Council Notes From All Over


Lorna Lowe
Council was called to order at 1:37pm, with all Councillors present.
There was one addition to the agenda, and no public presentations.
Staff Introduction: Former County Fire Chief Bob Galloway, was introduced as the County's new Director of Emergency Services. This will be a term position until July of 2013.
Staff Introduction: Mr. Randy White was introduced as the new Deputy Chief of Operations for Leduc County Fire Services. Randy's firefighting career began in New Sarepta in 1996, and from there he moved to Ottawa where he worked his way up the ladder to become a Station Captain. He has since returned, and commented that he was happy to be at Leduc County and is looking forward to a long career here.
Mayor John Whaley welcomed him with a new County pin and said that the County was very pleased to have him on staff.
Medal Presentation: MLA George Rogers(above) was on hand to award the Provincial Emergency Service Award Medal to New Sarepta Fire Department Captain Shelley Millar for her 12 years of exemplary service. Shelley had joined the New Sarepta Fire Department in 1992, and since then has worked her way up to becoming Captain.
Cheque Presentation: Mr. And Mrs. Bert Rimer (above) were on hand to present Council with a cheque for $50,000.00 to create a scholarship in their name. This scholarship will be available to Warburg High School graduates that are continuing their education with an Agricultural major. 
Councillor Kelto thanked the Rimers for their generous contribution, and for being such big supporters of Warburg and area.
West Central Airshed Society: The County had been monitoring the power used by WCAS's portable air monitoring trailer located at SW-34-49-22-W4 in New Sarepta to determine if the County would pay for the usage at year end. However, in speaking with representatives from the Society, Councillor Kelto had been informed that Alberta Environment would be covering the cost, but WCAS thanked the County for their support. County Administration said that they would be contacting WCAS to ensure they no longer required the County's help, and if this was the case this item could be removed from Council's agenda.
Seasonal Lease On Portion Of SE-26-50-25-W5 in Nisku: Blackwolf Run Holdings approached Council to lease this portion of land over the winter months on which to park overflow vehicles from their lot. They had leased the same piece of land last year for identical purposes. 
Councillor Schonewille proposed an addition to the request, of a five year renewable seasonal lease pending the leasee's requirements, so that this same issue is not required to come before Council every year.
Council unanimously agreed to the lease for 2012/13, as well as the addition of a renewable lease.
Additional Item - Board Appointment: Council voted to continue Leonard Blumenthal's appointment as the County Member on the Edmonton Regional Airport Authority Board of Directors for another four years.
Council was adjourned at 2:13, with no items in camera.
Lorna Lowe
Council was called to order at 5:58 pm, with Councillors Storey and Pydde absent. Councillor Pydde was in Sherwood Park representing Millet by attending the flag exchange ceremony that officially opened the 2012 Communities In Bloom National Awards and Symposium.
There were no public presentations, and one addition to the agenda.
FCSS Cheque Presentations: Representatives were on hand from three different organizations to accept cheques from FCSS Grants. Darlene Kenyan from the Millet Scouts, Jacquie Letourneau from PIPS, and Barry MacDonald from Wetaskiwin Victims Services each gratefully received cheques on behalf of their respective groups. 
Mr. MacDonald took a moment to personally thank Council and give a short explanation of the many ways that Victims Services assists in the community.
Holiday Train Announcement: Council announced that they had just received notification that the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train will be stopping in Millet this year. The train will be stopping at the 50 St. and 48 Ave. pedestrian crossing at 7:00pm for a full concert on December 10th.
Quarterly RCMP Report: Inspector Scott Tod from the Wetaskiwin RCMP detachment presented Council with their quarterly performance report. The report listed the status of the planned objectives and targets which were all on track up to September 30, 2012. The report showed that 83 foot and bike patrols had taken place, and 47 of the planned 96 checkstops for the year had been completed throughout the detachment area. 
Mayor Lorenson commented that he had definitely noticed an increased police presence in town, and several residents had told him the same thing. Overall Council was very pleased with the results they have seen since Inspector Tod began working with the Town of Millet.
