Council Notes From All Over

Linda Steinke
    Village of Warburg Public Meeting of November 12 highlights from approved minutes.
            Helen Spasoff, on behalf of Bloomin’ Buddies, thanked Council and staff for the help and support with the flowers throughout the Village. She requested notice when the Village oils the streets next year and thanked Council for the snow removal.
            Helen Spasoff, on behalf of the Cultural Society, and Carol Romain-Enders, on behalf of Warburg Agencies, asked if the Village could provide sidewalk snow removal to the following downtown businesses—Two B’s, Warburg Hotel, Warburg Agencies, Warburg Foods and the Cultural Centre.
    The Cultural Society has hired their own operators and pay $10 per swipe.  Spasoff noted they have people willing to remove snow, but they lack the equipment and would like to use Village equipment with the businesses chipping in. Council will discuss this further.   
            There was an inquiry about a community sign along Highway 39.  Mayor van Assen said that the Ag Society has applied for a UFA grant for a sign.
            There was a request for a Dangerous Goods Roundup to be held at least once a year—possibly during the spring and/or fall cleanups.
            Can dust control be done a little earlier in the year?  Mayor van Assen noted they will try, but it depends on the weather and the contractors.  
            Can something be done about the crows? St. Albert put something in place to control the magpies and crows. Traps and shot guns were discussed.
            What about feral cats? Councillor Chaney said that under Provincial Statute, the RCMP can do something about residents feeding feral cats.
            Why do we not have toll-free calling to Edmonton?  It has been suggested to take this concern to the Capital Region Board. Mayor van Assen explained how the voting structure in the CRB works.
            A resident gave a report about Pharmacare.  More information will be brought forward.
            Why were the Highway 39 streetlights out most of the summer and who is responsible? (No response to this question is noted in the minutes.) However, Assistant Administrator Nicole Rapati noted that if a street light in the Village is out, the residents should call the Village Office and Fortis.
            Is there a Disaster Services Plan?  Will sirens notify everyone? Are procedures in place? A discussion followed.  The Village of Warburg does have a Disaster Services Plan in place.
    Warburg Regular Council November 12 from approved minutes.
Sidewalk clearing
            Carol Romain-Enders brought forward her concerns regarding snow removal for some local businesses and the Cultural Centre. After discussion of the request received at the Public Meeting regarding this issue, Council said that the responsibility of finding someone to clear the snow from their sidewalks should remain with the business owner.
Holiday Hours   
            The Village office will be closed during the Holiday Season on the following:  the afternoon of December 24; also closed December 25, 26, 27, and January 1, 2014. 
Budget for Parks, Rec and Cultural Service Areas of Mutual Benefit
            Council approved the $170,597.50 Proposed 2014 Budget for the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Service Areas of Mutual Benefit to Rural and Urban Residents and forwarded it to Leduc County for their approval:
        Warburg Arena—Operational-$36,203; Capital-$20,000; Garbage-$2,000; Insurance-$15,000.
           Athletic Fields—Ball diamonds, etc.-$15,000; Utilities $1,500.
        Pioneer Rec Centre—Operational-$14,481; Capital (generator)-$20,000; Insurance-$8,000.
        Library—Operational-$15,913.50; Repairs & Maintenance $3,500; Utilities & Security $5,000; Insurance-$2,000.
        Recreation Coordinator—Wages $8,000; Administration costs-$4,000.
     Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
        Deputy Mayor F. Rapati reported on the ribbon cutting ceremony for the paved parking lot and expressed appreciation for the many people who made donations that made the project possible. 
Fire Department Appointments  
        The discussion portion of the appointment of Warburg Deputy Fire Chief was moved to a confidential meeting. Council approved the appointment of Dan Duiker as Deputy Fire Chief and Jason Mayr as the Assistant Deputy Fire Chief for a one-year term and receive reports from the Fire Chief, Dep. Fire Chief, and Assistant  Deputy Fire Chief for the year. “Councillor Smith declared a pecuniary interest and left the meeting during any discussion in regards to the Deputy Fire Chief appointment and refrained from voting.”
            Council will meet with Capital Power at a breakfast meeting before the end of the year.
            Council approved the lease agreement between the Village of Warburg and Warburg Hockey and Skating Club, amending the minimum insurance to $5,000,000.
`          The 39/20 RCI grant application sent to the provincial government by Randall Conrad was reviewed by Council.
            Council moved to schedule a meeting with the Transportation Board to discuss transportation issues, X-walks, and signage at the AUMA Convention.
Warburg Regular Council December 9
            Mayor van Assen attended the 2013 Family and Community Support Service Association of Alberta (FCSSAA) Power of Prevention Conference in Edmonton on November 28-30 and reported the opening keynote speaker, Margaret Trudeau, and the closing keynote speaker—the former Saskatchewan Premier, Lorne Calvert, were outstanding.  
Arena Board news: 
