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Lorna Lowe
Council was called to order at 5:57 with all Councillors present.
There were two additions to the agenda, and no public commentary.
Public Hearing For Lane Closure: The first order of the evening was to open a Public Hearing on the proposed closure of the lane that runs behind the Millet Fire Hall. The lane has been unused for years, and a shed had actually been placed in the laneway several years back.
There were no questions from the public, or opposition to the closure, so the Public Hearing was closed without commentary. Subsequently, Council voted unanimously to officially close the laneway.
New Agreement With Millet And District Recreational & Agricultural Society: The previous agreement between the Town of Millet and the Society had expired earlier this year. The new agreement being presented to Council had already been passed by the Ag Society at their last meeting.
The new agreement was very similar to the previous agreement, with the major change being that the Operating Committee would now be comprised of four members, with one voting member appointed from the Town, one voting member appointed from the County of Wetaskiwin, one voting member appointed from the Society, and the non-voting member would be the CAO from the Town of Millet, who would also act as Chairperson for the Committee. Councillor Garrett motioned to accept the new agreement as presented and Council agreed unanimously.
Reserve Selling Prices On Upcoming Property Auctions: There are three mobile homes and one house which will be coming up for auction on October 23, 2012, for which Council must establish reserve selling prices prior to that date.
The recommendation placed before Council was that Council pass a resolution to set the selling price at the 2012 assessment values. 
Council passed the recommendation unanimously.
Formation Of New Recreation Committee: Council was discussing requirements for the formation of a new Recreation Committee in Millet, that would make decisions on the land that was recently appropriated by the Town for recreational purposes.
Two members of Council will be sitting on the new committee, but several ideas were proposed on how to fill the rest of the chairs on the committee. 
Councillor Storey stated that he would prefer that it be an advisory committee as opposed to a voting council, so that all recommendations/ideas could come forward and be considered, as opposed to just the one that received approval by the committee.
Councillor Lalande motioned that Council take it to a Town Hall Meeting, with members of the Committee being determined by interest expressed from different groups in the Town. Council agreed unanimously to Councillor Lalande's motion.
Council adjourned at 6:30pm, with no in camera items. 
Lorna Lowe
Council was called to order at 1:36pm, with all Councillors present.
There were two additions to the agenda, and no public presentations.
New Staff Introductions: Erin Gallagher was introduced to Council as a new Utilities technician, and David Desimone was introduced as a Planning Technician that would be filling in for another employee that is on maternity leave for one year.
RCMP Leduc Detachment Quarterly Report: S/Sgt., A/OIC Wally Lynds gave a detailed quarterly report to Council. This report showed that according to goals set at the beginning of the year, the detachment was fairly close to meeting all of the goals they had set out for themselves. S/Sgt. Lynds took the opportunity to inform Council that the workload on the County side is about 40-50% higher than the Provincial average. The problem is due to understaffing issues and S/Sgt. Lynds expects this issue to be dealt with over the next few years. Unfortunately, at the moment, there are eleven positions that are unfilled in the Leduc Detachment. Also, the attrition rate for experienced officers is "higher than ever expected" right now. Recruitment is healthy at the moment but it is still unable to keep up with the attrition rate.
On a final good note, S/Sgt. Lynds told Council that since 2005, the Leduc County Missing Persons Report records that 178 people have been reported as missing in the County. However, with the recent location of Amber Tuccaro there are currently no people listed as actively missing within the County.
Public Hearing - Revising Direct Control Designation on Pt. NE-21-50-23-W4: Subject to the owners meeting two conditions set by Alberta Transportation, which the owners have agreed to do, Council has been asked to change the designation of this Direct Control property to Automotive Equipment and Repair so that a trucking company with three semi truck-trailer units can operate on the property. Council was satisfied that all conditions would be met and that the business met all requirements of the ASP, so the amendment to the DC on the property was passed unanimously.
Additional Item - Update On Warburg Ice Plant Repairs:  A letter was received from the Village of Warburg notifying Council that upon attempting the start up of the arena's ice plant this year, a major breakdown had occurred and the plant had become inoperable. The Village was then forced to make repairs to the ice plant that had not been previously identified or scheduled, so they were letting Council know the Village would be notifying Leduc County's Parks & Recreation Dept. with the actual cost of repairs once they are known. However, they wanted to put the County on notice that their portion of the repairs could be up to $30,000.00. This letter was received as information.
Additional Item - Proposed Lease/Sale Of Crown Land: A proposal to purchase a section of Crown Land located at 29-50-1-W5, bordering the North Saskatchewan River was received. A motion was made to send a letter to both Alberta Sustainable Resources and MLA Diana McQueen, in opposition to the sale of Crown Land along the North Saskatchewan River. 
Councillor Kelto stated that "This land belongs to the people and we should make sure that they have access to it."
The motion passed unanimously.
A second motion was put forward that the County send a letter encouraging the Province to protect all North Saskatchewan River Valley Crown Land. This motion as also passed unanimously.
2012 George L. Saubak Memorial Scholarship: This Scholarship is for students that have graduated from a High School in the western portion of the County, and have declared a major in the field of medicine. 
This year the Scholarship of $500.00 was awarded to Serena De Boer, as she graduated from Thorsby High School in 2011, and is registered at NAIT for their Medical Laboratory Assisting Program.
Albert & Maria Rimer Memorial Scholarship: In memory of his parents, Mr. Bert Rimer approached Council wishing to donate $50,000.00 to the County in order to create an annual memorial scholarship in his parent's name. The scholarship amount would be the amount accumulated through interest on the principal amount over the previous year.
Eligibility for the scholarship would be to any graduate of the Warburg High School who continues their education through an accredited College or University in the field of agriculture or agricultural/food. Secondary consideration would be given to students entering the field of health sciences.
