Council Notes From All Over

Barry McDonald

Chamber of Commerce Highlights – Bert Horvey
•Schedule of Business Luncheons, Lunch and Learn and Member Relations Functions.
•|The need to improve Financial Reporting Systems.
•Business Awards criteria, selection process and promotion efforts.
•Wetaskiwin Spring Showcase (Trade Show/ Trade Fair) April 11-13.
•2014-2016 Strategic Plan.
•New Policies and Procedures.
•New Website to be launched February 10.
•Canada Summer Employment Grant.
•Updated fees for memberships, business luncheons and board room rentals.
•Pioneer Days (Wetaskiwin Summer Festival) June 13-15.
•Membership advertising opportunities.
•Next meeting March 11 at 4 PM.
JEDI Board Re-org Meeting and AGM – Bert Horvey
Highlights Reviewed:
•Elected 2014 executive.
•2012 Audited Financial Statements.
•2014 Budget.
•2014 Business Plan.
Bylaw 1829-14 - Land Use Bylaw Amendment
    An application was received from the owner of Plan M4, Block 35, the east half of Lot 7 and the whole of Lot 8, which is civically addressed as 4717 – 49 Avenue, to reclassify this property from R2 – Low Density Residential to R3 – Medium Density Residential. The property owner is proposing a side by side fourplex which will then be subdivided based on the location of the firewall to a duplex on each lot. City Council gave second reading and  third and final reading to Bylaw 1829- 14.

Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame – 2014 Inductees
    City Council proclaimed Mr. Clive J. Beddoe, Ms. Lorna DeBlicquy, Mr. Robert Parsons Engle and Mr. Fred Moore as honorary citizens of the City of Wetaskiwin. Honorary Citizens will be presented with a plaque and a key to the City at the induction banquet held in May.

Policy #1103, Council Remuneration and Expense Reimbursement
    Council Remuneration and Expense Reimbursement states that remuneration shall be reviewed annually by Council and may be adjusted at their discretion, but should normally be adjusted annually by inflation as defined by the Alberta Consumer Price Index identified by Statistics Canada for the prior calendar year. Council (unanimously) directed administration that there would not be an increase in remuneration. 
Annual Remuneration for Mayor & Council
Annual Remuneration for Mayor $38,292.09. $19,145.98 per annum for expenses $ 57,438.07.
Annual Remuneration for Aldermen $18,380.15 
$9,190.10 per annum for expenses $27,570.25.
Per Diem Rates $50.00 for up to two hours. $100.00 for two to four hours.$200.00 for full day.
Policy #1402, Compensation Policy, Section 12, states that “Council may annually, at their sole discretion, apply a cost of living factor to the City (employee) pay grid, in order to maintain the city pay structure in a competitive position. Approved.
Paid-On-Call Volunteer Firefighter Remuneration Policy approved (Effective January 1, 2014).
Captain $22.69 / hour. Lieutenant $21.15 / hour Firefighter First Class $20.11 / hour Firefighter Second Class $19.34 / hour Firefighter Third Class $18.62 / hour Firefighter Fourth Class $15.47 / hour Probationary Firefighter $13.41 / hour 

Urban Farming
    Administration was directed to prepare a report on the impact of Urban Agriculture, with respect to rabbits, chickens, bees, and pigeons, on the City of Wetaskiwin, including the bylaws and legislation which would be required to be amended, the experiences of Urban Agriculture on other communities, and possible associated costs. Administration supports and encourages the agriculture portion (gardens) of urban farming and is confident that the current nuisance and weed bylaws will support this.
    Although the concept of Urban Farming and the raising of poultry, bees and other livestock are positive and based on sustainability, administration anticipates significant challenges with this and does not support these types of animals in residential areas at this time.
     City Council received the report on Urban Farming as information.
    Our vision is to create a Safe, Strong and Proud community.

Manluk Marketing Update
    At the Regular Council meeting held January 21, 2014 City Council approved a motion to “appoint Councillor Patricia MacQuarrie and Councillor Wayne Neilson to represent Council on the Marketing focus group for the Manluk Centre.” As reported to Council, the focus group is set as a marketing initiative with the Manager of Edmonton Regional Tourism to prepare a marketing plan to be implemented after the opening of the Manluk Centre.
    The focus group, will include members from the community, the Recreation board, Council and City staff, will search out and identify users external to the City, new and innovative markets both within and external to the City, as well as determining the best way of marketing the facility to them.
    Councillors expressed concern that the Manluk Marketing report presented by Administration was not a report describing a quantifiable ‘marketing plan’ they had requested at the January 27th meeting.