            The new lights have been installed in the arena and reports are they are “nice and bright.” It is estimated the lights will pay for themselves in electrical savings within 4.5 to 5 years. As an added cost saving measure, they are wired to allow every other set to be turned on when not so much lighting is required.
Capital Power: 
              Council received an information package from Capital Power regarding the proposal to build the Genesee Generating Station Units 4 and 5. 
    CAO Pankewitz noted there is to be a study about the impact of mining (Capital Power) on communities with a meeting with municipal leaders slated for the spring. Mayor Van Assen said he hopes the meeting will be before then because there are issues that need to be addressed, such as: 
1. The prevailing winds that bring the exhaust plume straight over Warburg.  
2. The decimation of local businesses and Warburg School after 92 plus families were pulled out of the (rural) area when their property was purchased for mining. The Mayor stressed, “When the power plant first moved in, Warburg was told to ‘open lots’.  But the guys who did lost their shirts.” 
 3. “…we’ve not gotten an awful lot out of Capital Power,” said Van Assen adding there are small companies (in Warburg) that do more by way of donations.  “A lot of donations go to Edmonton, maybe it’s time to look at Warburg.”
Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) Convention: 
    The new councillors found most of the sessions helpful. The Mayor appreciated the opportunity to network with other community leaders finding out where they stand on such things as Bill 28 and the Capital Region Board (CRB). Council expressed their pleasure over the election of Helen Rice— Grand Prairie Councillor—as President of the 2013-2014 AUMA Executive Committee/President of the AUMA Board of Directors.
Curling Rink Insurance Coverage: 
    Councillor Maine asked who covers what for the curling rink assets and coaching liability. 
    CAO Pankewitz explained the Village insurance covers anything that is necessary to operate curling activities, but not extras like the TVs and trophies and that the $5 million coverage should be sufficient. 
    An interesting discussion ensued when Maine brought up curling rocks. In one incident, the rocks were left on the ice as it melted. The water was absorbed into the rocks rendering them forever unusable. Unfortunately, the curling rink had to shut down due to lack of replacement funds. 
    Those $300 rocks bought years ago for the Warburg Curling Rink now cost $1000 each. Administration will bring back more information on what is specifically covered by whom—Village or Board.
Light Up Warburg Event was a great success.  
    All 330 hot dogs were given away. Council couldn’t believe the line up for the wagon ride. Councillor Rapati reports eight trips were made with thirty passengers at a time enjoying the ride through the village in the wagon pulled by a John Deere tractor—both lit up in green and yellow lights.
39/20 Alliance grant applications: 
    Notice was received from the Honourable Doug Griffiths, Alberta Municipal Affairs, that the partnership’s application for a grant under the Regional Collaboration component of the 2013/2014 Regional Collaboration Program has been approved for a grant of $250,000 to support their Regional Municipal Service Delivery project. Unfortunately, grant funding for the Internship Program was declined. An intern would have “reviewed bylaws” and help the four municipalities “get on the same page.”
    CAO Pankewitz met with a realtor from Royal LePage Gateway Realty Inc. to extend the Real Estate listing Contract to November 30, 2014.  “We have listed 2 Commercial Tax Recovery lots, 2 Residential Tax Recovery lots and 7 Village lots.”
    Council directed Administration to send the names of business parks and respective sq. acres; zoning categories within the business parks, and number of companies in each to the Leduc-Nisku Economic Development Association to be used in a marketing piece. This piece will provide comprehensive information on the business parks in our region and their competitive advantages.  Mayor van Assen directed Administration to send along information on available downtown commercial lots as well.
    FCSS Meeting report by Councillor Tina Smith: Warburg could use an after school program. People should get in touch with Warburg FCSS Coordinator Terri Cocke if interested in a program. They are considering restarting the old program. Terri will be looking at different ideas.  The Village Care and Share program is taking donations at the Village office and people from the community will get a chance to pick rom the donations before they are shipped to Second Glance in Leduc.  There is interest in running the Rainbow and Spectrum Programs again in Warburg.  Terri will look into securing a location.
    Christmas Bazaar: There were 50 tables at the Warburg Christmas Bazaar. Girl Guides helped set up the tables and FCSS decorated the hall. Sugar cookies were available for children to decorate. 
        Christmas Elves program is up and going and the Village is looking for donations and volunteers.
Curling Club receives cheque: 
    Leduc County and the Village of Warburg presented a cheque for $10,000 to the Arena Board and Warburg Curling Club to be applied towards a new hot water tank and replacement compressor on November 28.
Mark your calendars:  
    Village Office Christmas Open House will be held on December 18 from 1 pm to 4 pm.  The Warburg School Christmas Concert will be held on December 19 at 7 pm at the school. 


