Council Notes From All Over


Lorna Lowe
Council was called to order at 1:33 pm, with all Councillors present.
There was one addition to the agenda, and no public commentary.
Changing Tax Sale Date: County Manager Brian Bowles informed Council that an advertising deadline had been missed making it illegal to hold the tax sale on the originally chosen date of November 7, 2012. The recommendation to Council was to move the tax sale date to 9:00am November 27, 2012, at the Leduc County Centre. Council agreed unanimously to move the date to November 27th.
Additional Item - Door To Door Garbage Pick Up At Pigeon Lake: 
Brian Bowles gave an update to Council regarding door to door garbage pick up at Pigeon Lake. In looking at different scenarios the recommendation to Council was for door to door pick up to continue, on a proposed utility rate basis of $15.00 per resident per month. The County would also be placing a collection bin at Mission Beach Transfer Station. 
Councillor Harrison motioned to defer this issue to the next regular Council meeting on October 2nd, in order to clarify which areas are considered "Pigeon Lake". Council passed the motion with Councillor Mackay against.
Public Hearing for QEII Business Park: 
This Public Hearing had been recessed twice before to address issues raised by Alberta Transportation. Council was informed that just this morning a letter had been received from Alberta Transportation agreeing to the amendments made to the QEII LASP. 
The two main amendments were to include a row of lots along the east side of the proposed development into the LASP that had previously been left outside of the plan, and for a caveat to be placed on the land along the south side of the proposed development for possible future use for a freeway. 
The developer asked Council to include all three Readings today for both the LASP, and to rezone the land from Agricultural to Industrial. Both proposals received all three Readings and both were passed unanimously. 
Development Permit Application For Pt. NW-7-50-24-W4: 
Council received an application to place a Temporary Module Fabrication Yard and Logistics Hub for Alta-Fab on this piece of property located on the South East corner of TWP 250 and Airport Road (10th Ave.). The temporary permit would allow this business to operate at this location until May 2, 2021, when the business would be moved from this location and the site would be restored to a condition acceptable to the Development Authority. Aside from the ten conditions placed on this development, an additional one was added that stated the applicant shall enter into a development agreement for payment of the offsite levies. The developer was in attendance and agreed to the conditions set out in the permit. Council voted unanimously to approve the permit.
Current Property Tax Collections Prior to July 1, 2012: 
Administration submitted an update to Council on the 2012 taxes collected prior to the penalty date of July 1. It showed that a total of $45,753,613.62 had been collected from the County, which is 95.92% of all taxes owed. Within Nisku $16,687,170.92 had been collected which is 97.30% of all taxes owed. The County's Deputy Manager Allan Krasowski stated that Leduc County had a "very good" payee rate for taxes.
Firefighter Recruitment Video Wins Award: 
The "Answer The Call" Firefighter Recruitment video that was filmed at the Nisku/Leduc County #1 Fire Hall using Leduc County Firefighters, won the Platinum Award from the International Summit Marketing Effectiveness Awards. This award was presented to Donovan Creative which is the company that produced the video. 
Request For Support Of Private Member's Bill: 
A request for a resolution of support for Private Member's Bill M-400 was placed before Council. This bill encourages government to establish a financial support system that would encourage rural home owners to upgrade their septic systems in an effort to improve water quality, lake protection and public health. Councillor Mackay motioned for Council to send a letter of support for this Bill and it was approved unanimously.
Public Presentation To Council On HWY 19 Realignment:
Four representatives from the Sprucedale community on the North side of the Edmonton International Airport, made a presentation to Council concerning the proposed new route for the twinning of Hwy 19. 
Due to the proposed placement of a third runway at EIA there were several concerns, including the fact the realignment would take the highway directly overtop of historic St. Mary's church, and divide the church building from the cemetery at St. John's.
The community representatives stated several times they did not want to further delay the twinning of the highway, but were desiring to hold a discussion with airport authorities and were concerned that they had been unable to achieve this despite several requests. The gentlemen from Sprucedale requested a firm backing from Council in a motion they had worded, giving Council's support to the original routing of the highway. 
Despite the fact that several Councillors unequivocally stated their support for the community's effort and request, Council could not agree to the suggested motion.
Instead, Councillor Mackay proposed that administration create a motion of support for the community, and bring it back to Council for a public reading at the next Council meeting on October 2nd. The community representatives were in agreement with this suggestion.
Council was adjourned at 4:20pm with no in camera items.
Lorna Lowe
Council was called to order at 7:00 pm, with all Councillors present.
There were no changes to the agenda, and no public commentary.
Presentation To Council From Liquids In Motion: Mr. Eldon Fandrick and business associate Mr. Paul Sennett spoke to Council about the development of the CP Rail lands adjacent to 44 Avenue in Calmar. Mr. Fandrick has acquired this land from CP Rail and is proposing to develop the land to house his trucking company Liquids In Motion, which is currently located in the county west of Calmar but has outgrown it's location.
A site plan has already been completed with a 30 year plan in mind. The company is planning to create an access to the property off of Hwy 795 in order to eliminate truck traffic from 44 Ave. They would also be keeping the tracks functional as the company uses rail cars as part of their business.
Councillor Wiancko stated that he was "thrilled" that the company was looking at Calmar for the future of their business.
Council thanked the delegation for their time and received everything as information.
Public Utility Lot Subdivision: 
A proposal was brought before Council to subdivide a Public Utility Lot across lot 11 in the Calmar Industrial Park, which is owned by the Town, adding a 6 meter right of way that has already been gravelled, to use as an emergency access/exit from the Industrial Park. The PUL will also be used as a utility right of way for Alta Gas as well as a second access to the storm water pond and future lift station. The PUL will require a subdivision of .474 acres off of lot 11, making lot 11 a total of 1.696 acres in size, to be sold to a private individual at a later date. Council unanimously agreed to the subdivision.
Proclamation Of Seniors' Falls Prevention Month: Mayor Faulkner proclaimed that the month of November 2012 be Seniors' Falls Prevention Month in the Town of Calmar.
Calmar Fire & Rescue Hoe-Down: 
The Calmar Fire Fighters Association was requesting Town Council to confirm the number of Councillors going to the event on October 6th at the Calmar Legion, so they could provide the caterers with the number of people attending. It was confirmed that almost all of Council would be attending, and that each Councillor would be purchasing their own tickets for the event.   
Council was adjourned at 7:59 with two personnel items for in camera discussions.
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