Linda M. Steinke
        Bylaw #2014-02 Code of Conduct was given first and second reading and will come into effect on the date of the third reading. 
        Bylaw # 2014-03—Amendment to Meeting Procedures Bylaw #2008-08 was given first and second reading. The amendment outlines both the election of Mayor by a vote of the whole municipality and the process of election of the Deputy Mayor (on a 12-month rotating basis; alphabetical by the surnames of the Councillors).
“Prescription to Get Active”
        Thorsby Arctic Spas Recreation Complex has partnered with the Edmonton and area Primary Care Networks (PCNs) including Leduc Devon Primary Care Network in “Prescription to Get Active” venture—a unique program where family physicians and their health care teams prescribe physical activity to patients who would benefit from increased activity.
        Three area communities’ recreational facilities have been designated for the“Prescription to Get Active” program: Beaumont Aqua-Fit Centre, Leduc Recreation Centre, and Thorsby Arctic Spas Recreation Complex (ASRC). 
        Thorsby Parks and Recreation Director, Ms Kelley Probe, said there will be a banner to hang in the participating community recreation facilities--each will include the Village of Thorsby logo.  A banner has been ordered for the Arctic Spas Rec Centre. 
Sunnybrook Access Cards
        A new card system allowing Village of Thorsby residents to access services at the Sunnybrook Solid Waste Transfer Station (SSWTS) will soon be implemented. The new card grants the user a one-time access to the SSWTS. The transfer station attendant will collect the card as payment for the services offered at the transfer station. The current reusable access cards will no longer be accepted after February 28, 2014.
        The Village of Thorsby will purchase twenty cards at $10 each from Leduc County Public Works and review the response of residents to the fees before proceeding to purchase a large volume of cards. 
        In the past, Leduc County provided ten reusable cards to the Village which were lent out on deposit to Thorsby residents, providing them access to the transfer station.  Over the years, many cards were not returned to the village office—currently, only two cards remain.
         D. Bryant, Leduc County Utilities Manager, states in a letter to the Village Administration, “The ten-dollar fee represents the costs associated with materials handling and transport from the SSWTS to final disposal or processing as needed.” 
        Current operating hours are Wednesday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.. Shingles and dead animals are the only two items stated as “not accepted.” Vehicles exceeding three tons will not be granted access. Loads are not to exceed a typical 8-foot pickup box filled to no greater depth than 3 feet (0.9 m). Approximate total volume of up to 3.5 cu yards (2.7 m3) only will be allowed per facility access.
        The Village may purchase cards for its own use if it wishes to continue to access the Transfer Station.
Town Manager Position
        According to Mayor Rasch, Council completed the interview process and extended an offer to an unnamed candidate for Town Manager, but had not received a reply at the time of the February 4 Regular Council meeting. Council discussed the possibility of calling either a special or electronic meeting to officially appoint the T.M. since the next Regular Council meeting is not until February 28. 
        Mayor Rasch reported the results of the 39/20 Alliance Organizational Meeting: Chair—Don Faulkner of Calmar; Vice-Chair—Kevin Maine of Warburg; Secretary—Barry Rasch of Thorsby. Breton CAO Terry Molenkamp will serve as recording secretary. 


Lorna Lowe

    Council was called to order at 1:34 pm with Councillor Smith absent. There were two additions and one deletion to the agenda and no public commentary.
    Update on New Sarepta Agriplex Expansion: The County's Director of of Parks and Recreation, Dean Ohnysty, came before Council to give an update on the expansion and renovations currently underway at the New Sarepta Agriplex. He shared that the project was on track both fiscally as well as the originally estimated timeline for completion. He stated that the expansion is now 80% complete and expected to be finished in time for a grand opening on June 7th. 
    Dean gave high praise to Clarke Builders, the company creating the expansion, and stated that they had been working with the County and community every step of the way.
    There are a couple of smaller side projects that will not be completed until a later date, one of which is the new fitness centre which will take the place of the old banquet hall/multi purpose room upstairs in the building. Dean shared that there has been a lot of community interest in having this fitness centre and that it will be completed this fall "for sure".

Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee Appointments: 
    Council unanimously re-appointed two people to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee for two year terms of service. Dana Jensen will continue to represent the Calmar Recreation District and Tracy Musson will continue to represent the Thorsby Recreation District.

Amendment to Wizard Lake ASP: After hearing a presentation on the amendments from County Administration as well as listening to residents who objected to the Bylaw and informed Council that they felt the Bylaw was "not fair" in that it excluded a small group of established homeowners that do not live in a subdivision. Council recessed the Public Hearing with no decision until such time as Administration can complete a new amendment. 

Mutual Aid Agreement:             County Council unanimously ratified a Mutual Aid Agreement with the City of Leduc for shared equipment and services. Councillor Stumph motioned for acceptance of this motion by stating that "It just goes to show how well we (the City and County) work together." The City of Leduc had approved the agreement at their previous council meeting. 

