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Lorna Lowe
Council was called to order at 1:27 pm, with all Councillors present.
There was no public commentary, and there was a deletion of Development Permit Application for Scott Builders on Lot 1, Block 1, Plan 112 4833 from the agenda, as well as two additions. 
Star Awards Presentations: Council Chambers were standing room only as the families of 20 young people were present to support them as they were presented with Star Awards from the County of Leduc Parks and Recreation in appreciation and recognition of their leadership, generosity and performance during their participation in the County's 2012 Summer Programs.
Conjuring Lake Curling Club Book Presentation: Blake Bartlett, former President of the Conjuring Lake Curling Club, presented Mayor John Whaley with a copy of the newly minted book titled "The Strawpile", commemorating the now defunct Conjuring Lake Curling Club. Copies will be distributed to several libraries within the County. Mr. Bartlett also made a point of thanking the County for all the support the community had received from them over the years. He stated "I know you don't always get a 'thank you' from people, but we're here to give you a big pat on the back for the 60 years of support that you gave to us."
Allan Coles also presented Councillor Glassman with a framed print of a mural that remembers the club, and teased Council to hang it somewhere it will be seen and not "in a back hallway!"
Edmonton International Airport Fire Protection Agreement: 
Leduc County Fire Chief Bob Galloway, made a presentation to Council recommending that the current partnership agreement between Leduc County and Edmonton Airports be extended for one more year. This would give them the opportunity to increase the number of full time firefighters on the jointly owned pumper truck from three to four, effective January 1, 2013. Council unanimously agreed to the extension.
Public Hearing - Wizard Lake ASP: 
Numerous residents were on hand to speak to Council concerning several issues surrounding the Wizard Lake ASP, including the newly proposed changes concerning "top of bank" delineation and rebuilding requirements. For the most part, residents were in support of the County's "top of bank" amendments, but the discussion became clouded when many more issues were brought before Council during the Public Hearing. Mayor Whaley made a motion to defer this ongoing issue to the October 2, regular Council Meeting in order to more fully address some of these concerns. Council agreed unanimously. 
Reconvene Public Hearing For Queen Elizabeth II Business Park LASP: 
Administration confirmed that they had not heard back from Alberta Transportation yet so there could be no new steps taken on this issue. The recommendation was to recess the Hearing until September 25th. Council agreed unanimously.
Area Q ASP: 
A recommendation was placed before Council that all further work on the Area Q ASP be discontinued pending clarification of the Cluster Country Residential Growth Areas by the CRB in their review of the Capital Region Growth Plan. This review is expected to be completed in March of 2015. Councillor Mackay made a statement to Council saying "We understand that we must halt Area Q until the Country Cluster Residential is decided for the Growth Plan, as right now we are aware that we are unable to plan our own land for our own municipality!" Council voted unanimously to discontinue work on the Area Q ASP. 
Development Permit Application For Action Express & Hotshot: 
Action Express is proposing to build an overnight large truck storage yard on the SE corner of 16 Avenue and 15 Street in Nisku. Mayor Whaley stated that the proposal does fit in with the business plan for the area, but Councillor Schonewille disagreed. He said that it does not fit in with the Blackmud Creek ASP, and he had already received calls of concern from residents in the Vistas in regard to possible noise that would be generated by the trucks and machinery. After further discussion and clarification from one of the owners of Action Express, it was suggested that Councillor Schonewille facilitate a meeting between the concerned residents and the company prior to the next Council Meeting, and until that time to defer this issue. Council agreed to defer until September 4, with Councillors Glassman and Kelto against.  
Additional Item - Direct Control Rezoning: 
Council unanimously approved the Rezoning of NW-14-47-1-W5, also known as 47265-RR12, owned by the Catholic Hungarian Association, into Direct Control.
Additional Item - Mad Hatter Music Festival: General Manager of Community Services for the County, Rick Thomas, made a presentation to Council with an update on the Mad Hatter Music Festival. Rick stated that dealing with the unsanctioned event that past weekend had been very "frustrating", as upon issuing the Stop Order, festival organizers informed the County they would be proceeding with the event anyway. As information to Council on just how hard County Administration had tried to work with festival organizers, he informed Council that the Concert Bylaw requires 60 days notification prior to an event taking place, and the Mad Hatter Festival notified the County on August 1 that the event would begin on August 23. 
With the festival continuing to run without consent, numerous noise complaints were called in from as far as 4.5 miles away from the festival site. 
On August 25, Leduc County Peace Officers charged festival organizers and the land owner with fines in the amount of $500.00 each, for operating a concert without a license. Then on August 27, after a site inspection had been carried out, festival organizers were charged and fined under the Safety Codes Act in the amount of $15,000.00. On at least one of these charges a court appearance is required.
It was suggested that Council hold a workshop sometime in October to change or amend the County Bylaws in order to prevent this from happening again. Council agreed unanimously.
Sundance Beach Public Access: 
A letter was entered as information from County Manager Brian Bowles, regarding information provided by the summer Village of Sundance Beach of a Public Hearing on the issue. The letter was asking for information on how the hearing was being advertised, and Council was informed that Administration was still waiting for a response, but wanted to assure them that the issue was still being worked on. Council accepted the letter as information.
Council was adjourned at 4:52 pm to go in camera.
Lorna Lowe
Council was called to order at 7:01 pm with all Councillors present.
There were no additions or deletions to the agenda, and no public commentary.
