Council Notes From All Over

Barry McDonald 

    The following are brief highlights of the County of Wetaskiwin meeting. For more detailed information contact Frank Coutney, CAO (780) 361-6223.
Interim Budget 
    Each December Administration presents Council with a recommendation to approve an Interim Budget to enable spending in the new calendar year until the final budget is approved in the spring of each year. Council approved the 2013 County of Wetaskiwin No 10 Business Plans and the 2014 Amended Business Plans for:
• Fleet Management - $950,000
• PW Gravelling - $2,418,643
• PW Road Construction-$ 1,785,798.00
• PW Road Oiling - $875,000.00
• PW Funded- $ 741,000.00

Emergency Management Municipal Elected Officials Course
    The municipal elected officials’ course is designed to identify the roles and responsibilities of elected officials in preparing for and responding to a major emergency or disaster as well as summarizing Alberta's emergency management framework and legislation. Council approved the Disaster Services Committee and Chief Administrative Officers attendance at the City of Wetaskiwin course on Monday, January 6, 2014.

Penalty Cancellation Request - TM Mobile Inc.
    Council approved the request for penalty cancellation in the amount of $88.31 on the subject property legally described as SW-34-45-7-W5M, as payment was received on time but was applied incorrectly.

Penalty Cancellation Request - Westerose Gospel Church
    Correspondence was received from Deanna Nilsson, Secretary/Treasurer for the Westerose Gospel Church, requesting Council to consider penalty cancellation for property legally described as NE-12-46-1-W5M.  Council denied the request for penalty cancellation in the amount of $27.49, as per section 347(1) of the Municipal Government Act, on the subject property, as the onus is on the property owner to make sure taxes are paid each year.

Director of Leisure & Community Services Report
    The Winfield Bleacher Project was completed before the November 30th, 2013 deadline. The new bleachers have a seating capacity of 192, two companion seats and wheel chair locations for a total of 196. Bleachers also include elite seating. Administration is currently submitting the final report for Western Economic Diversification.
    Re-grading Olympia entrance was completed in October to eliminate flooding in the Olympia Room, storage areas and to create an accessible emergency access for emergency vehicles.

Arena Workshop: 
    The Parks Foreman is currently creating a work- shop at the Winfield Agriplex. This area will allow the Parks Foreman to complete projects in the Agriplex thus effectively managing time by not returning to the County workshop.

Parks Department:
    Administration and the Parks Foreman have identified many key maintenance issues that will help guide the County to make better long term decisions in the operations of the Parks Department.  Some major projects that have been identified in the Parks Department include: replacement of header trench and major roof repair at the Winfield Agriplex, replacement or repair of Winfield Rodeo Ground bleachers and renovations to the County Parks washroom facilities.

FCSS Update: 
• Administration will be revising the Family Community Support Services (FCSS) grant applications and evaluation forms to fall in line with other municipalities and will assist with the provincial outcomes report and allocation of funds.
• Administration will provide more support through our website and in person meetings with applying agencies and community groups.
• The Homemaking Program provides general homemaking, such as: vacuuming, dusting, washing floors, laundry, spring and fall cleaning. Eligible rate payers may include seniors, the disabled or those who may require some extra help while recovering from a hospital visit. Referrals can come from family members, friends, doctors, or themselves. A fee based on income is charged per hour. Currently there are 29 clients on the east end of the county and 29 on the west end giving us a total of 58 housekeeping clients. 
• The County of Wetaskiwin provides medical transportation to seniors and disabled residents to attend medical appointments. In the month of October there were 12 trips with a total of 3,434 kilometers and 61 hours. In the month of November there were 12 trips with a total of 2,632 kilometers and 62.5 hours.

Recreational Needs Assessment Update:
    County Administration had a project start-up meeting on August 5, 2013 with the Genivar staff assigned to the County of Wetaskiwin Recreational Needs Assessment project. 
Phase 1. Planning Context.
Phase 2. Consultation.
Phase 3. Needs Assessment.
Phase 4. Analyze and Evaluate.
Phase 5. Recreation Master Plan.
    The consulting firm will use the information gathered in the visioning session along with the information from the initial study phases to create the final Recreation Master Plan which is scheduled for delivery in January 2014.
    Administration received a proposal from Genivar seeking additional funding of $10,004.00 for the additional presentations to Council and Community Groups. Council tabled the request pending a viewing of the Master Plan.

South Side Waste Water Committee
    Larry McKeever was appointed to the South Side Waste Water Committee for internal Municipal waste water services meetings.

Strategic and Business Planning Workshop for 2014 Budget
    The first dates for the Strategic and Business Planning workshop for the 2014 Budget were completed Nov 21st, 25th & 27th at the Battle Lake 4-H Centre. The final two days for the Strategic and Business Planning Workshop for 2014 Budget will be held February 5th & 7th, 2014 at the County Administration building.

Appointment to JEDI AGM
    Council appointed one Council member to represent and vote on behalf of the County of Wetaskiwin at the JEDI Annual General Meeting scheduled for January 23rd, 2013.

Emerging Trends Seminar 2014
    Brownlee LLP is hosting the annual Emerging Trends in Municipal Law seminar on Thursday, February 13, 2014 in Edmonton at the Coast Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre. Council will advise who is able to attend and the CAO will approve the attendance of staff who would benefit from attending the seminar.

West Central Planning Agency Board annual Budget Meeting
    West Central Planning Agency was created in 1995 by the City of Wetaskiwin, the Counties of Wetaskiwin and Ponoka, and the Towns of Millet, Ponoka and Rimbey. The Town of Ponoka withdrew their membership with the Agency a few years ago.  The Agency provides planning services to the five municipalities on contract. The total in fees to be paid to West Central Planning Agency for 2014 is $93,711.00 and of that the County of Wetaskiwin's fee will be $31,296.76.

Peaceful Valley Advisory Committee
    Peaceful Valley Provincial Recreation Area and Day Use Lodge is located just south of Highway 13 along Highway 771 and is dedicated to serving seniors, the handicapped and terminally ill persons. Council approved appointment of a member to the Advisory Committee.

Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Members – Appointment
    Council appointed Mr. Mojelski and Mr. Matiko to sit on the SDAB for a three year term effective January 1st, 2014 to December 31st, 2016.

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