Council Notes From All Over

Barry McDonald

Kevin Lucas, Director of Community Services Arenas
•Monitored snow load on both roofs. Some deflection was noted but remained within tolerance.
•Icemen out of playoff run. Will not need to “bump” other users to accommodate games.
•Icebear ice resurfacer has undergone several component replacements since it failed in January. 
•Back in operation, Big Hill repair could not pin point the exact cause of failure.
•All outside lights around arenas and drill hall have been changed to an LED light fixture.
•New staff, Tiffany (Operator) and Shaleen (attendant) started Feb 19.
•Continuing with Camera installs throughout the Arenas. 

Curling Rink
•Many challenges with the ice this year.
•working on a monitor for the curling rink ice maker to allow  for changes to be made onsite.

Drill Hall
Curtain and flooring project is underway. Hardware is up for the divider curtain. Sport floor in production with logos and lines. Operators are getting area ready for the sport floor storage unit. 

Aboussafy Aquatic Centre
•Main Pool Filter tank failure in January, repair is holding. 
•Slide has been taken out of service due to structure fatigue, safety concerns.
•Basketball backboard taken out of service due to safety concerns.
•Close to 300 people participated in the Family Day free swim at the Aquatic Centre.

•Completed Recommended Experience Business Program form ERTG. 
•Manluk Centre will now be listed as a preferred destination on all literature produced from the Edmonton Regional Tourism Group.
•Preparing material for Camrose Tourism Conference.
•Setting up booth at Wetaskiwin Trade Fair to show case Tourism, Partnerships and the Manluk Centre.
•Working with printer for marketing material for Manluk Centre.
•Waiting on TOA (Tour of Alberta) for final confirmation for our participation in this year’s tour.
•Assisting with the preparation for opening the Manluk Centre.

Family Community Support Services
•New administration staff has joined the team.
•Preparing for provincial audit this year.
•Ensuring our measurements and outcomes of programs are being met.
•Home support continues to be a valued service for clients.
•Meals on Wheels demand have lessened, able to service clients from one route.
•Collecting data for a community need/poverty reduction assessment for Wetaskiwin.
Manluk Centre Construction Update
An update on the construction of the Manluk Centre, and Wetaskiwin Regional Aquatic and Fitness is provided for Council information. 

    The current Quality Management Plan approved by Council for the City of Wetaskiwin does not meet the new requirements set out by the  Safety Codes Council and needs to be updated. In 2008 Council approved the existing Quality Management Plan (QMP) which is the Uniform Quality Management Plan for Alberta. QMP is a document in which the City describes the disciplines and extent of safety services to be provided as part of our accreditation. 
    The Safety Code Council requires the QMP to be updated to address some issues that were not part of the 2008 QMP such as internal auditing. The proposed QMP is the Uniform Quality Management Plan customized to reflect Wetaskiwin’s bylaws, policies and procedures.
Council approved the  Uniform Quality Management  Plan for the City of Wetaskiwin.

Flag Half Masting
    On March 12, 2014 the Province of Alberta flags will be lowered to half-mast to commemorate the end of Canada’s 12-year military mission in Afghanistan.

Administrative Action Sheet
    Council is provided an Administrative Action Sheet as a report on the status of issues that have been directed by Council. 

Equipment purchase Manluk Centre $155,106 – reported by Kevin Lucas
    A component of the Manluk Centre is a fitness centre located on the second floor of the facility. Equipment for the fitness centre must be purchased in a timely fashion to facilitate the opening of the fitness area.
    Contact was made with Fitness suppliers. Only Apple and Flaman responded. It quickly became apparent that the Flaman proposal would be the more competitive.  Flaman provided a quote for equipment that is very competitive providing an approximate 41.5%  saving from retail costs.
    As a part of their proposal, Flaman is offering a $300,000 “in kind” contribution to the Manluk Centre in exchange for the naming rights to the fitness area. Details of the proposed contribution  include purchasing discount on the original purchase, ten hours of maintenance service ($95/hr.) per month over the next ten years, and a 34% purchasing discount on any new equipment purchased over the next years. As the life of many of the exercise pieces is estimated at 3-5 years, there will certainly be a requirement for additional purchases over the 10 year time period.
    Council approved that the required equipment for the Manluk Centre be purchased from Flaman Fitness at a cost of $155,106.
Opposed Councillor Joe Branco.