FCSS Funding Agreement: The funding for FCSS will remain the same as last year at a total of $59,750.00. Mayor Lorenson informed Council that this amount is dictated by the Province who commits $47,800.00 of the funding, leaving the Town of Millet to contribute $11,950.00.  
Fortis Franchise Fees: Town Council voted unanimously to increase Fortis's Franchise Fee from 8% to 10%. This would bring Millet in line with other like sized towns, and residents will see an increase of approximately $1.09/ month to the average household bill. It will also bring in an estimated extra $14,000.00 in 2013 for the Town of Millet.   
Restorative Justice Week: Mayor Lorenson Proclaimed November 18th-25th to be Restorative Justice Week 2012 in the Town of Millet.
Wetaskiwin Health Foundation Barn Dance & Pie Social: Due to scheduling conflicts no Councillors were able to confirm their attendance at this event, so Councillor Garrett motioned for the Town of Millet to donate $100.00 to this worthy cause. The motion passed unanimously.
Millet Lion's Club Awards Night & Mayor's Merit Award: The Millet Lion's Club requested that the Town contribute in kind the rental of the Agriplex for their Awards Night on November 10, 2012, and also name the recipient for the Mayor's Merit Award. Council agreed to waive the cost of the Agriplex rental for the night. Then, after much discussion, with many deserving names being submitted, it was decided that Mr. Bob Maynard would be the recipient of the 2012 Mayor's Merit Award.
Library Board Appointment: Council appointed Ms. Brenda Palmerchuk to a three year term on the Millet Public Library Board.
Ice Rate Changes At Agriplex: In order to put the fees in-line with other communities Council, voted to increase some of the ice time rates at the Agriplex. There are no changes to local minor group rates but local adult groups rates increase from $114.79/hr to $130.00/hr, non-local minor group rates increase from $85.72/hr to $95.00/hr, and non-local adult group rates increase from $128.58/hr to $150.00/hr.    
Senior Falls Prevention Month: Mayor Lorenson Proclaimed that the Town of Millet will recognize the Month of November as Senior Falls Prevention Month.
Millet Library Maintenance Budget: Due to a number of deficiencies discovered in a recent fire audit, including insufficient fire extinguishers, new exit lights required, and repairs needed to existing battery packs, Council was being asked to pass a resolution to move $1120.00 from the Administration Contingency Budget to the Library Maintenance Budget. With the remaining monies left unused from the original maintenance budget, this would make available $1850.00 to complete the repairs. Council unanimously passed the resolution.  
Additional Item - 2012 Watermain Improvements West: The Watermain improvements from the Agriplex to Diamond Dr. had been included in the 2012 Capital Budget at a rate of $562,000.00. Upon tendering, the Town of Millet received a bid from PSA Construction Inc. for $535,145.25 plus GST and engineering fees for this job. Council voted unanimously to award the project to PSA Construction Inc..
Council was adjourned at 7:09 pm to go in camera.
Lorna Lowe 
Council was called to order at 7:03pm, with Councillor Mishio absent.
There was no public commentary, and no changes to the agenda.
Leduc Achievement Award: Council presented the Leduc Achievement Award to Kelly Willner for her volunteering and fundraising efforts, and numerous supportive activities that help to make Leduc a great place to live. Kelly also runs a local business called Cakes For The Cure. Cakes for the Cure creates home made gourmet treats and 50% of all sales are donated to the MS Society. Kelly is also an active supporter of the MS Walk, Diabetes Foundation, Santa's Helpers, STARS, and Relay For Life. Her activities have been an inspiration to others including her oldest daughter Brianna, who began Stuffy's For Haiti. This initiative collected 1000 stuffed animals and sent them to children in Haiti who had lost everything to the devastating earthquake that had occurred there.
Mayor Krischke thanked Kelly for all that she does, and stated "You make this a strong community!"
Redistricting 4809-43A Avenue, Leduc: There was no commentary or objections received during the Public Hearing on the Redistricting of this property. 
However, when the Bylaw came before Council for the Second and Third Readings, Councillors Lazowski and MacKenzie expressed concerns over the types of businesses that might be placed at this "very important" location, and were very vocal in encouraging the City to look at placing this property under Direct Control.
It was decided to move forward with Second Reading this night and Council unanimously deferred Third Reading until they could gather more information from the developer. Second Reading passed unanimously. 
