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Linda M. Steinke
Tanker Truck
            Thorsby Fire Chief, Norm Osness, met with Council to discuss selling the old tanker truck. After receiving several estimates, Council decided to sell the truck by sealed bid with the truck most likely going to the highest bidder.   Funds received from the sale are to be transferred to a fleet replacement reserve fund.      Sealed bids for the Village of Thorsby Fire Department 1994 Ford LTL 9000 Tanker Truck may be submitted until 4 PM on December 13, 2013 and will be opened on the 9th.  All or any bids may not be necessarily accepted.  Sale will be on an “as is, where is” basis with no warranties or guarantees expressed or implied.
            Council tabled a motion to allow Administration to destroy certain listed municipal records—Utility Levy Journals, Accounts Payable and Receivable Files, Payroll, etc.—dating from 1991 to 2009.  Councillor Hart inquired why some Bank Reconciliations Files were not listed within the sequence of years.  Acting CAO/CSM Burke said the years not listed were authorized to be disposed.  Council tabled the motion after another question arose regarding the required number of years a municipality must hold onto bank reconciliations.Council will revisit the issue after Administration obtains specific answers.
            Correspondence from the MP for Wetaskiwin, Blaine Calkins, noted that a second call for applications for the Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnerships Program funding, issued through Fisheries and Oceans Canada, will close on December 18, 2013.  Any recreational fishing/angling and conservation organizations within the jurisdiction should note there is funding available for projects that restore, rebuild and rehabilitate recreational fisheries habitat.
            The Leduc Foundation 2014 Requisition will be $1,821.
            Council passed a motion to enter into a agreement to accept the 2012 Legacy Fund grant in the amount of $1,500. The Village of Thorsby was awarded the funding for their participation in the  Edmonton Capital Region Communities in Bloom 2012 National Conference. At that time, members of Thorsby CIB, along with Village Council members and Administration, showcased examples of CIB core values reflected around the community.  The money is available to develop or enhance a beautification project according to specific requirements.  The agreement is required so the money can be passed to another group if the project is not completed by December 2014.
            Pubic Works was tasked by Council to compile a list of four to five engineering firms who might fit the engineering service needs (for Capital Projects) for Thorsby and have them come meet with  Council in March with their 15 minute presentations.
            The 20th Annual Chamber of Commerce Customer Appreciation Night, AKA “Christmas in the Village,” will be held Friday, December 6, 2013 from 6 to 9 PM. Fireworks follow East of the Rec Centre.  Santa will be at BMO from 6 to 8 PM. Enjoy late night shopping. Mayor Rasch and the following Councillors will be at the Village Office to greet you—Councillor Hart 6-7 PM, Councillor Taylor 6:30-7:30, Mayor Rasch 7-8, and Councillor Ruhr 8-9.
            Carried (Closed Session -- November 12):  Regular Meeting Administration is directed to arrange a “without prejudice” meeting with Genivar regarding 53rd Street and propose a possible cost share of the invoice between the parties.



