The Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools Board has revised its Strategic Facilities Plan.  The revised timetable looks like this.
Objectives: During 2012-2013
1.Determine what consistent level of programming and services need to be offered  across the school division that benefits students and improves student learning.
2.Determine what WRPS facilities would look like to give a consistent level of programming and services offered across the school division.
3.Determine the funding model that would support the delivery of a consistent level of programming and services.
During 2013 – 2014
1.Consider the viability of Pipestone and Lakedell Schools During 2014 – 2015
1.Consider the viability of Gwynne School
2.Consider the reconfiguration and viability of the schools in the City of Wetaskiwin
During 2015 – 2016
1.Consider the viability of Alder Flats and Winfield schools
2.Consider the viability of Millet School
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