Council Notes From All Over

Barry McDonald

    The following are brief highlights of the City of Wetaskiwin meeting. For more detailed information contact Frank Coutney, CAO (780) 361-6223

Annual Bylaw- Short Term Borrowing
    The Alberta School Foundation Fund (ASFF) requisition is payable by the end of March and June prior to collection of the August 31st property tax due date, therefore short term borrowing is required to cover other County operating expenses. By the end of June, the County will be required to remit approximately $3 million.

JEDI - Edie Spagrud, 
    The primary goals for JEDI  in the 2014-2019 JEDI Strategic Plan include:
• Business Retention & Expansion.
• Business Attraction.
• Industrial Land Supply/Inventory.
• Labour Force Development.
• Focused Communications and Leadership.
    Concerted efforts will be made in 2014-19 to ensure suitable, marketable industrial parcels are developed to attract industry/business to the JEDI region. Additionally, there will be more focused communication within JEDI municipal partnership and key business/industry stakeholders. JEDI’s Annual General Meeting takes place on Thursday, January 23, 2014 at 5:30 pm in the County Administration Building. The annual JEDI requisition is $124,138.

Outstanding Fire Account - South Pigeon Lake Fire Department
    On December 16, 2013, Director of Emergency Services, Mike Zajac, attended a pre-trial conference regarding the County of Wetaskiwin No.10 vs. D & S Havanka Enterprises Ltd. At the pre-trial conference judgment was awarded in the favor of the County of Wetaskiwin No.10 for the sum of $1,066.80. The $34.76 remaining on D & S Havanka Enterprises Ltd. AR account for penalties will be written off.

Contributing to the Health of Pigeon Lake 
    The Summer Villages of Crystal Springs and Norris Beach submitted a letter requesting the County of Wetaskiwin to participate in a joint application under the provincial department of Municipal Affairs’ Regional Collaboration Program (RCP) for a project titled "Contributing to the Health of Pigeon Lake – the Southside Wastewater Collaboration Plan". The RCP program provides non matching funds (no financial commitment required) for municipalities that work together on a joint project.
    Council approved participation in the Summer Villages of Crystal Springs, Ma-Me-O Beach, Norris Beach, Grandview, Poplar Bay initiative in providing a letter confirming that the County of Wetaskiwin will participate in their application. Approval is in principle only and does not imply the County of Wetaskiwin will provide any funding. The project may be up to $250,000.

Brian Waterhouse, Doris Bell & Harold Wynne -  Association of Pigeon Lake Municipalities
    Mr. Brian Waterhouse (Chairman), Ms. Doris Bell, (Mayor of the Summer Village of Crystal Springs) and Mr. Harold Wynne, (CAO of the Summer Village Sundance) updated Council on the formation of the subcommittee and discuss an initiative of applying to Municipal Affairs’ under the Regional Collaboration Program (RCP) for their project titled "Improving the Health of Alberta Lakes — An In-Lake Investigation, Plan and Pilot Project".
    APLM's role is to use a multi-pronged approach in the Pigeon Lake Watershed Management Plan (PLWMP) in reducing nutrients into Pigeon Lake
    Moved: by Councillor G. Dearing that the County develop an Ad-Hoc Committee consisting of the Reeve (Kathy Rooyakkers), Councillor from Division 5 (Larry McKeever) and the Chief Administrative Officer (Frank Coutney), Chairman of the Association of Pigeon Lake (Brian Waterhouse), Vice Chair (Doris Bell), Harold Wynne (CAO for Summer Village of Sundance/Silver Beach) and Sylvia Roy (CAO Summer Villages of Argentia Beach, Crystal Springs, Golden Days, Grandview, MaMeO Beach, Norris Beach and Poplar Bay), Leduc County Mayor (John Whaley) to review the Association of Pigeon Lake Municipalities "Governance Procedures" and the  "Terms Of Reference" for the "In-Lake Technical Subcommittee" with the intent to create a governance model that will meet the County of Wetaskiwin’s satisfaction and clearly outline the mandate, governance structure, goals and objectives of the association.

The County of Wetaskiwin Library Board 
    The County of Wetaskiwin Library Board Member for Zone "B", for the area from the S.H. 771 east to Highway 2A, (currently Delores Kreutz) expired December 31, 2013. An advertisement was placed in the Pipestone Flyer advising residents of the Board position. No applications have been received. Council is to solicit to fill the position.

