Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor
How ironic is it that on page three of the September 27th issue of the Flyer, we see a wonderful article featuring environmental sciences students from Augustania University conducting biodiversity studies and helping to prepare this special property for generations of protection?
On the other hand, on page eighteen, a reader describes a conflict where a small group of people want to turn the Mount Butte Natural Area at Battle Lake into and off road vehicle park.
I would think that the government should take note and resolve this issue once and for all....Soon!
Bud Evans
Open Letter to Interested Parties
Anyone interested in model yacht sailing? A club could be started in Leduc if enough people answer YES to that question. ALL AGES WELCOME.
Due to the following city regulations, a number of people must be directly involved in a club before permission would be granted to sail model yachts in Leduc waters. 
  "Currently within parkland bylaws no remote or motorized items can be used. What this means is that currently within our bylaws this is not allowed unless special permission is given by the City.
At this point of time, this permission has not been granted. However should some type of society arise with more interested individuals or parties, we could definitely move forward with bringing this forth to council to provide special allowance. However, this would not be completed just for a few individuals."
Contact has been made with model yacht sailors in Edmonton & Calgary who are willing to come to Leduc to offer their organizational skills & sail with us when a club is organized. If interested in joining such a club, please call 780-986-4510. Be prepared, it will take WORK, probably the whole winter, to organize such a club for our Leduc area. 
Helen Atkinson
In September, 2012 Wetaskiwin RCMP received a complaint of nine motor vehicles damaged by having their side mirror broken.  The damaged vehicles were parked on 48th Street, between, 53rd and 56th Avenue, in Wetaskiwin.  The damage occurred between midnight and 7:30 am. There are no Suspects at the time.  Police are requesting assistance from the general public.
Anyone with any information regarding this crime should call Wetaskiwin RCMP at 780-312-7200, your local RCMP Detachment/Police Service or Crime Stoppers toll free at 1-800-222-TIPS.
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