Hawaii Comes to Breton


Photo By CARE

An old sea captain once told me that “While you make plans, Life Happens!” This certainly came true for Coach Corey Colwell of the Breton Cougars football team. Corey planed to take his family to Hawaii after the football season, but then the team’s success found him in a quandary. The family’s trip to Hawaii came right up against a key playoff game. What to do? 
    The football team had worked hard to earn their playoff spot. Many of the players and their parents had made sacrifices for the team’s success and Coach Colwell didn’t hesitate to make his. So, while his wife and children were enjoying the sun and sea in Hawaii, Coach Colwell was getting up in sub zero weather to run practices and develop game plans for the team’s next game. The team won it’s first playoff game and then had to face the elements and the number one ranked Rimbey Spartans. They lost the game and Rimbey went on to win the provincial championships. If you have to lose, losing to the champions isn’t a bad way to go out.
    On Thursday, December 5th, the Breton Cougars had their wrap up banquet and the team decided that since Coach had given up his trip to Hawaii, that they would bring Hawaii to Breton.
    Team members came in the required grass skirts, leis, and coconut shells placed in strategic places. The hall was decorated with tropical flowers, totems, and palm trees and a good old fashion Luau was the theme of the evening. The evening was an opportunity to recognize individual and team accomplishments, but even more, it was an opportunity for the players and parents to thank Coach Colwell and his family for the sacrifices they had made for the team’s success.
    Sometimes when life happens, it can turn out better than the plans we make. Thursday, December 5th just may have been one of those times!

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