Lorna Lowe

    Council was called to order at 7:05 pm with all Councillors present. There were no changes to the agenda and one public commentary.
Public Commentary: 
    Ms. F. Bruinsma came before Council to inform them about a noise concern at her residence in Linsford Park. Ms. Bruinsma stated that a neighbour had chopped down a row of trees this last summer which had served as a partial noise buffer from the traffic along Hwy 2. Since the removal of the trees she claims that the increase in traffic noise has been substantial and questioned City Council if they could assist in finding a solution to this issue. Some of the suggestions Ms. Bruinsma brought forward were a possible berm, a fence, the lowering of the speed limit on Hwy 2 through Leduc, or a highway relocation.
    Mayor Krischke acknowledged that noise was a concern in our community with planes, trains and automobiles all contributing but stated he was unsure what more could be said this night as he claimed the issue "...has been previously and thoroughly discussed."
    Mayor Krischke continued on to say that there are a lot of issues to determine with Alberta Transportation and that "I wish I could give you an answer and say it will be fixed next year but that probably won't happen." 
Grant Request: 
    The Leduc Music Festival Organization placed a grant request with the City of Leduc for support in the amount of $5,000.00 to offset instrument and venue rentals for the Leduc Music Festival which will take place from April 9 – 16 2014.
    Councillor Young commented that this festival has been ongoing in the community for 35 years and each year Council approves a grant request for the event. He suggested that it now be entered in for budgeting consideration for the year to prevent the requirement of the yearly application process. 
Council unanimously agreed to the grant request and accepted Councillor Young's suggestion as information. 
Grant Request: 
    A travel grant was received for three players from the Leduc Giants Baseball Team who have been selected to participate in the St. Albert Minor Baseball Associate Goodwill Tour to Cuba from February 1 – 8, 2014. The request was for $500.00 each for Douglas Cabel, Harrison Cabel and Nelson Cabel to help cover their travel expenses.
    In addition to scheduled baseball games against Cuban teens, the team’s objective is to raise funds locally to promote the Cities of Leduc and St. Albert and support the less fortunate Cuban communities by donating new/used baseball equipment and school supplies.
    Council unanimously approved the grant request.
Waste Program Awards:             The City received what was proudly referred to as a "hat trick" of awards for three different communication aspects of their waste management and diversion programs from the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). It was stated that Leduc had previously won in two of the categories but this was the first time for all three. In partnership with The DAGNY Partnership, which is the communications consulting firm hired by the City for their Environmental Services, they were awarded the IABC International Gold Quill Award of Merit, the IABC Canada-wide Silver Leaf Award of Merit, and the IABC Northern Alberta Regional Capital Award of Excellence.
Approval Of 2014 Municipal Budget: 
    Staff requested an In Principal approval of the 2014 Budget from Council. Some items of note that can be found in the 2014 Budget accessible on the City's website are; the request to establish a reserve fund, a 3% increase for water services on City Utility bills, adding a third grader to the City's fleet, a 3.7% increase on property taxes which equates to an increase of approximately $76.00 on a house 