Penalty Cancellation Request – Hazen
    On April 26, 2013 a subdivision (lot line adjustment) for properties legally described as NW-32 45-23-W4M (78.78 acres) and NW-32-45-23-W4M (79.18 acres) was registered with Alberta Land Titles. The registered property owners at that time were Walter & Lynn Recknagle owning the 78.78 acre parcel and Ware Farms Inc. owning the other 79.18 acre parcel. The new property owners were not notified of the taxes outstanding due to the timing of the 2013 subdivision.
    Council approved the request for penalty cancelation in the amount of $100.57. 

Honourable Verlyn Olson, Minister of Agriculture & MLA Camrose-Wetaskiwin - Invitation Open House
    Council noted the date and time for the Honourable Verlyn Olson’s  New Year's Open House at Huckleberries Restaurant in Wetaskiwin on Wednesday, January 8th, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Alberta Health - Minister's Seniors Service Award Nomination
    The awards recognize those whose volunteer efforts have made a positive contribution to the lives of Alberta Seniors. The nominee must be an Alberta resident of any age or an Alberta organization and must provide volunteer services directly to seniors in Alberta. The winners will be recognized at a special ceremony held during Senior's Week in June 2014.

North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance - Request for Funding
    The NSWA is requesting funding consideration based on their estimate of the proportion of the County's population in the North Saskatchewan Watershed in the amount of $0.50 per capita (total = $543.50) contribution for 2013. Council denied the request based on the results of the 2010 Strategic Planning Session.

Recognition Book - Alberta/NWT Command Legion
    The County of Wetaskiwin No. 10 was requested to sponsor an advertisement in the Military Service Recognition Book. The book will a first class, full size publication with approximately 300 pages. Sales of the book will support programs such as scholarships, cadets and sports.

Council denied the request.


Barry McDonald

    Wetaskiwin City Council invites the public to attend their regular meetings in Council Chambers (4705 - 50 Ave). The following are brief highlights of the City of Wetaskiwin meeting. For more detailed information contact City Manager, Ted Gillespie at 780 361 4400. 

JEDI Strategic Plan and 2013 Budget
JEDI Municipal Partners contribution:
• County of Wetaskiwin $124,138.53.
• City of Wetaskiwin $143,371.26.
• Town of Millet $23,895.21.
    In the 2014 – 2018 Strategic Plan, concerted efforts will be made to ensure suitable, marketable industrial parcels are developed to attract industry/business to the JEDI region. Additionally, there will be more focused communication within JEDI municipal partnership and key business/industry stakeholders. Council questioned how return on investment will be measured.
    City Council approved the 2014 - 2018 Joint Economic Development Initiative Strategic Plan.
    City Council approved the 2014 Joint Economic Development Initiative Budget.
    The City designated Tyler Gandam as the City representative for the January 23, 2014 Joint Economic Development Initiative Annual General Meeting.

Library Board Meeting
    Updated Library Board on Council ratification of lease and money for improvements
• Update from Manager on Death By Chocolate Event, approximately 70 people attended.
• 50/50 draw completed and $1500 raised for Friends of the Library.
• $15,000 donation received to upgrade wiring for new computer stations.
• Library programing will be reduced while renovations to library spaces is going on.

Wetaskiwin Area & Lodge Authority
• Responsible for operating & maintaining social housing projects (Lodges).
• Has requisitioning power.
• The Bethany Group has been the management body, since 2008.
• Peace Hills Lodge (owned by WALA) & West Pine Lodge (Province owned). Both qualify for Provincial funding.
• Basic services provided: all meals & snacks, linens & laundry, housekeeping, activities, on   site 13 hour staffing, basic furniture.
• Resident rent covers about 70% of operating costs.
• Peace Hills Lodge: has a $8,200,000 loan arranged by County in 2010; 25 year debt – fixed interest rate.
• Operational costs: WALA average per resident per day $4.45 Provincial average: $13.16.

Requisition Funding by Municipality
County $ 563,937 64%.
City $ 267,313 31%.
Millet $ 43,750 5%.
Chair: Garry Dearing, County of Wetaskiwin
Vice Chair: June Boyda, City of Wetaskiwin.
No increase in overall requisition amount from 2013.

