Leduc County Council Meeting

December 7th, 2010

Vol 15, Issue 2, Leduc - Wetaskiwin Pipestone Flyer
The meeting of December 7 was called to order at the regular time by Mayor John Whaley.  Following the adoption of the agenda and previous minutes, Mayor Whaley noted that County resident, Mr. Ron Wurban was registered in advance to make a presentation to Council.
Public Presentation
Mr. Wurban spoke on issues concerning the winter gravelling/dust suppression on Range Road 273.  The following information was relayed to Council:
- On May 14, 2010, Wurban paid $312.37 for 136 metres of dust control on Range Road 273.
- On May 18, 2010, the County oiling crew went half mile south, said Wurban, and did not return until June 18 to oil his section.
- On June 20, the oiled section along Wurban's 136 metres was spun up by a truck and quads, and was advised by area Councillor that Public Works Foreman had the final say on road repairs.
- On June 21, Wurban was advised at Sunnybrook shop that the damaged road would not be repaired, however, it could be put in for warranty in the fall.
- On September 7, Ron Wurban phoned the County and requested re-oiling, but it was not done until October 6.
- On November 22, the County was regravelling Range Road 273 and asked the gravel checker if re-oiling would occur on his section, and after conferring with the County Public Works Foreman, the request was refused.
- Less than two hours later and roughly three miles north on Range Road 273, said Wurban, the crew ignored County policy and oiled in two places (from railway tracks north, then graveled up to Oswald's property and left his section alone).
- Wurban requested reimbursement for the amount of $312.37, or a request for re-oiling the 136 metres in the early spring.
Councillor Harrison moved that the presentation by Mr. Ron Wurban be received as information and that administration provide a report back to Council and to Mr. Wurban.
Health and Safety Coordinator, Yvonne Beattie, presented a Partnerships in Injury Reduction Certificate from the Alberta Municipal Health and Safety Association to Leduc County in meeting the standard for partnerships through an independent evaluation of Leduc County's Health and Safety program.
Request to Purchase Portion of Land from Leduc County - Part of Plan 792 2576, Block 9, Lot 7 (+2.2 acres).
Rick Thomas, General Manager Community Services, presented a report to the request by an adjacent land owner to purchase approximately two acres within the Nisku Industrial Park.
Councillor Schonewille made a motion that Leduc County Council sell a +2.2 acre parcel to the adjacent landowner, Hoisting Ltd.
Des Mryglod, Director of Public Works & Engineering presented a report relating to the upgrading of Township Road 510 and 50th Street, Beaumont intersection.  A traffic impact assessment is underway but not completed yet, said Mryglod, expecting it early in the new year.  Widening the intersection would benefit both Leduc County and Beaumont.
Councillor Schonewille motioned that with respect to the upgrading of the Beaumont intersection:
- Administration initiate the process for the road closure of the road allowance as described by AMEC in their letter received by Leduc County dated August 17, 2010, and
- That administration be authorized to enter into a cost sharing agreement with the Town of Beaumont for the upgrading of the Township Road 510 and 50th Street, subject to capital plan approval in the amount of $166,164 and further if costs exceed 10% Council approval is required.
Public Hearing 
Proposed Amendment to Leduc County Land Use Bylaw No. 7-08-Text Amendment to Section 7.14, Frame Fabric Structure.
Mr. Tom Schwerdtfeger, Intern Planner, proposed the amendment to permit the Development Authority to allow a frame and fabric structure on a building free site and whose main use is utility service, major.  The aim is not to change the existing bylaw, rather, to add a clause to allow the structure (frame/fabric) to be a principal building where the primary use of the lot is material storage.
Ms. Dellia Tardiff, Leduc County resident, spoke against the proposed amendment out of concern about the limitations once there are lots without principal buildings on them and that there would be no one to monitor the facility.
Councillor Audrey Kelto commented on the need for some kind of monitoring of what people would be storing.  First, second and third reading were given, Mayor Whaley opposed.
Bylaw No. 30-10 - Amendment to Leduc County Land Use Bylaw No. 7-08 - Section 7.14 Frame and Fabric Structures
Councillor Schonewille made a motion that Bylaw No. 30-10 be given first reading; Councillor Harrison, second reading; and Councillor Audrey Kelto third reading.
Pro: Councillors Kelto, Schonewille, Stumph, Mackay and Kelto.
Con: Mayor Whaley.
Public Hearing - Proposed Amendment to Leduc County Land Use Bylaw No. 7-08 - Lot 1, Block 1, Plan 022 7149, Pt. N.W. 23-50-22-W4th, Book
Jordan Evans, Planner I, provided a report with respect to the proposed amendment relating to redistricting 8.00 ha (+19.74 ac) at the above location by Ross and Peggy Cook.  The intent of the landowners is to apply for a land use district that will accommodate future subdivision.  After the information was presented, applicant Ross Cook advised that he was unaware that an Area Structure Plan was not in place.  In reply to a question from Council, Ms. O'Keefe advised that Outline Plans are required as part of the application process, however there is no Area Structure Plan within the area as Council and Subdivision Authority has not endorsed such a plan.  Mr. Cook expressed his support of an Area Structure Plan within the area.
Mayor Whaley concluded the public hearing.
Bylaw No. 31-10 - Councillor Mackay moved that Bylaw No. 31-10 be given first reading to amend the Leduc County Land Use Bylaw No. 7-08 as follows:
- That those lands described as Lot 1, Block 1, Plan 022 7149, Pt. N.W. 23-50-22-W4th affecting 8 ha be redistricted from the Agricultural/Country Residential Transitional (AG/CR-TR) District to Country Residential (RC) District.
Councillor Kelto moved Bylaw 31-10 be given second reading, followed by Councillor Schonewille making a motion that Bylaw No. 31-10 be given third reading with the unanimous consent of the Council Members present.  Councillor Harrison moved that Bylaw No. 31-10 be given third reading.
Request for Extension of Subdivision Validity Period, Subdivision File SD 07-047 - Pt. N.W. 6-48-26 W4th, Heilman/Williams/Plantec Planning Consultants.
Jack and Deborah Williams made a request to Council for a one-year Subdivision Validity Period extension.  As a family project, they explained, they had invested around $100,000 and would like to complete it and needed the extra time.  Councillor Audrey Kelto moved that Leduc County Council extend the one year period to November 26, 2011, and that Council will not grant further extensions to this subdivision file.
Request for Extension of Subdivision Validity Period, Subdivision File SD 08-066-Pt. N.W. 11-61-25-W4th, Schiewe
Mr. Grant Schiewe requested an extension citing the City of Edmonton as responsible for the delay.  Councillor Kelto moved that the County extend the one year period to November 18, 2011, and that further grant requests for this subdivision file will be denied.
Direct Control Development Permit D10-184-Pt. N.W. 11-51-25-W4th, Schiewe.
Ms. Carey Schiewe requested a renewal of her Development Permit to allow her to continue to operate a recreational vehicle storage facility.  Having year round customers, said Schiewe, she would like to see a longer term to three years, rather than the two proposed.
Councillor Stumph moved that Direct Control Development Permit D10-184 allow, with conditions, continuation of operating a Recreational Storage Business.  The approval was granted for a temporary period of three years.
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