Local Strongman Beats Record

    Wetaskiwin senior citizen Kevin Hickey is one man you wouldn’t want to mess around with. Kevin at 65 is stronger than most men half his age, and living proof that one can retain strength by continuing to work at it. This past week at Bodywerks Gym in Wetaskiwin Kevin unofficially broke the Canadian record for bench press in the Masters Three category with a lift of 335 pounds.
    Two hundred and fifteen pound Kevin started lifting weights when he was 38. Kevin used to swim and dabbled in a bit of boxing as well. He started “just to keep in shape. I realized I couldn’t go to the legion every day so I decided to join a gym”. Once Kevin saw the “instant gains” his body was making he was hooked. On this evening Bodywerks regular Kevin wanted to break the Canadian Masters 3 record of 310lbs. He started out with a couple warmup lifts under the watchful eye of spotter/bodybuilder Jason Moore. There were a few gym regulars gathered in a show of support. After working up to 315 and basically breaking the record in his warmup, Kevin decided to go for 335lbs. With Mr. Alberta bodybuilding champ Jason at the ready in case things went wrong, Kevin locked himself in and got ready. The lift was clean and Kevin broke the record by 25lbs. A further attempt at 345 was unsuccessful. Cheers and congratulatory handshakes were in order after this one. Kevin was happy and modest commenting that “there are probably guys my age out there somewhere pumping just as much but we don’t hear about them”. We don’t know about that one Kevin. One thing we do know is that proud  Irishman Kevin was “ready for a pint of guinness” and deserving.
    Five years ago at age 60, Kevin benched 345. He is definitely not going to go “quietly into that good night” and “wants to try again at 70. A few years ago during Pioneer Days on main street there was an open bench press competition held on the street and Kevin won. Kevin’s spotter Jason Moore commented that, “weight training is often overlooked for older people. With bone degeneration and muscle mass loss what could be better.”. Jason has a point and knows what he is talking about. Jason was 1st place Mr. Alberta in the Northern Division last year and 2nd in the Provincial 147-154lb bodybuilding class this year. 
    The following day as the faithful walked into the gym, fellow workout enthusiast Rubin commented that “we gotta keep up to the old guy”, as he sweated away an intense workout. Yes Kevin, you are an inspiration to all the other old but not so old guys at Bodywerks, this one included. Kevin figures that he has “done a lot better than the Eskimos this year”. Congratulations to Kevin for his unofficial Masters Three bench press record of 335 pounds. May we all aspire to stay young and strong.

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