Good Samaritans Appreciated by a Wetaskiwin Senior

Vol. 15, Issue 4, The Leduc-Wetaskiwin Pipestone Flyer

I would like to express by appreciation for the kindness I received from some total strangers in Wetaskiwin.  With all the snowfall and some of the residential roads not having proper snow removal it has been very hard to get around with my car.  So on Monday, Jan. 10th, I got my car severely stuck north of 37A  Ave., on 55 Street.

For anybody seeing my predicament my car looked like it was not going anywhere.  While I was there a fellow in truck and a young woman in a van stopped to help.  Then another woman who I saw come from Sunrise Village came out to help.  All three pushed my car out and I was able to drive home. I forgot to get their names, but I would like to publically thank them for their kindness.  It is so good to see that we live in a city where people help each other.  I so much appreciated meeting those good samaritans. Thank you.

Carol Hahn, Wetaskiwin

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