    Attendance - Kevin Lucas, Donna Juba, Adrian Chubaty, Leslie Wilson, Don Elliot, Tyler Gandam Kevin's Updates:
• Curling Rink back up and running, leak in the wall.
• ODR up and running. Lights are on all night, looking into a timer.
• Flooring tentatively going in Drill Hall in March. Curtains going in, in June.
• Permission has been given to put cross country ski trails at the Glen. Social Media will be used to let individuals know that this is open and available for use. It is also suggested to link the Glen with By the Lake Park and Peace Hills Park. Looking at putting in a double track to allow more than one person. 
• Pool still scheduled to open April/May for a soft opening, allowing the people that have donated to swim first and work out any kinks.
• Booking ice on-line. It is working on a system that can allow ice and swim fees to be paid.

Manluk Centre Sponsorship and Borrowing Bylaw for $2,450,000
    The budget for construction of the Manluk Centre included a fundraising public component of $2,750,000 from sponsorships and public donations. Most of the sponsorships making up the fundraising goal are pledged over a 5 to 10 year period. 
    The bylaw authorizes the Council of the     Municipality to incur indebtedness by the issuance of debenture(s) in the amount of $2,450,000 for the purpose of financing the long-term sponsorships pledged and any public capital campaign shortfall for the Wetaskiwin Regional Aquatic Centre now named the “Manluk Centre”.
    Council questioned if the loan would add to the debt limit and to increased taxes. Administration responded that they expect to raise the funds and will make payments as presented.
    Council give third and final reading to Bylaw 1827-13. The summary presented by Administration reports shows that if the Fundraising Committee does not achieve the $3M fundraising goal, the interest on the loan could add up to $394,344 to the $22,400,000 budgeted for the Manluk Centre.
    Council requested a report on the future plans for the campaign projects and completion.

Bylaw 1829-14 - Land Use Bylaw Amendment
    An application was received from the owner of Plan M4, Block 35, the east half of Lot 7 and the whole of Lot 8, which is civically addressed as 4717 – 49 Avenue, to reclassify this property from R2 – Low Density to Residential to R3 – Medium Density Residential.
The property owner is proposing a side by side fourplex which will then be subdivided based on the location of the firewall to a duplex on each lot.
    City Council give first reading to Bylaw 1829-14 approved a motion to have City Council schedule a public hearing regarding Bylaw 1829-14 for 4:00 p.m. on Monday, February 10, 2014 at the Regular Council meeting to be held in Council Chambers in accordance with City Policy.

Bylaw 1830-14 - Development, Safety Codes and Engineering Fees
    The development, safety codes and engineering fees were established many years ago, and the fees charged no longer cover the cost of providing the services. The purpose of the fee changes is not to generate revenue, but just cover the cost of providing the service.
City Council gave first reading to Bylaw 1830-13.

Assessment Services Contract
    The existing contract with Accurate Assessment Group for assessment services expires on February 28, 2014. A new assessment services contract should be entered into prior to that date.
Council directed Administration to enter into a contract with Accurate Assessment Group at a rate of  $15.00 per parcel per year to provide assessment services for the term of March 1, 2014 to February 28, 2017 with the possibility of a two year extension.

    City Council recognized and congratulated the Samson Cree Nation, the Ermineskin Cree Nation, the Montana First Nation, and the Louis Bull Tribe on the restoration of the Maskwacis name.

Recreation User Fees
    Recreation fees and charges are set up to recover as much cost for service as appropriate while providing an affordable service for the community.  Fees will be adjusted and charged throughout the 2014 year to recreation users. Following questions about several aspects of the presentation, City Council directed Administration to proceed with the proposed changes to fees and charges as presented.

Notices of Motion – Joe Branco
    That Administration be directed to defer filling the vacant Archives Coordinator position until 2015. That Administration will be directed to defer the approved Human Resources position until 2015.
    Following a great deal of discussion and deliberation, Council requested more background information about both motions enabling them to make an informed decision.

Council went into in-camera discussions.



Lorna Lowe

    Council was called to order at 1:30 pm with all Councillors present. Councillor Schonewille attended via Skype while meeting with developers in the U.S. There were no changes to the agenda and no public presentations.

Lease On Bio Monitoring Site: 
    Capital Power/Trans Alta has had an informal agreement with Leduc County for many years for access to a 2.25 hectare bio monitoring site just North of Wizard Lake. The County's General Manager for Community Services, Rick Thomas stated that; "Up to now the use-of-land lease has been casual and informal" , but he was recommending that the County enter into a formal long term lease for the entire site. The proposed lease would be for a ten year term with a renewal option of another ten years. The lease would not involve a monetary fee from Capital Power. Council unanimously passed the agreement.