Linda M. Steinke
        Barbara Engelbart, Executive Director of Leduc-Nisku Economic Development Association (LNEDA) and LNEDA Board Chair Emma Pietroleonardo made a presentation of their new plans and strategic vision for the organization. 
        In a letter to council, Engelbart outlined four key activities LNEDA is undertaking to support the Village of Warburg:
1)LNEDA is building a new website which will provide regional information with focus on each individual municipality, focus on various industry sectors, and easy access to site selection information. “We will be developing a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy which will directly target site selectors, realtors, developers and others looking at business expansion and opportunities.
2)Regional Collateral—The Village of Warburg will be included in all regional collateral developed for tradeshows and events.
3)Events—In order to further promote the Village of Warburg, we include the Village in opportunities to promote the area, including visiting delegations, realtors and developers’ forums, and LNEDA to attract people to the region, as applicable.
4)Small and Medium Sized Enterprise (SME) Support—LNEDA is developing a system of supports for the SMEs in the area looking at start-up or expansion.  The region lacks these supports and LNEDA will bring a variety of partners to the table to offer these supports through different programs. This enables more SME’s to develop and be supported in the Village as well as the entire region. 
     “We will always consider the Village as we look at other opportunities to promote the region.”  She stated LNEDA is undertaking the development of a long term reporting structure that will keep its funding partners and members up to date on the activities taking place, as well as engaging in consistent communication.
        One other LNEDA project has been to bring a line of bus service from Edmonton to the outlying areas.
        Pietroleonardo stressed LNEDA is not simply “playing from the Economic Playbook.”   It is actively mining intel and doing data base testing for local businesses with the focus being development.
         “We engage different networks and have made retail connections to market the region,” Engelbart told Council. “This is not just about Nisku, but the entire region. We lost our way.  We are now looking at the GDP, population stats and exploring how to attract competitive business.  We are not there yet, but we are building.”  She said the new website and community profiles will enhance the ability to market the region with emphasis on casting a wider net, “not just a Nisku or Edmonton retail objective.”
Draft Budget: 
    Council looked over the 2014 budget working copy. Councillor Maine inquired about the special funding line item of $10,000 which is up from $100 in 2013.  CAO Pankewitz said there are more requests for the poverty youth subsidies for hockey and skating, adding there are also forwards to the Canadian Tire Jump Start applications. Sports places give used equipment that helps them and helps through this funding. Councillor Maine said one in four kids cannot afford sports.
     The Multi-year Capital Infrastructure Plan 2011-2021 was updated from the January 27 meeting to include the RV park upgrades, sewer line flush, cleaning the water tank in the 2014 budget and deleting the aerator and going every ten years with cleaning the water tank.  Council approval for this change is tabled until the line by line budget discussions commence.
    Donnelly and Company LLP of Edmonton has been the Village of Warburg auditor for the past 25 years.  CAO noted having background information helps and Donnelly came in with the best proposal.  Councillor Maine inquired about the cost and asked if Administration had compared rates with other firms.  CAO reported the cost with this firm is $15,000 for the audit and that other tenders were sent out last year.  Council approved the appointment of Donnelly as the auditor for the 2014 year.
    Council unanimously approved the cost sharing agreement for the multi-jurisdiction permitting system for oversize and overweight vehicles. These cost sharing of permit fees with municipal partners will come into place on April 1, 2014.  
        According to Kerry Leslie, TRAVIS Specialist with Alberta Transportation, TRAVIS-MJ provides a convenient one-stop online multi-jurisdictional permitting source for truckers hauling oversize loads across Alberta, provided the municipality is on board.  Currently, several area municipalities are on board: Leduc County, Wetaskiwin County, and Parkland County are.  Brazeau County is not. Truckers may go online for permits by visiting 
National Dementia Strategy Resolution: 
    Council approved the resolution to establish a national level dementia strategy through Bill C-356.  Three quarters of a million Canadians are affected and this number is expected to double to 1.4 million in a generation.  According to the Bill’s sponsor, MP Claude Gravelle, costs related to dementia are now at $33 billion per year and are expected to skyrocket to $293 billion by 2040. Gravelle experienced being overwhelmed as a caregiver while dealing with his mother’s Alzheimer’s. 
Subdivision revision:              Council approved returning three parcels of industrial land that were subdivided in 2007 back into one lot. Alberta Transportation has requested this because it doesn’t want access roads coming off Highway 770. 
Empty lot woes:
        Council discussed the problem of owners not looking after their empty lots—sidewalk clearing and piled garbage.  Council wants notices sent out and fines levied if owners are not caring for empty lots. If neighbours are piling garbage and birds are getting into it,  CAO suggests phoning bylaw with complaints.  
        Councillor Maine said, “I don’t think (the Bylaw Officer’s) ever fined anyone.  It only gets cleaned when the Village goes down there.  That’s $20 each time if the Village does it.  The snow needs to be shovelled and garbage tended to.  
        Councillor Smith said she likes to see people taking care of their lots.  "It’s prevalent everywhere in town. The neighbors have to look at these huge eyesores; there must be a way of making people comply with this. Warnings don’t work."  
        Maine agreed.  "Warnings do nothing.  There are 8-10 garbage bags on the street, and the dogs, cats and birds spread it.  Bylaws are useless if we are not enforcing them.  Fines start at $50 then up to $300 for not looking after property."
        Councillor Rapati suggested upgrading the Bylaw. To which CAO and Councillor Maine replied “or just enforce them.”  Maine offered to show the Bylaw Officer the problem areas.
        Councillor Smith suggested looking into garbage cans too to keep the crows out. Evergreen has not returned the information on those special cans which could be supplied under their contract.  If they are wrecked or stolen, the property owner will have to replace them.  These are the cans that have to be rolled out to the curb.  The cost is unknown at this time.  It is mainly up to the residents to be responsible for it.  Garbage goes out the night before and the cans removed after pick up. 
        CAO said she will reschedule a meeting with the Bylaw officer.
SunnyBrook Solid Waste Transfer Station: 
    The old access cards will be replaced with a one card/one time system.  Village residents are not to be using the Garbage site west of Warburg except for recyclable electronics. To resolve any confusion, please be aware that the Warburg waste site is not the Sunnybrook Solid waste site (located north of the Sunnybrook Hotel). The Village charges $10/ card/dump. The waste site will allow an 8 ft. pickup box filled to a depth of 3 feet.
        Administration received correspondence about the garbage now being hauled to the Winterburn facility for an unspecified rate instead of the Leduc Regional landfill at $57/MT. CAO will report her findings about the cost to Council.
    Council Committee Reports:
        Mayor van Assen met with CRB.  “I think there are changes coming to CRB.  It was pointed out clearly to Edmonton…that when they sit at the table, they are to sit with the right hat on or there will be consequences. There’s a new mayor in Edmonton.  He’s taking a different approach, but still has a fight with staff.  The Old guard is still there.  I have hope that eventually there will be some positive changes and that everything isn’t going Edmonton’s way anymore.” 
    Van Assen said at this coming meeting, they would try to change the voting structure, not get rid of the veto.  If the CRB Board approves it, and nobody puts an application in against it, it’s done—given power of Board with independent consultant.  I’d sooner see it go that way.” 
        Councillor Rapati explained that Edmonton has the veto vote power because it has the largest population.  17 Municipalities must vote in favor, and that 17 have to have a combination of 75% of the population without Edmonton.  23 municipalities can vote for something and with Edmonton’s one vote against it, it’s defeated. On the other hand, Edmonton ha