Nisku No Parking Bylaw:
     A No Parking Bylaw was brought before Council that effectively covers every roadway within the Nisku Industrial Park. "We are casting as wide a net as possible," said Director of Public Works and Engineering Des Mryglod.
    The Bylaw will come into effect as soon as Council passes all three Readings but County Peace Officer and Director of Enforcement Services for the County, Clarence Nelson, informed Council that it was going to take some time to "phase in" the Bylaw. "We will be concentrating on the high traffic areas first. It's not going to be a switch we flip on Monday. We will use common sense in implementing this Bylaw." stated Clarence.  
    The first two Readings of the Bylaw passed unanimously with the third Reading failing from Mayor Whaley voting in opposition in order to give the public a little more notification time and forcing the Bylaw to come back at the next council meeting. 

No Truck Route Bylaw: 
    A proposed designated No Truck Route that effectively surrounded the Town of Beaumont with the exception of 50th Street was referred to Public Works for more discussion with the Town of Beaumont prior to making a decision. Councillor Dublanko was concerned that Beaumont Town officials had not been brought in to these planning decisions and suggested that "in the spirit of municipal cooperation" discussions occur with Beaumont's administration prior to a decision being made.

Clearwater Valley Pony Club Sponsorship Request: 
    The CVPC submitted their annual request for County sponsorship of their Horse Trials on June 7-8, 2014, that the County maintain their $1,000.00 sponsorship level and that they further provide a $1,200.00 sponsorship to cover the full cost of having an ambulance on site for those two days. Council denied the request with Mayor Whaley voting in favour.

Dreams Take Flight Sponsorship Request: 
    Council unanimously approved the request to provide a silent auction item (up to a value of $200.00) for the Dreams Take Flight Fundraiser being held on March 15, 2014.
Beaumont Atom AA Hockey Team Sponsorship Request: 
    Council received a request from the Beaumont Atoms for a $500.00 sponsorship to assist in hosting the 2014 AA Provincial Championships on March 20-23. Council unanimously approved the request.
    Council was adjourned with no items in camera



Council was called to order at 7:02 pm with Mayor Krischke and Councillor Finstad absent. There were no changes to the agenda and no public commentary.

Regional Update From MLA George Rogers: 
    MLA Rogers brought news to Council that the Hwy 2 and 65th Ave. interchange has not significantly moved forward and needed "Continued work on a functional plan and the positioning of this project as a priority for the Government of Alberta."
    He also informed Council that he was anticipating an announcement, possibly later this week, of a new STAR Catholic School for Leduc. If and when the announcement becomes official, MLA Rogers said that the most likely placement for the school would be in the Southfork neighbourhood.

Presentation Of Alberta Emergency Services Medal: 
    Fire Chief Ernie Polsom stated that he was presenting this medal to a "particularly deserving" member of Leduc Fire Services, Mike Skinner. Mike has been with Leduc Fire Services since 2010 but also has a history of serving in the military, as well as working in pre-hospital emergency services. Chief Polsom said that since joining the Leduc Fire Services Mike has "taken the lead in many things" and has shown a "great commitment of service". The Alberta Emergency Services Medal is presented to Emergency Service Personnel who have given 12 years of service within the Province of Alberta.    

AHS Ambulance Contract:     Negotiations began in 2010, between the City of Leduc and AHS, regarding a long term contract for ambulance services within the City. After much negotiation the City received a formal offer from AHS for continued ambulance service by Leduc Fire Services on January 10, 2014. Administration recommended that Council, in principle, accept a one year term of the contract which will cost $2,585,527.00 for the period of April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015. 
    Chief Polsom stated that it was almost impossible to accurately estimate what the financial burden might be more than two years in advance and the most significant risk was how to continue to grow the funding with AHS and the government in relation to the growth costs for the City. "We must be diligent in monitoring costs." said Chief Polsom.
    Council unanimously agreed in principle, to the one year contract and instructed Administration to continue working with AHS in order to execute a long term contract.

Offsite Levy Bylaw: 
    The Off-Site Levy fund is needed to fund new or expanded transportation, water and sanitary sewer infrastructure projects that are needed to accommodate new subdivision development. The combined Off-Site Levy charges to the developers will increase between $8,613 (7%) and $12,806 (11%) for the residential development areas and will increase $10,002 (14%) for the industrial development areas when comparing the rates to the present Off-Site Levy Bylaw No 813-2013. The new annexation lands will be combined with the existing west basin and will have an overall per Ha levy of $140,191. Council unanimously passed the First Reading of the Bylaw.
    Council was adjourned with no in camera 
items for discussion.

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