Dear Editor :

 If the writer to the editor of the Pipestone Flyer of October 11,2012, had a degree in history, then the writer should be ashamed of the way the facts were misrepresented.
 The writer writes about restricting individuals. He deliberately neglects to write about the restrictions by the Liberal run government, regulating the way the economics were handled, especially restrictions on the banking system. These restrictions resulted, in part, in the favourable economic situation Canada has enjoyed during this past economic downturn.
 This letter writer, then purposely neglected to comment, on the historical facts of years of balanced budgets by the Liberal run Canadian governments. More facts, the Liberal government, substantially paid down the deficit. No conservative run Canadian government has done that.
 The writer says, monopolized Health Care, killing people. The writer must be in favour of private health care. Private health care has caused many people to go without health care. People suffered and many died because it was too late to save them. I know about the high costs and restricted coverage of private health care.
 The letter shows the writer dislikes French, or their existence. That writer would like to rewrite history.
 Of course the national energy program hurt Alberta, but it did not destroy the economy. It helped the economy of majority in Canada.
If the writer has a degree in history, how could he write one more untrue fact, that liberals taught us “to despise free enterprise”.
 I just strongly disagree with the writer who states so many ‘views‘, uses views as if they were true facts.

Dr. A.C. McGhan

I believe that this will be the close of this issue. In other words, no more popping off at Popoff. lol


Leduc and Leduc County initiate annexation action plan

 Open houses will be hosted by the municipalities next month
The City of Leduc and Leduc County confirm an action plan to examine the need for additional lands to be added to the City of Leduc. The action plan outlines the city’s intent to annex roughly 1,300 acres along its southwest boundary. The last time the city annexed lands from the county was in 1999.
 “This plan is in direct result of our city’s rapid growth of 50 per cent over the last six years,” says Leduc Mayor Greg Krischke. “It outlines all the tasks and steps required to identify lands that will meet the growing demands of our community, today and tomorrow.”
Leduc and Leduc County are hosting two open houses and a joint non-statutory public hearing to obtain additional input from landowners, impacted stakeholders and the general public:
Open houses
Leduc and Leduc County’s Annexation Action Plan
Nov. 8 and 15, 2012 (5 – 9 p.m.)
Best Western Plus Denham Inn and Suites (5207 50 Ave. Leduc)
Joint non-statutory public hearing
Leduc and Leduc County’s Annexation Action Plan
Nov. 29, 2012 (7 p.m.)
Best Western Plus Denham Inn and Suites (5207 50 Ave. Leduc)
 “We are working in conjunction with the City of Leduc to ensure that our residents are heard and that both of our municipalities can grow in a sustainable way,” says Leduc County Mayor John Whaley.
 City and county residents can learn more about the annexation plan by visiting the city’s website (www.leduc.ca/annexation) and Leduc County’s website (www.leduc-county.com).
 As this is a joint action plan between the city and county, administrative representatives are Leduc County Manager Brian Bowles (780-955-6400) and the city’s project manager Gerald Thomas (780-980-7140).

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