Barrier Free Accessibility Report: An audit had been done and a report compiled, at the request of the City, as to the accessibility within the City of Leduc for disabled persons. The audit was completed by Art Erickson from the Canadian Paraplegic Association, who, in his opening statements, shared why the Association conducts these audits. 
"14% of Canadians have a permanent disability. When you partner that with people who have temporary injuries, parents with strollers or children in arms, and seniors, the number of people with accessibility issues climbs to 25%. A significant portion of the population." Stated Mr. Erickson. "These people should still be able to access everything everyone else can."
When the audit was complete he informed Council that the heart of the City needed quite a lot of attention but there didn't seem to be one large thing that stood out above the others, just a lot of smaller issues that could be resolved fairly quickly. He noted specifically that he discovered many broken, or difficult to use door handles and latches throughout the city, and commented in particular about the slope leading up to the entrance on the west side of the LRC that made access by anyone in a wheelchair extremely difficult. 
Council thanked Mr. Erickson for his time and efforts and assured him that the report would be intently gone over, and corrections made wherever possible.
LATS Bus Acquisition: LATS will be retiring bus #102 in January of 2013, so a replacement bus will be required to continue providing this service. Council was being asked to approve the expenditure of $58,324.00 from the monies donated by the estate of Florence MacKenzie, and $13,977.00 from the Public Services Capital Reserve to purchase this vehicle. 
Mayor Krischke took a moment in Council to comment that he just wanted to say 'Thank you' to Florence MacKenzie. "I remember her how she used to drive that old green car all over town. It's easy enough to say 'This is great!', but we really need to say thank you to her for making Leduc a better place to live."  
Councillor Lazowski motioned for approval of the expenditures and Council agreed unanimously.
Council took a few moments before closing the meeting to discuss the traffic issues that had occurred along 50 Ave. and Black Gold Dr. on the previous Friday. Due to road construction, there had been a tremendous backlog of traffic that created wait times of over an hour to travel from Grant MacEwan Blvd. through to 50 St. 
During the discussion comments were made of how that day had been an anomaly, and Council wanted to keep it that way and not let it become the norm. Several Tweets were sent out that afternoon apologizing to citizens and detailing how the City was attempting to correct the problem but the City had still felt a backlash from unhappy residents. As Councillor Smith stated, it was "the perfect storm" that day. 
Council was adjourned at 8:30pm, with no items in camera.
Lorna Lowe
Council was called to order at 6:58 with all Councillors present.
There was no public commentary, and no changes to the agenda.
Recreation Board Member Appointments: Council was pleased to appoint four new members onto the Calmar & District Recreation Board. Effective immediately Lina Malo, Julie Vizbar, Michelle Olynyk, and Sandra Kerkhoff were appointed as board members.
Solar West 2012: Solar West is CanSIA's Annual one-day Western Conference and Solar Showcase, which is the largest event for the region's solar energy industry. Registration is free for government representatives so Councillor Wiancko and Mayor Faulkner both expressed interest in attending this event on November 1, 2012.
JEDI Breakfast: Councillor Wiancko will be attending this event in Wetaskiwin on November 7th to represent the Town of Millet. 
Calmar Christmas Elves: It was announced that the Annual Calmar Christmas Elves Food Drive would be taking place on Saturday, November 24th, 2012, beginning at 9am. Anyone wanting to participate should call Yvonne at 780-985-3191.
Change To Calmar Council Meetings: Mayor Faulkner announced that effective immediately Town Council Meetings would be working under a new format. Meetings will now be open to the public beginning at 6:30 in the evening every first and third Monday of each month. For the first half hour the floor will be open for Public Engagement, where anyone who wishes to speak on a subject, or ask Council questions, can be heard. At 7pm the regular Council Agenda will get underway. There will no longer be an opportunity at the end of the meeting for questions or comments as that will be incorporated into the time between 6:30 and 7:00.  
Council was adjourned at 7:27pm to go in camera.
Linda Steinke
Regular Council September 25, 2012 from approved minutes:
        FCSS Coordinator Kathi Walker made a presentation to Council about the Early Child Development Mapping Project Alberta (ECMap). The program aims to strengthen Alberta’s ability to make positive early childhood development a reality for every Alberta child.