Lorna Lowe

    Council was called to order at 1:37 pm with all Councillors present. There were no changes to the agenda and no public presentations.
Fire Services Quality Management Plan:             Deputy Fire Chief for Leduc County, Brad Gurmin, presented the updated QMP to Council with the added recommendation that Leduc County create a Bylaw that either specifically allowed or disallowed low hazard fireworks in the County. Brad said that following discussions with the County's legal department, they recommend a Bylaw that would require residents to have a permit to set off fireworks as well as requiring retailers to obtain a sellers permit. 
Councillor Kelto stated that she was concerned with the County being able to enforce such a Bylaw, saying that it would be like regulating "thunder and lightening". 
She said that her family sets off fireworks at least twice every year and asked D.C. Gurmin how many fires he had attended caused by fireworks? He replied "To my knowledge, none. But legal says there should be a Bylaw in place 'just in case.'"
    Mayor Whaley asked if the QMP could be approved by Council this day without coming to an agreement on a fireworks Bylaw and he was informed that it could.
    Council unanimously approved the Quality Management Plan.
2014 New Sarepta Library Board Budget Requests: 
    New Sarepta Library Board Member Pearl Gregor came before Council to give an update on the New Sarepta Library and present information to Council for consideration during their upcoming budgetary meetings.
    Patronage at the New Sarepta Library has jumped from 3500 visits in 2010 to 9000 so far in 2013. Pearl told Council that despite their best efforts over the last 38 years they still regularly have people coming in to the library for the first time, which is located inside the High School, stating that they didn't know there was a library in town. 
    Pearl informed Council that there is a small increase of $4910.00 being requested in this year's budget primarily for a cost of living increase for their librarian, with the rest going toward books and programs. The total budget being requested from various sources would be $109,857.00 for 2014. Council accepted this report as information.
Thorsby 2012 Cost Share Final Payment: The final audited 2012 statement from the Village of Thorsby was received by the County on Nov. 15, 2013. Amendments had to be made after unexpected major repairs had to be done to the ice plant at the Thorsby arena in 2012, with which the County helped out financially.
    Council unanimously agreed to the final payment of $113,663.00 for 2012.
Thorsby 2013 Recreation And Library Cost Share Budget Payment:     Based on a rate of 59.92% the first cost share payment to the Village of Thorsby for 2013 is $188,244.00. This budget includes the hiring of a full time recreation programmer that will assist in attracting programs and events to the Thorsby arena.
    2014 Returning Officer: 
Council unanimously appointed Mrs. Gale Miller as the Leduc County Returning Officer for 2014.
    Request For Support - CLASS Gala: The County of Leduc Animal Shelter Society submitted a request to Council to purchase a table at their first annual Gala on November 29th, at a cost of $450.00. CLASS is not affiliated with the County of Leduc but is a separate registered charity operating within Leduc County with the goal of becoming Leduc County's Humane Society. Council voted to purchase a table at the event with Councillors Kelto and Dublanko opposed. 
    Use Of Leduc County Property: 
Council unanimously agreed to allow the RCMP to erect a large double sided sign on Leduc County land at the intersection of Secondary Highways 623 and 814. This sign will be part of an advertising campaign to try and find the killer of Amber Tuccaro, who's body was found in Leduc County.
Wizard Lake ASP:             County administration recommended that Council advertise a Public Hearing for the proposed amendments to the Land Use Bylaw and Wizard Lake Area Structure Plan relating to development below the top of bank in existing subdivisions. County staff stated that they had been working on this issue with a Wizard Lake focus group for the previous year and everyone was happy with the changes that have been proposed.
    Council unanimously agreed to host a Public Hearing.
New Sarepta ASP:             County staff came before Council with what they stated to be "Enough revisions that we feel this to be a new document.", and asked Council for a new First Reading of the ASP. The primary changes in the new ASP had to do with concerns raised by the CRB in regard to the future growth of New Sarepta, any changes to the Hamlet's boundaries and appropriate land uses. 
    Council unanimously approved First Reading of the new ASP.
Letter of Notice For Proposed Annexation From Town Of Devon: 
    The County of Leduc Received a letter from the Town of Devon notifying them of the desire to annex the SW, SE, and NW quarters of section 26-50-26-4 from the County. The letter informed the County that Devon is currently in the process of bringing this proposal before Council to pass a Resolution in order to provide the County with formal notice of their intent to annex these lands.
    Council unanimously agreed to acknowledge the letter and request a joint Council meeting to take place in mid December for discussions. 
    There were no in camera items and Council was adjourned at 4:05 pm.



Stacie McKinney
    Council was called to order at 6:00 p.m. November 27, 2013 by Mayor Lorenson, all Councillors were present. There were no Public Hearings or additions to the agenda. Minutes of the November 13, 2013 meeting were adopted.
Appointments and Delegations:
West Central Planning:
       West Central Planning Agency (WCPA) is an intermunicipal planning organization with experience in rural and urban planning. WCPA provides a variety of planning consultation services to municipalities. They specialize in municipal land use, policy planning, and subdivision services.
       The Town of Millet’s last Municipal Development Plan (MDP) was in 1991. It is required that a municipality with a population of 3,500 or more adopt an MDP. Although Millet’s population is 2090 (2011) it is within good planning practise that they replace their original plan. The updated MDP will be a framework for the future growth of Millet over the next 30 years.
       The next steps are approval from Council to commence project, initiate background research and to formulate a Steering Committee. This process usually takes about 8 months. Council endorsed this in principal to move forward.
    Millet Library Minutes – November 12, 2013
Canada’s Economic Action Plan – Recreational Fisheries Conservation Funding
C.O.A. Pelletier – Mobile Home Auction
New Business:
    Business Expense Policy
Non Union Wage Grid Policy
Executive Session – None
Council was adjourned at 6:45.

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