Council Notes From All Over


Lorna Lowe
Council was called to order at 6:58 pm, with all Councillors present.
There were two deletions to the night's agenda and no public commentary.
Volunteer Firefighter's Green Light Bylaw 2nd & 3rd Readings: 
Councillor Bartlett commented that in a Town the size of Calmar he could not see a green light in a car making a viable difference in response times. Councillor Wiancko was in agreement with Councillor Bartlett, and stated that he could not see the cost involved in the program reaping a benefit for the Town. Second Reading carried with Councillor Bartlett opposed. Third Reading was not carried with Councillors Bartlett, Wiancko and Yachimetz opposed, so the Bylaw was struck down.
Donated Bench/Plaque In Memory Of Mr. Robert Brown: 
Mrs. Brown has donated a bench and plaque in memory of her husband Robert (Bert) Brown. Mr. Brown was a lifelong firefighter, World War Two veteran, and Calmar Town Councillor. Mrs. Brown asked that the Town authorize Public Works to install the bench and plaque in Woodland Park. 
Councillor Yachimtez suggested that the Town take this idea one step further and form a committee to erect some sort of commemorative wall or area, in order to honour the influential people of Calmar. Town Manager, Kathy Rodberg, stated that she would bring this suggestion before the CCDC and then bring their ideas back before Council. 
Councillor Wiancko motioned to install the bench in memory of Mr. Brown, and Council agreed unanimously.
Intersection Upgrades to Highway 39 and 45 Street: A draft update to the Traffic Impact Assessment has been completed and can now be finalized and submitted to Alberta Transportation for review. This brings the project to the design stage. ISL has submitted a proposal to do the design work on a cost plus basis, to a maximum of $52,000.00. A motion was made to move forward with the design work and was passed unanimously.
Garbage Pick Up: Complaints have been received from residents concerning garbage trucks driving on private property, running over the ends of culverts, and causing ruts by driving on the soft shoulders of laneways, amongst other things. Part of the problem was felt to be driver carelessness, but the fact that trucks had changed over the years from smaller single axel units to the large tandem axel trucks, has also played a part in maneuverability down the laneways. A suggestion came from Evergreen Ecological Services to change from back alley garbage collection to front street collection to remedy these issues. 
This generated much discussion in Council, which included input from the Director of Public Works and Land Development, Ed Melesko, as well as a Town resident. 
In the end, a motion was put forward by Councillor Yachimetz to move to front street garbage collection. The motion passed with Councillors Bartlett and Wiancko opposed.
2013 Fortis Alberta Franchise Fee: 
It was recommended to Council that the franchise fee remain the same as last year at 20%. Council unanimously agreed.
Council was adjourned at 7:44 pm to go in camera. 
Linda Steinke
From Approved Minutes of the August 13th Council Meeting: 
Council approved a development permit to construct an Industrial Building on lots 5721 & 5725–50th Street. In order to construct a building on the two lots, they must be established as a single new lot by Bylaw.
After reviewing and discussing the 52nd Ave. sidewalk project, Council approved to change the sidewalk from the south side of 52nd Ave. to the north side from the alley located between 47th and 48th Street west.
Goodbye Centennial Park Equipment (on 48th Street)?
Council discussed the safety of the equipment and the possibility of getting a group to upgrade the Centennial Park. Deputy Mayor Miller moved that the administration review and make a decision as to whether or not the equipment at the Centennial Park should be removed. It was carried. In a request for a recorded vote, Councillor Elgersma was opposed. 
Council approved the construction of a house on lot 1 Block 15 Plan 782 1894 without a basement.
Goodbye defibrillator?
Council discussed a letter from Leduc Foundation regarding the removal of the defibrillator from Cloverleaf Manor. Councillor Rapati moved that Leduc Foundation direct the request for the removal of the defibrillator to the Warburg Legion as it was donated by the Legion. Council also requests that the Leduc Foundation Board reconsider their decision to remove the defibrillator from the Cloverleaf Manor.
From the September 10th Warburg Village Council Meeting: 
Any Councillors who wish to go will attend the 2012-13 Let’s Resolve workshop may do so. The workshop is designed to develop skills in negotiation, public input, and workplace conflict management.  
The Fortis Alberta Franchise Fee collected from customers in the Village is 10% of ATCO’s Delivery Tarriff. It will remain unchanged at 10%.
The negotiation discussion regarding Lots 21 & 22 Block 1 Plan 1745HW was held in camera.
