Wetaskiwin’s Movember

'The Wonk Stache for Cash’ doubles their goal'

Local Movember team The Wonk Stache for Cash

By Barry McDonald

On November 1st 2010 the local Movember team The Wonk Stache for Cash declared that over the month of November they were going to raise $5000 to join in the fight against prostrate cancer. Half way through the 30 day fundraising campaign, The Wonk team met to assess their progress with number 1, their mustache growth and to poke fun at each other but more importantly, the progress with their fundraising efforts. They learned their pooled resources totaled $3364.00 leaving them pretty confident they would reach, and perhaps even exceed their goal. On November 30th they once again gathered at the Iron Boar family pub, only this time they were joined and supported by spectators and cheering squads.

They pooled their resources. Then they increased them by inviting everyone (including the children present) to purchase an opportunity to participate in skill testing competitions such as using a razor to remove shaving cream from a balloon and pinning a mustache on a Mo poster. They auctioned off mustaches that would be shaven. And at the end of the evening they proudly announced they had achieved a grand total of $10,209.00.

Although the fight against prostrate cancer was the big winner on November 30th other winners were announced as well. Congratulated for contributing the most money was Tyler Gandam who single handedly raised an impressive $2800. The honourary title ‘Mo Sistas’ was awarded to a female supporter and granted to Annette Olson. Annette is a teacher’s aide in the Gwynne School in her ‘day’ job. However, on this night she was recruited by Brady Weiler, one of the organizers and participants of the Wonk team to shave the mustaches. As she proudly stated, “I love the reason why people do these things and have done Shortcut to the Cure for 10 years.”

The prestigious award of Mr. Movember was an easy win for Justin Wieclaw who sported a mustache that was a look alike of Tom Stelleck. He explained he will be keeping his mustache after the contest as it, “helps to balance the lack of hair on my head.”

The crowd was treated to great entertainment throughout the evening. A brand new Wetaskiwin based act called PUNCH DRUNK CABARET (Randl Weiler and formerly Screwtape Lewis) provided the entertainment. PUNCH DRUNK CABARET also performed at the Spirits of Christmas fundraiser at the Memorial Arts Centre on Thursday December 2nd and will be one of the groups performing at New Years Eve, December 31st.

Lots of laughs, lots of pride and lots of cash for the fight against cancer. In the end, Mike Johnston, one of the founders of The Wonk Stache for Cash team summed it all up by saying even he was, “surprised with the success. We did pretty good for a small town.” Congratulations to all who participated, supported and contributed.

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