Councillor Kelto moved to accept this scholarship proposal, and also commented that she would like to thank the Rimer family for being such "huge" supporters of Warburg and area. Council unanimously passed the proposal.
Council was adjourned at 3:26, with no in camera items.
Special Leduc City Council Meeting September 17, 2012
Lorna Lowe
Council was called to order at 4:33pm, with Councillor Smith absent.
There were only two items on the agenda for this special meeting.
West End Multi-Purpose Site Acquisition: A recommendation was placed before Council asking them to authorize the Mayor and City Manager to finalize negotiations, and enter into an agreement governing the purchase and development of the land located at NW-28-49-25-W4. This area was identified and budgeted into the 2012 Capital Budget, the POST Plan, and the IDP.  
The cost of purchasing the 1/4 section is $65,000.00/acre, with a total investment from the City of Leduc of $5.07 million dollars. The City is entering 50/50 partnership with the Moussa Group for ownership of this land. The anticipated finalization date for the sale is Nov.1, 2012.
The long term goal for this area is to create a "campus concept" look and feel to the area, that creates a "social network", and one stop service nodes.
Mayor Krischke stated that he is very excited to see this next level of development taking place in the City as it is "The first step to achieve our long term goal and commitment to citizens to invest in our City to meet the growing demands."
The purchase of this land sets the stage for the addition of a new fire station in the west end of town, as well as possible sites for a high school, recreation facilities and a satellite public services facility.
Councillor Finstad motioned for approval of the recommendation and it was passed unanimously.
Update On Organics Program: Kevin Cole, Director of Engineering for the City of Leduc, gave Council an update on the first day of the new Waste Collection Program. 
The City Info Line had received about 100 phone calls over the last three days with residents asking questions about the new program, and there has been about 250 downloads of the "sorting app" for smart phones.
He shared that as Monday had never previously been a garbage collection day in Leduc, a few people were caught by surprise, but overall it was a successful first day of operations.
Council was adjourned at 5:00pm. 
City of Leduc Regular Council Meeting
Council was called to order at 7:04 pm, with Councillor Finstad absent, as he was attending an oil show in Fort McMurray on behalf of the City of Leduc.
There were no changes to the agenda, and no public commentary.
FCM Target 2014 Initiative: Mayor Krischke glowingly introduced the guest presenter, M.P. James Rajotte, as "One of the best and hardest working MP's in Ottawa. And someone I am proud to call a friend." Mr. Rajotte then took the floor and began his presentation to Council by touching on several areas of interest to Leduc and area. This included a commentary on the state of the economy, both globally and locally, and some of the positive aspects as well as challenges, faced by the Leduc/Nisku region. He also made a point of informing Council on how well known and closely watched this area is in the global marketplace.
However, the main reason Mr. Rajotte came to speak to Council was to gather their support and input for the upcoming changes to the Building Canada Plan. This plan, long with several federal-provincial transfer agreements that are vital for municipal infrastructure funding, will be expiring in March of 2014. Hence, Mr. Rajotte expressed an interest in hearing from Leduc City Council, any thoughts or input they may have on changes or adaptations that can help to create a new plan that will come into effect when the current BCP expires.
In response, the City of Leduc created a Resolution that will be mailed to Mr. Rajotte as well as the Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities. In part, the Resolution states that the City of Leduc endorses the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) campaign, and that they urge the Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities to work with FCM to ensure the new long term infrastructure plan meets the core infrastructure needs of cities and communities, and to ensure that the new plan is fully in place when the existing programs expire.
FCSS Board Appointment: City Council unanimously appointed Ms. Alana Hall as a Public Member on the Family & Community Support Services Advisory Board, for a term that will expire on Dec.31, 2013.
Redistricting of 4809-43 Ave. Leduc - First Reading: A request from the owner of the property for the Redistricting of this lot was placed before Council. It was proposed to change it from a Residential lot to a General Commercial lot. The Planning Department had received an application to place a multi-bay office development on the land.
Councillor Lazowski questioned as to whether this was the same property owner that had come forward with the last two Rezoning requests on this property? It was answered that yes, it was the same owner, and that the previous two requests had fallen through due to a lack of project funding. Council unanimously voted to approve the First Reading.
Review of Order For Summit Heights: On July 18, 2012 Summit Heights received an Order from the City to install a 2.43 m high wood screen fence around their property that is currently under construction at 4816-47 Ave., as well as providing a temporary pedestrian walkway along 47 Ave. adjacent to the property. Both to be completed by August 13, 2012.
A Review of the Order had been requested by Summit Heights on July 24th, but in subsequent meetings with the City, an agreement had been reached to meet the terms of performance that satisfied the general requirements of the Order. Therefore, on September 5th a letter was received by the City from Summit Square stating that a Review of the Order was no longer required.
An Amended Order was issued on September 6th stating that Summit Square is to place a 1.82 m high wood screen fence around the property, as well as a temporary pedestrian walkway along 47 Ave. adjacent to the property. Both are to be completed by September 17, 2012.
Council received the Amended Order and the cancellation of the Review request as information.
Parks, Open Space, And Trails Master Plan: The new Parks, Open Space, and Trails (POST) Master Plan was completed and presented to Council for approval.
During the overview of the completed plan, Leduc was praised as being an "innovator" in sport tourism, and it was stated that our multiway system could easily evolve into a destination tourism draw for the City.
Mayor Krischke complimented administration on a "very thorough plan", and commented on how he was glad to see it presented in three phases, taking into account the future growth of the City.
Council unanimously approved the new POST Plan. This plan can be found on the City's website.
Council was adjourned at 9:08 pm, with no in camera items. 
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