He illustrated with “one on the books now”:  Sturgeon residential complex in the Villenuve/St. Albert area.  The City filed against the application saying “By putting it in, you’re making use of our water and sewer facilities but you’re not paying us.  So we are not voting.  Don’t mind [neighbor’s] development.  There is no seeing if Villenuve/St. Albert are willing to work with them on the fees. Nope! They just vote against.”
Less Money, More Money:
        The Mayor attended the Provincial FCSS meeting and expressed disappointment in a shortfall of FCSS funding across the province. 
        “The County decided we are next on the list as far as [recreation] upgrades are concerned,” said the Mayor. “Time to step up to the plate. MP Calkins told us to get our numbers ready.  There is money coming on line after the budget tomorrow.”  Councillor Maine said the rink could definitely use some upgrades and repairs—outside and the roof.  “The more money, the better.  It is busy seven days a week!”
39/20:  Councillor Kevin Maine has been chosen as the 39/20 Alliance Vice Chair. Don Falkner is Chair.  The consultant who will help strategize the way forward didn’t make it to the meeting. 
Leduc Mayor’s Luncheon Highlights:  Councillor Maine presented bulleted highlights of the 2014 Mayors’ Address by City of Leduc Mayor Greg Krischke and Leduc County Mayor John Whaley held at the January 24, 2014 Leduc Regional Chamber of Commerce Luncheon: 
    City of Leduc: There has been 74% growth in the last 10 years.  6.9% in 2012.  The population now stands at 27,241. In the last 5 years, 1 billion building permits have been issued and 1870 business licenses.  There are now two bus lines and the c-line.  Leduc hosts 18 events per year.  In the future:  west end fire hall in the middle of 2015, a new 18,000 sq. ft. library, new splash park and outdoor pool upgrades, 64 acres have been purchased on Telford Lake for day use walking and ski train development, negotiations are ongoing for the 65 Ave interchange and the 3rd runway so it does not interfere with Leduc, working on the Edmonton annexation with the county and other parties, renegotiating EIA tax sharing.
        Leduc County: celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2013, subsidize the c-line riders up to 29%, $16 Million spent on road work--$741,000 on 9 bridges, 190 bridges over the are of 50 are in need of repair with no provincial funding available at this time, the county is approximately 1000 square miles, agriculture above average crops with 140 new residences, $122,000 spent on Thorsby ice plant, $2 million in New Sarepta take over of town, 52 million in residential permits, 5 million in renovation permits, 100 million in industrial permits.  Emergency calls were up 17% in Nisku area—mostly vehicle related.  Challenges in 2013:  negotiated with Leduc on 1300 acre annexation (approved)—Beaumont wants 3800 acres, Devon wants 600 acres, and Edmonton wants 38,000 acres. These annexations will reduce taxes in the county by 17%; the County is in negotiation with these municipalities and will have public meetings on the Edmonton annexation. Leduc County has borrowed $38 million towards the 41 Ave upgrade to 4 lanes (comes from Edmonton through Nisku and Leduc—total cost $200 million.) In 2014, $9.5 million will be spent on 62 km of roads & $635 thousand on bridges.