Leduc Achievement Award: 
Mayor Krischke presented Coldwell Banker Haida Realty representative Teresa Secret, on behalf of the entire office, with a Leduc Achievement Award. For the last seventeen years this company, along with hand picked volunteers, has been the one planting Canadian flags in every yard in Leduc on Canada Day. Up until three years ago it was a well kept secret as to who was behind the flag planting every year, as owner Bob Buttar did not want any recognition for the service. It was simply something he wanted to do for the community. 
Mayor Krischke stated that "It is a tradition that many other communities wish they had.", and noted that it took a real commitment to the community to plant flags in the yards of over 9000 homes every year. Bottom Picture 
Alberta Emergency Services Medal Presentation: Fire Chief Ernie Polsom presented City of Leduc firefighter and EMT Alan Dignard, with an Alberta Emergency Services Medal for 12 years of exemplary fire service within Alberta.
Top Picture  
2012-2016 Corporate Strategic Plan: 
Council unanimously approved the 2012-2016 Corporate Strategic Plan for the City of Leduc. This plan encompasses everything from social wellness, and recreation and culture, to economic/tourism development, and genuine wealth and sustainability pillars. The plan will be posted on the City's website.
2011 Community Report: This report is designed to be an informative reference guide to the services residents receive for their tax dollars. Mayor Krischke commented that he was concerned to see the report for 2011 coming out so late in the year, and said that he would ideally like to see it coming out in April or May.
Kenn Bur, Director of Information Support Services for the City of Leduc replied that this report comes out at this time every year, but that Administration agrees that they would also like to see the report finished earlier in the year and will begin to work toward that goal. This report will be posted on the City's website.
Appeal To Order For Summit Heights: 
The City issued an Order to Summit Heights for their property at 4816-47 Ave. Leduc on July 18, 2012, that the property owner must erect a 2.43 meter high wooden screen fence around the property under construction, as well as providing a temporary pedestrian walkway along 47 Ave. 
City Manager Paul Benedetto spoke to this issue by informing Council that Administration had just received "late breaking news" that day, in the form of a proposal from the property owners, to address and rectify some of the ongoing concerns. Therefore, Mr. Benedetto was recommending that Council postpone the discussion of this matter until the next Council meeting. 
Councillor Smith questioned Mr. Benedetto as to how many times an person/owner could use this type of "last minute proposal" to delay a decision, being concerned that it could be used as a stall tactic. Mr. Benedetto assured Council that they could choose to deal with an issue such as this at any time they saw fit, regardless of what else could be brought before them, but he felt that in this instance the owners of the property were sincere in their desire to find a solution to this particular issue. Council unanimously agreed to postpone the discussion on this issue to the next regular Council Meeting on September 10th.
Street Renaming Request: Planning Intern April Renneberg presented to Council a request from the Leduc Downtown Progress Association, to honourarily rename 50 Avenue, from 46 Street to the Hwy 2 overpass, "Main Street". For addressing purposes the official name would remain 50 Avenue, but approval of the honourary name change would identify the street as the historic downtown area. The cost to the City would be $3,300.00 for new signage. Council unanimously approved the request.
JDRF Slo-Pitch Tournament Grant Request: 
A grant request from World Financial Group-Letorneau Center for the amount of $1,299.30 to help offset the costs of the slo-pitch tournament held at William F. Lede Park on Aug. 10-12 was placed before Council. A discussion ensued due to the fact that so many funding applications were coming in after the events have already been held. Council acknowledged the need to implement ways of tightening up the application process, and agreed that further discussion was required on this issue. Council unanimously agreed to the funding request for the tournament.
2012 Terry Fox Run Grant Request: 
A grant request was received for the 32nd Annual Terry Fox Run, taking place on Sept. 16th, for the amount of $789.00 to offset the costs of promotion and event supplies. Council unanimously granted the request.
STARS Fundraiser Grant Request: 
A grant request was placed before Council on behalf of the Tyson Parker Commitment to Life Society, in the amount of $4,734.43, to offset the costs of the LRC facility rental, as well as the rental of tables and chairs. Mayor Krischke spoke to the fact that despite it being a fabulous and important event that the City, and he personally fully supports, he felt the need to object to this grant on the basis that it exceeds the grant application guidelines for funding to cover a maximum of 75% of the cost of facility rental charges, or $2,500.00, whichever is least. The amount that the Society was requesting for this event was for 100% of the costs, and far exceeded the guideline limits. 
Councillor Young pointed out that the guideline amounts had been exceeded before on several occasions for different events. Councillor MacKenzie suggested an overall review of the grant application process as it had been many years since it had been done, and there had been several issues raised recently in regard to this process. The grant request from the Society was passed with Mayor Krischke opposed.
Amendment To Fees And Charges Bylaw For Waste 
Council was asked to approve a $2.00/bag fee for household waste dropped off at the new Eco-Station that is under construction, (currently the City's recycling centre), and a $10.00/month fee for an extra waste collection cart for households that require more than one. Council unanimously passed all 3 Readings of the amendment to the Bylaw.
Amendment to Suntree Stage 5 Development Agreement: 
A presentation was made to Council on behalf of the developer, Andromeda Investments, requesting a change to switch from the black metal fencing to be placed along Grant MacEwan Boulevard, to a wooden fence that would match the rest of the neighbourhood. Council unanimously agreed to the request.
There were no in camera items and Council was adjourned at 9:28pm.
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