An ELEVATOR MINUTE in the City of Leduc

 This is the little spot where a City of Leduc resident and writer gets to share her observations on people and happenings in her city. This writer is grateful for the opportunity to share her enthusiasm, and pride in the city she calls home.
 The Leduc Recreation Centre (LRC) is one of these locations, hosting dozens of sporting events that involve tens of thousands of visitors. Sports Tourism is big business in North-America, and any city that owns a large sports center can confirm what a boost it creates for the local economy.
 On the Eastern boundary of Leduc, the Lions Campground and RV Park is a constant and interesting hub of activity. From April to October, -and for the past several years-, the Campground’s congenial managers Doug and Betty Callbach are hosts to hundreds of individuals who thoroughly enjoy the greenery and beauty of this RV Park. Three unusual groups of boulders have been transformed into impressive rock beds by the artistic hand of Elaine Coggles, a long-time seasonal visitor who is a snowbird and world traveller with her husband Brian. With the grateful approval of the park managers Doug and Betty -who care for this property like it was their own backyard-, and the Lion ‘in charge’ of this Park, Ken Albertson, Elaine is the volunteer garden designer of the first two rock beds created in 2009 and the third that came about in 2010.  These massive rock flower beds are hosts to many thriving perennials and a few annuals. They add to the look and feel of this Campground, where space, meticulous care and well-planned design are treasured by many.
 What matters here is that for seven months of the year, due diligence and proud attention are applied to a welcoming landscape that is another jewel in the City of Leduc’s crown- a property owned by a group that accomplishes good deeds twelve months a year, the Lions Club of Leduc.

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