asessed at $340,000.00, and the statement from the City's Acting General Manager of Corporate Services, Irene Sasyniuk, acknowledging the largest portion of the City's Operational Budget (54%) was going toward salaries, wages, and benefits.
Council unanimously approved the budget In Principal.
Property Tax Recovery Sale: 
    Four residential properties within the City of Leduc are currently listed to be placed up for auction on or before March 31, 2014 due to tax arrears totalling $34,614.57 for all four properties.
    The public auction is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. on February 25, 2014, in Lede Room B at the Civic Centre with properties to be listed at current market value and sold on an "as is, where is" basis.
Board Appointments:             Council unanimously appointed several individuals onto five different boards. They are listed as follows: 
    Public Members to the Leduc Environmental Advisory Board to serve a three (3) year term from January 1, 2014 – December 31, 2016: Ms. Jaimee Dupont Morozoff and Mr. Mathew Butler.
    Public Members on the Family & Community Support Services Advisory Board from January 1, 2014 – December 31, 2016; Mr. Paul Edginton and Ms. Alana Hall (re-appointed).
    Public Member on the Leduc Library Board for a three year term from January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2016: Ms. Beverley Horn (re-appointed).
    Public Member to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board to serve a three year term from January 1, 2014 – December 31, 2016: Ms. Joyce Gavan(re-appointment).
    Public Member to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board to serve a one year term as an Alternate from January 1, 2014 – December 31, 2014: Mr. Nazrul Islam.
    Public Members to the Leduc Parks, Recreation & Culture Board to serve a two year term from January 1, 2014 – December 31, 2015: Mr. Gary Tremblay, Mr. Thor Barabonoff and Mr. Dwight Kurtz.
    Public Member to the Leduc Parks, Recreation & Culture Board to serve a one year term from January 1, 2014 – December 31, 2014: Ms. Miranda Ducarme.
Redistricting Harvest Industrial Park Stage 1: 
    An application was placed before Council to Redistrict Harvest Industrial Park Stage 1, which lies on the south side of 65 Ave. east of 39 St., from Urban Reserve to Urban Services and Light Industrial. This redistricting will allow for the future development of 14 light industrial lots and 2 lots for storm water management. 
    Council unanimously passed the First Reading of this redistricting setting the Public Hearing for Jan. 13, 2014.
Next Council Meeting: 
    This was the last public Council meeting for 2013. Council will reconvene for the next public meeting on Jan. 13, 2014 at 7pm.
    Council was adjourned with no in camera items.



Lorna Lowe

    Council was called to order at 1:31 pm, with all Councillors present. There were no changes to the agenda and no public commentary.
Road Permit Pilot Project Review: 
    Over this past year Leduc County had been running a pilot project in conjunction with Road Data Services to provide road use permits. 
    Formerly these permits were issued through Leduc County as a free service but it created a heavy workload for County staff and was only accessible for the industry during regular working hours. 
    One year ago Road Data Services took over the permitting process and through a governmental website was able to process permits 24/7. Road Data Services also instituted a nominal permitting fee which was charged directly to the trucking company as they ordered their permits.
Further studies have shown that 33% of all permits are now ordered after hours or on weekends and Councillor Stumph stated that in speaking with various truck drivers/industry people they are very happy with the new system. 
    Staff recommended that Council approve the contract to continue services with Road Data Services. The contract is for a one year period but has no effectual end date so it can be extended as long as required. Council unanimously voted to approve the contract. 
Crossroads Development Crossing & Water Agreement: 
    A proposed agreement between Alberta Transportation and Leduc County was placed before Council in regard to the placement of 450 mm sanitary sewer pipeline impacting the existing Highway 2 Service Road and future Highway 2 realignment / relocation in S.E. 35-50-25-W4 and NW 36-50-25-W4 at TWP 510.         Council vote to unanimously accept the agreement.
Next Council Meeting:             This was the final open Council meeting for 2013. Council will next come to order on January 7, 2014 at 1:30 pm. 
    Council was adjourned at 1:52 pm to go back in camera. 


Stacie McKinney
    Council was called to order at 6:00 p.m. December 11, 2013 by Mayor Lorenson. Councillor Pyle was absent. 
Public Hearings – None                                                      
Addition and Adoption of Agenda.
Danton Bennefield - Peace Officer Truck
       Peace Officer Bennefield requested that the town purchase a 2008 Ford F150 4x4 from the County of Wetaskiwin. The vehicle would make carrying the necessary equipment and the jobs of enforcing bylaws, animal control and provincial statutes far easier and safer than the Ford Ranger currently in use.
       The cost of the vehicle is $6000. The cost of updating the decals is approximately $700 plus G.S.T. bringing the total to roughly $6735. There are funds available for this purchase in the Administrative contingency fund. The Ranger would be sold or re-assigned. 
Council approves.
    Council received Millet Library Managers Report, Investment Summary- November 2013, Bank Reconciliation Report – November 2013, C.A.O. Report –November 2013, Recreation Report, Councillor Reports, Public Works Report, Enforcement Report and Mayors Report.