2014 Fees & Charges Bylaw: 
    As this yearly update was presented to Council Mayor Whaley commented that there had been a lot of discussion in regard to this Bylaw and that "...I think we've reached a compromise that will allow us to move forward."
    Councillor Rick Smith motioned to accept the third Reading of the Bylaw with the removal of the Utility Charges which would be addressed as a separate issue. Council unanimously passed the motion.
    From the gallery, former County Councillor Reinhold Ortlieb pointed out that a motion could not be changed in the Third Reading, and after a recess for staff to check this point of order it was determined that Reinhold was correct. Council had to rescind the motion and unanimously passed all three Readings of a new Bylaw to remove the Utility Charges.

Utility Rates: 
    Proposed changes to the New Sarepta utility rates created much dialogue in Council. Three different rate proposals were brought forward but the final rates that received a motion for acceptance were a mixture of two of the proposals.
    It was motioned for Council to accept a rate increase that would see New Sarepta's rates set at .52 cents above the Nisku rates across the board. This would mean New Sarepta water would increase to $3.18/cube from $2.62/cube, bulk water would increase to $3.50/cube from $2.73/cube, and sewer rates would increase to $2.30/cube from $1.20/cube.
    The reason for the rate increase was to cover the cost of the debenture fee. It was also stated that rates could go up again in September as these are estimated costs at this time and County staff need to track the actual costs over the next 6 months and will be adjusting the pricing as needed at that time. 
    Councillor Kelto stated that this is a "user pay" system and Council should be treating the County as one. "I feel like we are pulling the wool over the eyes of our rate payers. New Sarepta is paying for the cost of a failing system."
Councillor Smith posed the question "The system has been running up until now so if it's "user pay" who has been paying New Sarepta's part up until now?" 
    Councillor Schonewille responded "That's easy, Nisku has been covering the cost."
    The motion passed with Councillors Kelto, Schonewille and Stumph opposed to the first two Readings, and Kelto and Schonewille opposed to the Third.

North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance Funding Request: 
    Councillor Schonewille motioned that Leduc County Council should maintain membership in the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance for 2014 but deny the request of a .50 cent per capita contribution to NSWA's operations, as requested in their letter. The motion passed with Councillor Stumph opposed.
    Council was adjourned at 3:09 pm with no items in camera.



Lorna Lowe

    Council was called to order at 7:03 pm with all Councillors present. There were no changes to the agenda and no public commentary.

Leduc Achievement Award:     
    The Leduc Achievement Award was presented to 15 year old Nick McAvena. Nick overcame several health issues from birth onward and in spite of early challenges eventually developed a love of football. He now plays on the Leduc Bantam TiCats team as #84. People close to Nick shared that he does not allow roadblocks to stop him and he is an inspiration for his teammates.

Grant Request: 
    A request was placed before Council to award a grant to Keegan Edwards in the amount not to exceed $500.00 to help offset costs associated with travel expenses to participate in the USA SEVENS Rugby - Elite Youth Tournament from January 26 - 28, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Council unanimously approved the Grant.

Grant Request: 
    The Santa's Helpers Society sent in a grant request to Council on Dec. 5, 2013 but due to the Christmas break the request was being brought forward after the event. The request was for for an amount not to exceed $2,500.00 to help offset event expenses for their 30th Annual Santa’s Helpers Auction on December 7, 2013 at the Leduc Recreation Centre. Council unanimously approved the request.

Grant Request: 
    A request was received from the Leduc Ladies Volleyball League for an amount not to exceed $2,014.50 to help offset event expenses for their 5th Annual Leduc Ladies Volleyball Tournament on January 18 & 19, 2014 at the Leduc Recreation Centre.
    After reviewing their application Councillor Smith noted that the League was carrying a profit and that they could afford the cost of the rental so questioned as to why the City should help fund the event.
    Councillor Young stated that it was typical to "reward" regular users of city owned facilities by giving them a break on the rental fees of the facility for one large yearly event. He also commented that Leduc does have the highest floor fees in the region.
    Council tabled this item until next meeting pending clarification of several items.

