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Council was called to order at 1:33 pm with all Councillors present.
 There were no public presentations at this meeting, and one item; the development permit application from Scott Builders on behalf of Camgill for Lot 1, Block 1, Plan 112 4833, was deleted from the agenda.
 Staff Introductions: Ms. Leila Daoud was introduced as the interim Communications Coordinator while Brandy Kelly is on Maternity leave, and Mr. Darcy Bryant was introduced as the new Manager of Utilities.
 New Sarepta Agriplex Expansion Business Case: This was the final concept being presented to Council for approval before fundraising can begin for this project. The hope is to tender the project out this fall and begin construction in the spring of 2013. The total cost of the project is estimated to come in at $7 million dollars, with $5.3 million for the building and $1.7 million for internal furnishings.
 The funding strategy for the expansion is for sponsorship to cover 1.5% of the cost, fundraising to cover 1.5%, government grants to cover 7%, and the County of Leduc to cover the remaining 90% of the cost.
 The goal is for the expanded facility to achieve a minimum of 80% cost recovery through facility use and community support. It is estimated that Leduc County will be required to support the expansion with approximately $10-15,000.00/year in additional operating costs.
Councillor Schonewille was not happy with the financial amount the County was responsible for with this project, and questioned why there was not more grant money factored in, as he believed grants could be found that could cover up to 50% of the project.
 Dean Ohnysty, Director of Parks and Recreation, informed Council that administratively, the New Sarepta Agricultural Society had reached their funding cap of $125,000.00 for this project, and it had been accounted for under the "sponsorship" heading under funding strategies. Dean did assure Council that Administration would look into every funding possibility and maximize whatever they could.
 Councillor Mackay commented that she was "really proud" to see how the people and organizations in New Sarepta had pulled together and were working in conjunction with one another.
 Council unanimously approved the motion to accept the business case and move ahead with this project.
 A second motion was made and unanimously approved to continue to apply for any funding grants that come available in regard to this project.  
 Public Hearing for QEII Business Park LASP: This is a proposed new portion of the Nisku Business Park consisting of 240 acres situated between 8 Street and RR244, north of HWY 625, with 34 Avenue in Nisku roughly in the center of the lands, and the proposed Nisku Spine Road running along the eastern edge of the property.
 An open house was held on July 5th, 2012 but there were no residents or concerned parties that attended, and no comments were received from the public.
 The developer, Hopewell Developments, is proposing to create 26 industrial lots, but requires a Redistricting of a portion of the eastern lands which are currently zoned agricultural.
 Several issues were raised by Alberta Transportation in regard to this LASP, so despite the fact that there has been no public objection to this project, Council determined to recess this Public Hearing until the August 28th Council meeting so the issues raised by Alberta Transportation could be better addressed.
 Hamlet of Looma Community Plan: A proposed Terms of Reference for the creation of a long term Area Structure Plan for the hamlet of Looma was brought before Council for approval by the major land owner in the hamlet. The plan was fairly all encompassing, covering items such as the growth of existing businesses, the future of residential parcels, roads, water, sewage and drainage, as well as mentioning land use concepts including environmental, recreational and community services and facilities.
 Councillor Mackay raised a concern that the plan was a little "onerous", and stated that she would like to see more input from other residents as to which direction they would like to see their community moving, as well as a Public Hearing on this issue before moving forward.
 This issue was tabled to the end of the meeting, and Council took a break to go in camera.
 Upon a return of Council to open session, councillor Mackay rescinded her objections and Council unanimously approved the original terms of reference for the creation of a Community Plan for the hamlet of Looma.
 Blackmud Valley Drainage System - Purchasing of Private Lands: On April 24, 2012 a landowner within the Blackmud Valley Drainage System (BVDS) approached Council with a proposal for the County to purchase a portion of his lands within the BVDS.
 A discussion was held by the Leduc County Agricultural Services Board and it was decided to send the landowner a letter assuring the landowner that the County would continue to monitor the Blackmud Drainage Improvement Project, and that all obligations would be fulfilled in accordance with Alberta Environment.
 Council decided to deny the purchase of the lands, with Councillor Schonewille against.
 2012 Tax Sale Date: The tax sale date for 2012 has been set for November 7, 2012 at 2pm, and will be held at Leduc County Centre. An advertisement with auction details will be printed in the Pipestone Flyer Newspaper on or around, October 24, 2012. 
 Public at Large 2013 Budget Meeting Dates: The following schedule was approved by Council for the 2013 Budget Meeting Dates. All meetings will be held in Council Chambers.
Monday November 26 - 9:30 to 12:00 & 1:30 to 4:30
Wednesday November 28 - same hours as above
Thursday November 29 - same hours as above
Monday December 3 - same hours as above
Wednesday December 5 - same hours as above
Thursday December 6 - same hours as above (if necessary)
Monday December 10 - 1:30 to 4:30 (if necessary)
 Any Public at Large who wish to obtain a "Public Version" of the 2013 budget package must request this in writing prior to November 1, 2012. Packages will be available for pick up on November 15, 2012 at County Centre.
 Finance staff will be preparing a minimum of five copies of the "Public Version" budgets for walk-in attendees, but these copies must remain within Council Chambers.

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