        Community Fit Ltd. will hold a Christmas Gala in the Arctic Spa Recreation Center Fieldhouse on December 8, 2012.
        Town Manager Bob Payette will moderate the Council Open House Forum on October 3, 2012.  Administration received feedback from the residents on the Capital Items for the 2013 Budget. Mayor Rasch will speak on the accomplishments of the last year at the Forum.
        Councillors working for you:  Osness-FCSS County; Hart-Leduc Foundation; Pharis-Joint Council with Leduc County and Recreation Board meeting; Williams-Economic Development and Chamber of Commerce; Mayor Rasch- ISL 25th Anniversary, Strategic Planning, Joint Council with Leduc County, Chamber of Commerce.
Regular Council October 9, 2012:  
Open House for Budget Input: Residents have responded to surveys and made their voices heard at the special Open House Forum on October 3.  After tabulating their response, Thorsby residents’ top three Capital Project items have been prioritized as follows: Road Improvements, Infrastructure Replacement, and Sidewalks. Following these are Downtown Development and Revitalization. 
        Here, in part, is the Staff’s Wish List:  replace arena chiller unit; overhaul arena compressor; a new lawn mower, a new Kubota, and a ¾ T. utility truck; repair/upgrade the ball diamonds; a swipe card system for weight room; paving for the Community Centre parking lot; office building upgrades; specialized computer software system to help with infrastructure management; Hankin St. sewer repairs; upgrade the Community Hall lighting; and so on. 
        Town Manager Bob Payette identified and discussed at the Open House Forum approximately 25 key strategic objectives within each department (Infrastructure & Public Works, Community Services and Recreation, Economic Development and Planning, Emergency and Protective Services, and Operational Excellence and Governance) to be considered during the 2013-2014 budget plans. 
        Council will take all these into consideration while making the 2013 Budget plans. The first budget workshops will take place on November 17 and 18.
Bylaw #2012-05         
          After giving three readings, Council passed Bylaw #2012-05, which regulates the use of waterworks, wastewater and plumbing; and the establishment of rates for water, wastewater and solid waste removal services; as well as setting out the terms and conditions for the collection, removal and disposal of solid waste services throughout the Village of Thorsby. 
        Questions arose during discussion: Is there a set amount if the water is shut off for a couple of months?  Should it be included in this Bylaw? Town Manager noted this was a living document which could be amended when that information has been brought forth, adding it will be brought forward at the next Regular Council.
Appointments Tricia Rumbles received Council approval to serve as a member on the Family and Community Support Services Advisory Committee.
        Irene MacPherson has been appointed by Council to become a member of the Thorsby Parks and Recreation Board.  
  Thorsby Showcased in CiB Tour:  International Communities in Bloom delegates attending the 2012 Edmonton Capital Region National Awards and Symposium were offered one of four tours on October 12.  The “Flower Power” Tour included a visit to the Devonian Gardens, Genesee Mine and Power Plant, and Thorsby’s very special hiking trail, the new water treatment plant, followed by a special Ukrainian dinner at the Arctic Spas Recreation Complex.
Miscellaneous: Thorsby Library Board Treasurer Mary Jablonski and Librarian Louise Normandeau met with Council to discuss the Library 2013 Budget. They have identified several items for their “wish list”: covers for the overhead lights to reduce glare, replace or repaint the ceiling tiles, repairs to the emergency exit, three commercial fans, the Jasper Library Conference and a wage increase for the librarian.
        Mayor Rasch expressed the need to clarify Thorsby’s bylaw regarding whose responsibility it is when  village tree roots  grow through resident’s sewer lines. Council directed Administration to secure information on how other municipal bylaws deal with this problem in order to clarify Thorsby’s bylaw.
         Council passed a motion allowing the use of laptops during Council Meetings.
       The recent Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) Conference held in Edmonton provided Mayor Rasch and Town Manager Payette many golden opportunities to network with Provincial Ministers. TM Payette noted that Mayor Rasch is known as a leader. Thorsby will be receiving low-impact, outdoor exercise equipment to demo free of charge by one of the vendors present at the Conference.


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