Millet Library Minutes October 8, 2013
    Wetaskiwin, Millet and Maskawacis Anti Bullying Coalition – Pink Shirt Day  February 26 Council will be wearing pink shirts at their Council meeting in support of the Anti-Bullying Coalition 
New Business
    Brownlee LLP – Emerging Trends    Emerging Trends in Municipal Law 2014, Councillors Garrett, Pydde and Sadoroszney will attend in Edmonton, February 20, 2014.
Millet Lion’s – Road Construction:   
    The Lion’s Club is looking for clarification and confirmation that the cost of the road leading to the property boundary of the proposed campground will be covered by The Town of Millet.
       In discussion it is decided that the option of putting in a gravel road and then paving it after the construction of the campground would be worth pursuing as the construction equipment that is needed to construct the campground would result in damage to a paved road. The money for this would likely come from a grant.  Council approves the roadway.
Millet School – Crosswalk Lights:   The Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools, Millet School and Griffiths Scott School request that the Town apply to Alberta Transportation to have crosswalk lights placed on 45th avenue (near fire hall) to ensure that students can cross the road safely. Council approves the application.
Sharlene Laughlin – Utility Write Offs.   
Council approves.
Policy 52A:
    Council Allowance as per council request, the addition of the clause “All employees using personal vehicles for town business must provide the Town with a valid driver’s license with date of expiry and proof of insurance and date of expiry” has been added to Schedule B, 1a Council accepts.
Millet Ministerial:
     Meeting    Millet Ministerial would like to meet the new Council, Administration will plan this.
Victim Services:
    Charity Checkstop    Victim Services extends an invitation to participate in the Charity Checkstop in Wetaskiwin December 14, 2013
Blaine Caulkins: 
Open House   Invitation
Wetaskiwin Fire Services :     Elected Official Course    Counsellors Pydde, Peel, Pyle Garrett, and Sadoroszney along with C.A.O. Teri Pelletier will be attending in Wetaskiwin January 6, 2014.
    Council was adjourned at 6:45


