Getting to know...

Fire Chief Polsom


We managed to find a bit of time where thankfully, no buildings were engulfed in flames and no kitties were perilously balancing on a high tree branch awaiting rescue, so Chief Polsom was able to carve a few minutes out of his very busy schedule to sit down and chat with us. 
Q: What is your favourite candy? 
A: (laughs) M&M's! Gotta have the chocolate! 
Q: Cat person or dog person?
A: Dog. We have two at home that both came from dog rescues.
Q: What is your biggest fear? 
A: Hmmmm...(thinks for a moment) That's a good one! I think my biggest fear is not making a difference.
Q: What was the last movie you watched?
A: Revenge Of The Nerds. 
Q: What is your dream vacation?
A: Rome. Both my wife and I really want to go there.
Q: Do you participate in a sport?
A: Ooh, a little bit. I like to ride my bike and go hiking. I'm really not a sports person. I like to watch hockey! (Smiles)
Q: What is your favourite colour? 
A: Purple.
Q: What is your favourite season and why? 
A: Spring. It's just renewal. I think I'm solar powered! (Laughs)
Q: What is the favourite pair of shoes that you own? 
A: (Whips his feet up onto his desk and points to them with a big smile) My hiking boots!
Q: If we were buying, what would you be having for dinner?
A: Something Thai. Probably Pad Thai.
Q: What is your favourite thing to do in Leduc? 
A: There's so many things to do, this is a great town! But probably just coming down to the station and spending time with my staff.
Q: Do you have a hobby or collect anything?
A: Nope. My wife collects Fire Department things on my behalf. (Smiles) 
Q: Who is your hero?
A: My dad.
Q: What is playing on your MP3 player right now? 
A: I'm very eclectic. I'm not sure what's on there at this very moment. It could be almost anything except country and western.
Q: What is the best dish that you make?
A: Butter chicken.
Q: What is your proudest moment? 
A: Gosh, I don't know...there are so many. (Smiles) I think standing beside my wife at the altar.
Q: Movie or live theatre? 
A: Both. I can't choose between them! I love both.
Q: Name one item on your bucket list.
A: Wow. The problem is I do them as I think of them! (Chuckles) Probably a European tour. 
Q: What did you want to be when you were a child?
A: Like my dad.
Q: If you could do any job other than the one you have, what would you do?
A: Hmmm...y'know...something helping people. A nurse maybe.
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