Stars of Alberta Volunteer Awards 2012: 
Nominations should be forwarded to FCSS. The award recognizes extraordinary Albertans whose volunteer efforts have contributed to the well-being of their community and fellow community members. Any Albertan whose volunteer efforts have played a significant role during their lifetime is eligible for one of six awards presented annually; two in each category of youth, adult and senior. Deadline for nominations is Tuesday, September 25, 2012. Awards will be presented in Edmonton on International Volunteer Day, December 5, 2012.
Leduc County Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast
Leduc County Mayor John Whaley and Leduc County Council have invited Council members to the 2012 Prayer Breakfast featuring Alberta’s 13th Premier, Ed Stelmach, as guest speaker. Three Councillors will attend.  The prayer breakfast will be held Saturday, September 29, 2012 at 8:00 a.m. at the Nisku Inn & Conference Centre, 1101-4th Street, Nisku.  The breakfast is open to the public. Tickets are $15 (includes breakfast) and are available at Leduc County Centre until September 24, 2012. Contact Lynn White at 780-955-4560 or toll free 1-800-379-9052. Or Email: .
Watch your step
Council received a letter of concern regarding a tripping hazard on the south boulevard in front of Warburg Foods. The problem surfaced after the flower pots were removed. According to CAO Pankewitz, there will be cement placed in front of the Village office to Warburg Foods (if the proprietors wish). Otherwise, the boulevard area will be filled in with dirt and seeded into grass.
Councillor van Assen will attend the EOEP Affordable Housing course.
Warburg Council is refusing to sign off on the 39/20 Partnership Resolution until typos are corrected and recommended changes are made.  The 39/20 Partnership is an alliance of the municipalities of the Town of Calmar, Village of Thorsby, Warburg, and Breton who have pledged to work together in an organized, structured manner to save money by making group purchases, and sharing certain pieces of equipment, etc..
Deputy Mayor Dale Miller will attend the Village of Breton’s Municipal Emergency Management Agency meeting on October 24, 2012, featuring a table top exercise to test Breton’s emergency response plan.
Capital Power says no!
Capital Power declined an application for financial support of the Warburg Cultural Society. “The decision was not based on the merit of your request,” stated Lindsay Heykants, Senior Advisor, Community Investment for Capital Power Corporation, “but it is a reflection of the very large demand on our community investment program.” 
The e-mail went on to say, “Capital Power is committed to fostering strong, healthy and vibrant communities where our employees live, work and play and proudly supports the dedication and spirit of its employees that volunteer through our EmPowering Communities Volunteer Grant. In 2010, some of the recipients of our EmPowering Communities Volunteer Grant include: Parkland and area Youth Emergency Shelter Foundation; Bissell Centre; Dogs with Wings Assistance Dog Society; Richmond Dance Society; Edmonton Ringette Association; The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation; Northwest Regional 4-H Council and many other worthy beneficiaries.”
Prairie Mines & Royalty and Employees’ excellent local gift
Prairie Mines & Royalty Ltd. GM, Tim Doucette forwarded a donation of $1,200 to the Warburg Fire Department.  
Doucette writes, “Genesee Mine appreciates the efficiency, professionalism and timeliness you respond with when answering any of our emergency calls.”  He thanked them for their ongoing dedicated service.   Well done Warburg Fire Department! And kudos to the Prairie Mine employees for showing great community spirit by donating to the local fundraiser (matched by PMR Ltd.).
ATCO Gas notified Council and Administration that in the coming months, they will be updating the meter reading technology in Warburg by installing small, battery-powered transmitters on natural gas meters.  These transmitters will allow ATCO to read the meter remotely, without entering customers’ yards, homes or businesses. Installation will take about 10 minutes and there will be no disruption of gas service. Meters will be read monthly and will be actual readings, not estimated.
Mayor Kohl declared September 2012 as “Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Month” in the Village of Warburg.
CAO Report: No tenders have been received to date on the following: shop roof, sidewalks. A concern in regards to the sunken sidewalk at 5016-49th Street was received. Cat concerns—no alternate solutions were found as of yet, but CAO has discussed concerns with Bylaw Officer. No offers have been received on the John Deere L & G 425 Tractor/mower.
The contractor started installing the new arena chiller today (September 10). Someone, unidentified, stated, “We lucked out because the usual wait time is 8-10 weeks.”
Mark your calendars: 
Warburg Regular Council Meeting for September 24, 2012 is cancelled.
Light Up Warburg event will be held on November 30, 2012.