Linda Steinke
        Sgt. Gary Hollender, who has been posted with the Thorsby/Breton RCMP Detachment for six months, attended the December 10 Regular Council meeting to introduce himself to the new Council and share ideas and hear concerns. 
        Councillor Hart mentioned Thorsby’s newly formed Public Safety Committee would like to get the RCMP, Fire Chief, Bylaw Officer and Emergency Management together to get acquainted and exchange ideas after the terms of reference are completed. Council also expressed interest in having the RCMP host an Open House-type event for the residents. 
        Council expressed concerns over drivers stunting and speeding in town. Sgt. Hollender said they would be concentrating on the small group that does speed, especially through the Hwy 778 school crossing area.      “Every school has a member assigned to it,” said Hollender.  “They are required to be there two days each to get constructive get identity in positive interactions, not simply in a ticketing situations. 
    There was discussion on designating that school crossing zone as a playground.  Hollender offered some reasons why it might not be feasible.   “Overall, there is not much increased traffic except at school hours. Also, the signs give pedestrians a false sense of security.” He went on to say that if there’s a huge event, like the Terry Fox Run, they had a squad car that can be used.  It is the sight of a patrol car that is most effective in slowing people down.
Bylaws & Policy
          Council adopted the 2013 Operating Budget as the Interim Operating Budget for 2014.
        Borrowing Bylaw #2014-001 (which basically offers overdraft protection plan) was given 1st and 2nd reading. 
Snow Removal
        Street, Snow and Ice Control Policy #2013-006 (replacing Policy 2002-406) was developed during the recent Planning and Sustainability meeting and was passed by Council.  The Policy gives residents and Public Works staff a clearer understanding of what can be expected after snow events. 
          However, the motion was passed on the condition of the deletion of alleyways from the map until Administration identifies which ones are regular alleyways and which ones are Utility Right of Ways. Once they are properly identified, they will be added to the map.  This will be put on the motion tracking sheet for follow up.
            Plowing will commence after accumulations reach 10 centimeters or when drifting snow significantly impedes traffic flow. Control will be conducted on a seven day per week, 24 hours per day basis, and may commence on weekends and holidays. No private driveways or sidewalks will be cleared by Village crews or equipment, subject to Bylaws which may supersede this Policy. All private snow removal contractors are prohibited from dumping snow on any Village of Thorsby property, street or snow storage site, ditch, or waterway. Priorities are as follows:  1) Fire Hall parking lot, School, Rec Facilities, Downtown roads and areas including business access alleys requiring access by emergency vehicles. 2) Residential streets—alternating north and south of tracks. 3) Registered lane ways. Service Levels may be impacted by available resources, Council approved budget, equipment failures, and extreme weather conditions.
Holiday Hours
            All Village Departments will close at 3:00 PM on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve to allow employees to finish work early. There is a drop slot available if you wish to make payments during that time. 
            The Community Hall will be on the discussion list for the January 21st Committee of the Whole meeting. Council would like to form a committee or board to deal with the Hall.
39/20 Alliance
            Santa came early for the 39/20 Alliance—the Alliance has received a grant of $250,000 from the provincial 2013/14 Regional Collaboration Program. 
            Mayor Rasch mentioned several potential grant-approved projects: a feasibility study for delivering regionally shared services; develop revenue and cost sharing models, develop and integrate appropriate initiatives, develop and integrate the appropriate regional initiatives: regional growth, regional growth, regional and local land use, transit, infrastructure, geographic information services, regional tourism, regional economic development, regional recreation, and communication strategies amongst volunteer agencies, groups and the public.
            The work will be undertaken by professional consultant(s) with assistance provided through existing regional municipal staff.
            39/20 Alliance was not successful in their application for administrative and land use planner interns.
Christmas Gala
            Community Fit Ltd. thanked Council for their help with the Christmas Gala. Mayor Rasch said, “It was a class act start to finish! The Field House was full and Community Spirit ran high.”  Rasch, and Councillors Jardine and Taylor will be putting in four hours of work for Darcy and Sharon Powlik who won the bid.
            Leduc County Family and Community Social Services has a new chair—Laurel Fitzsimonds.
            The Public Auction (Tax Sale) was not attended by the public; therefore, the Village will take the title, and once that is done, other actions can be pursued. 
            Council will send a congratulatory letter to Drayton Valley-Devon MLA Diana McQueen on her new position as Energy Minister.
            A letter of acknowledgement will also be sent to the Chamber of Commerce for their excellent work on this year's Customer Appreciation Night.            Christmas in the Village 2013.  Despite the frigid temps, the Chamber hosted a fine spirit-filled event--one that people from many communities have come to enjoy.  The Village held draws for mugs and stylish toques.
            Administration has been tasked with arranging a meeting between Wetaskiwin MP Blaine Calkins and Council during the Christmas break.
            “It’s a first.  Leduc Foundation has named two from the west to fill the Chair and Vice Chair positions—Chairperson Audrey Kelto with Leduc County, and Thorsby Councillor Rick Hart as Vice-Chairperson.”
            Coming up: Thorsby Elementary School Christmas Concert on December 17.


Lorna Lowe

    Council was called to order at 7:00 pm with all Councillors present. There were no changes to the agenda and no public presentations.

Library Board Appointments: 
    Council unanimously appointed Ms. Krista Gardner and Ms. Cassie Brooks to the Calmar Library Board for a term of three years.
    Tax Penalty Cancellation Request: 
    Mr. Seungil Kim sent a letter to Council requesting a cancellation of his late payment penalty of $184.52 on his residential tax account. The full amount of his taxes were paid at the bank on June 28th but was not processed until July 2nd. 
    Councillor Yachimetz stated that he believed the fault lay with the Town's banking system and motioned to cancel the penalty. Council unanimously agreed.

Letter From Resident: 
    Ms. L. Peel directed a letter to Council asking them to discuss a couple of items at the next Council meeting. Two of the listed items were questioning why the snow had not been removed from the Town's sidewalks and to address a concern about water flowing across the sidewalks from the eaves of the library.
    Mayor Faulkner informed Council that the Town's snow blower was broken and in for repairs so this is why the sidewalks had not been cleared. Council also suggested that Public Works be notified about the water issue coming from the library and to create a work order for next summer to correct the problem. Council also determined to respond to Ms. Peel's letter and inform her about the decisions that had been made regarding her concerns.
New AHS Lease: 
    The lease regarding space at the Firehall for the ambulance and staff had been expired for a couple of years and Fire Chief Brooks had proposed a new contract for a term of one year. The previous lease was for $6600.00/ year but only took into account the bay space for the ambulance. The new lease at $9828.00/year will cover the bay, their upstairs office/lounge space and various other shared spaces and consumables. Council passed the new lease unanimously.

