jon Drebert of Covenant Bay Bible Camp advised of their future plans, provided an update on their current challenges and provided an insight into how the County and Covenant Bay can partner to benefit County residents. Council accepted Jon Drebert's presentation on Covenant Bay Bible Camp as information and will work with them to assist with funding allocations and provide guidance when applying for provincial grants.
AAMDC Calls for Input
AAMDC has been invited to participate in the Health Quality Council of Alberta's (HQCA) review of EMS in Alberta. AAMDC is seeking input from the members on issues of concern relating to the provision of emergency medical services in each community. The AAMDC is seeking factual examples related to: 
1. quality of safety of patient care in your municipality been affected by the transfer of governance and funding of ground EMS from municipalities to Alberta Health Services
2. quality or safety of patient care been affected by the consolidation of dispatch services
3. any challenges with regards to the integration of fire and EMS 
4. any challenges specific to rural, remote or urban areas
5. any concerns or issues regarding the availability and adequacy of data on EMS
There are no issues with EMS service provided in the County of Wetaskiwin
Penalty Cancellation 
On May 28, 2012 correspondence was received from owner Firas Hanna, requesting Council to consider penalty cancellation for their property legally described as NE-23-47-28-W4M (Plan 0728317; Block 1; Lot 2). The last payment received was on August 29, 2009. 
County records confirm on August 27, 2009 a change of mailing address was applied to their account incorrectly a by staff error The account currently has an outstanding balance of $2,070.80 ( includes 2010, 2011, and 2012 property taxes and arrears). Tax penalties accrued are $216.36 plus a $25.00 tax notification fee added on March 31, 2012 for a total of $241.36.
Council approved the request for penalty cancellation in the amount of $241.36 due to a clerical error on the tax roll.
Parks Report
All six (6) overnight parks are open. Twin Lakes and Mound Red lease documentation has been forwarded to Sustainable Resource Development (SRD) in Edmonton. The County is still waiting for a reply. The proposed  leases would be for twenty five (25) years.
South Coal Lake- A Temporary Field Acquisition (TFA) was issued for Coal Lake South in 2011 as the Province went through the process of deregulating the park and turning over to Public Lands for long term leases. A new TFA was been issued for Coal Lake South with information being forwarded to the County that SRD would like the same detailed survey provided for Twin Lakes and Mound Red to accompany our application for Coal Lake South.
Red Deer Lake- A new Contract Attendant is in place  
Battle Lake Park- A new five year contract has been signed with Ken and Pat Goodale.  
Buck Lake Park- Contract expires in 2014 with current Park Attendant . A new floating dock system consisting of 8- 16 foot sections of dock have been installed 
Mulhurst Bay- Two dock sections have been added making it 32 feet longer. These aluminum dock sections came from Buck Lake and are identical to the two dock sections that were previously at the Mulhurst Bay Boat Launch. 
Winfield Agriplex- renovations of the kitchen are under way with the stove, exhaust fan, and fire suppression relocated to the south wall, dual basin sink  relocated to the west end of the preparation island. A new 5 foot by 10 foot stainless steel island has been ordered. The next phase will see the north wall cupboards and counter replaced with a new dish washer and stainless steel soil table and clean table. The final phase will see new utensils, plates and possibly folding tables and chairs for the facility.
RAL Name Change
Council approved  the renewal of the lease for the road allowance adjacent to the W/NW 28-46-5-W5M and W/SW 28-46-5-W5M to the Estate of James Guard for a three year term effective June 12, 2012 at a rate of $15.00 (plus GST).
Outstanding Fire Account 
On August 10, 2011, the Wetaskiwin Rural Fire Protection Zone 2 Society was dispatched to Plan 9722448, Lot 2 (NW-30-46-23-W4) Grandview Heights, landowner Donald and Lori Loov, to extinguish a vehicle fire, The fire invoice totaled $800.00. Numerous attempts were made to contact Mr. Loov by an invoice, followed by monthly statements for payment of the $800.00.
Council approved the addition of $919.45 to Tax Roll #126500,for the Loov property and will forward the amount to the Wetaskiwin Rural Fire Protection Zone 2 Society
Regional Aquatic Facility - Recreation Survey
The City of Wetaskiwin hired RC Strategies Inc. to conduct a "Wetaskiwin Household Survey Findings" on Recreation and Leisure for the Wetaskiwin area.
Not all questions are analyzed but the following is a summary. The survey represents all returned questionnaires and are not broken out by residency and the percentage represents the high end of the results:
•Reasons For Participating in Recreation & Leisure Activities Physical health / exercise - 72%
•Recreation and Leisure is Important to My Quality of Life Strongly Agree - 67%
•Barriers to Participation in Recreation or Leisure Opportunities Too Busy / No Time - 36%
•Overall Satisfaction With the Availability of Recreation Opportunities and Services in the Region Somewhat Satisfied - 43%
•Is There A Need for New / Upgraded Facilities in the Wetaskiwin Area? 61% said yes
•Indoor Recreation & Leisure Facility PrioritiesFitness / wellness facilities - 43%
•Indoor Recreation & Leisure Facility Priorities Water spray parks - 35%
•Level of Increase in Annual Property Taxes Supported <$100 increase 39% No increase 38% 
R.C. Strategies is hosting a visioning session to meet with the regional recreation board and other key members of the community to interpret the data collected and initial strategic direction. The date for this meeting is June 27, 2012 at the Civic Centre in Wetaskiwin starting at 6:00 pm. 
Council accepted the report as information as Council is unable to attend the visioning session due to conflicting schedules. 
Contract Negotiations
Council discussed privileged information regarding Contract Negotiations - Building Maintenance therefore ‘the meeting should go in to In-Camera’. Council awarded the window replacement project in the County Administration Building to Reflections Glass.
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