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Girls Junior Volleyball “Griffins”


    When we look through our frosted windows now, we all see the same thing but all have different thoughts about it. We see snow. Some  people think it is awesome to have snow but some people wish they lived on the hot, sandy beaches instead because they dislike snow. Even though the first batch of snow has fallen, students still have gym class. You know what that means. Our gym is finally done and ready to use. Us Griffins are extremely excited to be able to use our brand new gym and our volleyball teams are even more excited because they finally have a real gym to practice in.
Like I said, our gym is done and our volleyball teams are thrilled to have a real gym to practice in because the gym we were in before was way too small. The roof was to low, there were no real volleyball lines to say if a ball was in or out. The nets had no posts and were hung on basket ball hoops. That is why the volleyball players couldn’t wait for a big gym. 
While I am talking about volleyball I am going to mention the great game the junior girls had. The junior girls did an amazing job and showed great skill with a win of six out of six sets and they won both games against other schools. They were super happy when they came to school the next day with the good news of their win. The senior boys on the other hand didn’t do so good. They won none of their six sets. The good thing is they tried and all that they needed to do is try their best.
  On Wednesday last week some of our students at Griffiths- Scott got to go to a big concert in Calgary, at the Saddle Dome, called WE day. To go they had to write an SA on how they could inspire change. There were many people who put in an SA, like over 60 people, but the school only had 25 tickets so only 25 students could go. The teachers had to pick the top 25 SA s. They picked the winners by looking at the SA s and seeing which people had the best ways to inspire change. The reason it was an SA about how to inspire change was because WE day was all about teaching students how to inspire change. The students that did get to go had a great time.
Things are looking up for the junior girls. Hopefully they can keep this winning streak going. Even the boys team should be able to improve now that they have a real gym to play in. Lets see the Griffins rock the games and win the medals and to help them get pumped up, lets hear you cheer! 
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