Shared Equipment/Service Agreement: 
    The City and County of Leduc Public Works and Engineering Departments have had an informal agreement for several years in regard to the sharing of services and equipment in order to effect the greatest amount of cost savings. Administration was recommending the agreement be formalized with the   Shared Services, Goods and Equipment Agreement which would address the necessary liability and legal requirements. Council unanimously approved the agreement.

Redistricting West Haven Stage 6 - Second Reading:     The 2nd Reading to Redistrict Stage 6 of West Haven from Urban Reserve to Residential Narrow Lot, General Recreation and Urban Services, creating 11 single detached residential lots, 1 lot for park space, and 1 lot for a K-9 public school was unanimously approved by Council.

Redistricting Harvest Industrial Park Stage 1 - Second Reading: 
    The 2nd Reading to Redistrict the Harvest Industrial Park Stage 1 from Urban Reserve to Urban Services and Light Industrial creating 14 light industrial lots and 2 lots for storm water management was passed unanimously by Council.
    There were no in camera items and Council was adjourned at 8:30 pm. 



Stacie McKinney

    Council was called to order 6:00 p.m. January 8, 2014 by Mayor Lorenson.
Public Hearings
    The hearing was opened by Mayor Lorenson.

Bylaw 2013/11 
    To consider Bylaw 2013-11, which is the Copper Tree Meadows Area Structure Plan for the area legally described as NE-30-47-24-4 and Lot 1, Block Plan 0821908.

Confirmation of Notice  
    Notice was placed in the December 23rd and December 30th editions of the Wetaskiwin Times:
Written Submissions: None. Persons Wishing to be Heard: None. Floor remains open for 5 minutes. Closure of Public Hearing for Bylaw 2013/11.

Addition and Adoption of Minutes
    No additions and the December 11, 2013 minutes are adopted.

Appointments and Delegations; JEDI
       Edie Spagrud, Director of Economic Development, presents the Jedi Board of Directors Strategic Plan and Operating Budget, with the recommendation that Council accepts JEDI’s 2014-2018 Strategic Plan and Operating Budget as presented.
       Council approves motion to accept the budget. Councillor Pydde will attend AGM on behalf of the Town of Millet.

    Council received Councillor Pydde, Recreation Report, C.A.O. report, Mayor’s report, Investment Summary-December, 2013, Bank Reconciliation Report-December, 2013. Council accepts reports as presented.

    Bylaw 2013/11 Copper Tree Area Structure Plan -– 2nd read as amended, Council approves
Bylaw 2014/01 Temporary Borrowing Bylaw – 3rd reading, Council approves.

Agreements – None.

Victim Services – Charity Check Stop
A letter of thanks was sent for Mayor Lorenson’s and Councillor Garrett’s participation.

Yellowhead Regional Library
    Clause Amendment
Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools – Board Highlights

New Business
    Growing Rural Tourism – 14th Annual Growing Tourism Conference March 3 – 5 2014
Councillors Garrett, Pydde and Pyle will be attending.

Millet Curling Club – Advertising
    The Millet Curling Club inquires if the Town of Millet will be renewing the rental of wall space for their business sign at the curling rink for 2013-2014. Council approves. The cost is $180.00.

Facilitating Restorative Justice Training. Tabled for information.

Millet Library – Board Appointments
    Susan Williamson and Myrna Peters are appointed for another 3 years.

Blaine Caulkins – Round Table Invitation
    MP Blaine Caulkins Pre-Budget Consultation Roundtable January 16 in Wetaskiwin.
Councillor Pyle will attend.

Millet Curling Club – Financial Assistance
    The Millet Curling Club needs assistance in paying repair bills for the damage caused by fire during a power brown out in November 2013. The town owns the building and the insurance deductible is $5,000.00, the repairs are approximately $4,500.00 - $4,800.00.
    Council approves and the money will come from the 2013 Administrative Contingency Budget

Interim Budget
    Interim budget adopted until the actual operating budget is adopted.
Council approves.

Winter Street Maintenance Budget
    The following changes were made:
2.1.1- Was changed from the Public Works Coordinator to the Public Services Director.
2.1.2- Was changed from the Public Works Coordinator to the Public Services Director.
2.5 – This section was added to allow the relocation of accumulation of snow in the case of a safety or visibility concern.

JEDI- The Future Work Force in Alberta
    Meeting will be in Wetaskiwin January 30, 2014. Councillor Sadoroszney will attend.

Council was adjourned at 6:55 p.m.

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