Open letter to Mr. Horne, Health Minister, Alberta Government Edmonton.


I am a veteran of the Second World War and I served in Central Europe in 1944-45 until the conflict was over and then volunteered to go to serve in the Japanese theatre. I now receive a pension of $159.21. I relate this only to show you the comparison for payment rendered for service by one individual as compared with the payment received by some of the people that served in the capacity of government employees, which is really what our elected ministers are.
The Calgary Herald has done due diligence in searching out the amount paid out in severance pay and in pensions paid to persons who in some instances were “let go” from positions that were deemed to be not needed anymore. More than 42 million dollars was paid out without the average tax payer having any knowledge of this waste.
I wrote Mr. Verlyn Olsen, MLA Camrose – Wetaskiwin and requested his attention to the matter of the lack of affordable living accommodations for our elderly in the city of Wetaskiwin. I expect to hear from him and I also expect to hear that there are no funds available for the erection of a building that would house these people and elderly citizens who in some instances are forced to being housed in extended care units in our hospital. The net result is that there are no beds for patients needing that facility and the local health people have to look in communities many miles from Wetaskiwin to care for these people.
In my opinion this is not acceptable and in light of the amount of money that is being expended in excessive pensions and severance payouts there is no valid excuse for not supplying funds to build on the property that is now owned by the hospital here.
Cec Colwel
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