Lorna Lowe
Was called to order at 1:35, with all Councillors present.
A Public Presentation was made by Mr. Ryon Dudar, one of the owners of Kencor Heavyhaul, located at 1202-16 Ave. in Nisku. 
Mr. Dudar had concerns with water flow in the ditches surrounding his property. He has had his driveway washed away more than once during heavy rainfall events, as well as having cement abutments bordering the ditches washes away. Mr. Dudar had brought along photographs taken during the last storm to show Council the high water levels in the ditches, which at times had overflowed and flooded across the road.
Des Mryglod, Director of Public Works and Engineering, commented that it "should be an easy fix" by increasing the culvert size to allow better water flow, and to rework the ditch itself. Des did state that an onsite evaluation would be required and that he would report back to Council on this issue within one month's time.
Leduc/Nisku EDA Financial Statements Review: Executive Director for the EDA, Gail Scott, presented their 2011 year end statements to Council. Ms. Scott stated that the EDA had stayed within their budget for 2011, had completed all of the projects that were slated and that they had wanted to do, and they fully expect it to be the same this year. When asked, she also assured Council that the Virtual Tradeshow had been fully "put to bed". 
The independent Auditors Report prepared by Faber LLP Chartered Accountants, found the EDA's financial statements to be fair and balanced.
Councillor Harrison commented that it was great to see new ideas and initiatives coming forward within the EDA. The review was accepted as information.
5th Street Overlay Project Budget Amendment: The portion of the overlay project on 5th St. From Airport Road to 12th Ave. has gone over budget by $70,000.00, and a recommendation was placed before Council to approve this additional funding and pay it out of the budgetary savings at year end, or from the General Contingency Fund. This portion was originally budgeted at $111,000.00 but the quotation received was for $175,700.00. The additional expense was mainly due to improvements on the 11th Ave. intersection. It was out of the scope of the original assessment, but to prevent damage to the asphalt and maintain the integrity of the road, it was recommended that asphalt aprons be provided east and west of the intersection. Upon review, administration believes this is a necessary expense. Council approved the increase unanimously.
OSL Policy Review Re: Size Of Basin, North Vistas Properties: During discussions with Bownlee LLP it was recommended that it should be kept as a single basin. Councillor Mackay motioned, "That Leduc County maintain the one basin system for all new developments with the exception of the North Vistas, including the remaining lots with unpaid off site levies in the North Vistas, and that the remaining lots with unpaid off site levies be charged at the original rate of $880.00/ acre as based on the Stewart Weir Report." Council agreed unanimously. 
Development Permit Application D12-219 For Action Hotshot & Express: This item had been put over from the last Council meeting to facilitate discussions between the owners of Action Hotshot & Express, and residents in the North Vistas who were concerned with the noise potential that could echo through the basin between the properties. It was discovered that there was an 851 meter gap between the proposed business and the nearest house in the North Vistas, as well as being well treed in between, with only one gap in the tree line. 
A meeting was attended by the business owners, concerned residents and area Councillor John Schonewille. The business owners agreed to fence the property as well as planting a buffer of trees into the existing tree line gap. Residents were happy with this solution, so Council voted unanimously to grant the Development Permit.
Additional Item - Proposed Amendments to Pigeon Lake ASP: Councillor Harrison commented that over the last three years they have seen a number of subdivision plans come before Council for sensitive wetland areas. With a new wetlands policy in the works from the provincial Government, Councillor Harrison stated that she would like to work in conjunction with that and suggested that Leduc County amend of change some of their Bylaws to better protect their wetlands.
The Director of Planning and Development, Phil Newman, responded that there is a workshop taking place on this subject that was occurring this month, so he would like some time for administration to create a report on this subject and would bring it back to Council on October 2nd.
Administration Policy Change For Change of Address Notifications: Stemming from a request for a tax penalty cancellation where the property owner had notified their four utility accounts of the change of address but not to assessment, Councillor Schonewille motioned to change the County's practice so that all departments would be notified when a utility change of address was received. The change in policy was passed, but the tax penalty cancellation was denied.
Request From City Of Leduc To Purchase County Land: A letter of intent was received from the City of Leduc asking County Council to grant permission to purchase 160 acres within the County. The land requested is located at NW-28-49-25-W4, and would be used for the purpose of Community Services. The motion to allow the sale was passed with Councillors Harrison, Kelto and Schonewille against.  
Council was adjourned at 3:27 to go in camera.
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