First Night 2014: 
    New Years Eve festivities have been slated for Tuesday, Dec. 31st at the Mike Karbonik Arena. Beginning at 6:00pm there will be a bonfire, free skating, face painting and balloon artists along with complimentary hot dogs and hot chocolate. Fireworks will end the evening at 8:30pm.
39/20 Regional Collaboration Grant: 
    Calmar Council received a letter from Minister Doug Griffiths informing them that the 39/20 Alliance had been awarded a $250,000.00 Regional Collaboration Grant. 
    When asked how the Alliance was going to use the money Mayor Faulkner said that there will be discussions held in the new year to decide how best to use the funds. Some options are to use it for software purposes or payroll systems that could possibly provide the municipalities in the Alliance a way to collaborate and find efficiencies. "Exactly how we roll it out has yet to be determined," stated Mayor Faulkner.
    There were no items in camera and Council was adjourned at 7:27 pm.      


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  • 13,000 HOUR DONATION Executive Director, Petra Pfeiffer, thanks Jeannie Blakely on Appreciation evening. Whenever there is a crime or tragedy, there is a victim.           The word ‘victim’ does not adequately describe the complexity of circumstances ...
  • RURAL CRIME WATCH     The organization had been undergoing a serious decline in interest until the fall of 2011 and spring of 2012 when the community experienced a rash of break-ins and thefts. Membership spiked and with increased monitoring ...
  • LUTZ, Leona     With sadness we announce the passing of Leona Lutz on April 6, 2014.  She will be missed by son Lary, daughter Annette, sisters-in-law Anne Knull, Irene Knull, Ella Meyers, Ruth Lutz and Lily Riehl as well as many nieces, ...
  • Wetaskiwin Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast  City of Wetaskiwin Mayor Bill Elliot shows the ribbon shirt which was given to him by Laron Northwest on behalf of the Samson Cree Nation and Maskwacis.     Wetaskiwin's 23rd Annual Mayor's Prayer Breakfast was held at ...
  • Kids Making a Difference The 19th annual Leaders of Tomorrow Awards Program for Wetaskiwin and area was held at the Reynolds-Alberta Museum the evening of April 7th.  This is a program to recognize the good kids who are making a positive difference ...
  • Leduc City Citizens of Distinction     Annual ceremony hosted during Leduc’s Volunteer Appreciation Banquet.     The City of Leduc is pleased to announce the following recipients of the 2013 Citizens of Distinction Awards: Brianna Day  Athletic Achievement ...
  • Lakedell 4-H Beef Club     Our club has been keeping busy. In February we had our beef supper on valentines day with a great turn out. On the 15th our club attended the Red Deer Rebels game. We also had Public speaking on the 28th. All members ...
  • Council Notes From All Over CITY OF WETASKIWIN COUNCIL Barry McDonald     Wetaskiwin City Council invites the public to attend their regular meetings in Council Chambers (4705 - 50 Ave). The following are brief highlights of the City of Wetaskiwin meeting. ...
  • kickin’ back with the funnies
  • Editorial Comment Concerning School Closures     As some of you are most likely aware, our school division has recently faced some adversity, much of which has been attributed to a—now recovering—decline in enrollment. As a measure to maintain equitable services for ...
  • Spring Fling Mercedez Swallow creates a spotted puppy at the Spring Fling trade fair in the Wetaskiwin Drill Hall.      Wetaskiwin Chamber of Commerce hosts new features - Hosting successful events has challenges. But observing a steady ...
  • The Growth of Cities     Once mankind had discovered the advantages of farming over running around the countryside looking for berries to gather and animals to hunt we began to gather together in places where agricultural could be expanded. Generally ...
  • WHAT’S UP WITH THAT TRAFFIC? Sitting at a red light when you have places to be is frustrating but the City of Leduc is doing what it can to alleviate congestion in Leduc Common.     “It’s a busy intersection, I’ll give you that,” said Kevin Cole, Director ...
  • Volleyball Alberta Championships     The Leduc Recreation Center (LRC) hosted the U15 Girls Volleyball Alberta Premier Level 3 Division 3 Championships on April 5th and 6th, 2014.     Volleyball Alberta divides ...
  • Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast A pig farmer from central Alberta says everyone can make a difference in their community and the world, no matter what their talents or skills are.     Speaking to a full house at the 2014 Joint Mayors Prayer Breakfast April ...

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