Lorna Lowe

    Council was called to order at 7:00 pm with all Councillors present. There were no changes to the agenda and no public commentary.
Library Board Appointment: 
    Council unanimously appointed Ms. Adrienne Braithwaite as a Public Member on the Leduc Library Board to serve a three year term ending Dec. 31, 2016.
Leduc Environmental Advisory Board Appointment: 
    Council unanimously appointed Ms. Linda McDonald (who was re-appointed) and Ms. Katie Oliver as Public Members with LEAB for a three year term ending Dec. 31, 2016.

Offsite Levy Bylaw:             Council unanimously approved 2nd and 3rd Readings of the 2014 Offsite Levy Bylaw. This Bylaw is updated every year to account for funds needed for infrastructure development within the City. 
    The changes for 2014 as noted by the City are: The combined Off-Site Levy charges to the developers will increase between $8,613 (7%) and $12,806 (11%) for the residential development areas and will increase $10,002 (14%) for the industrial development areas when comparing the rates to the present Off-Site Levy Bylaw No 813-2013. The new annexation lands will be combined with the existing west basin and will have an overall per Ha levy of $140,192.

Speed Bylaw: 
    This Bylaw has been amended to standardize speed limits within the City of Leduc and the newly annexed lands. Council unanimously passed 2nd Reading of this Bylaw but decided to bring it back at a later meeting for 3rd Reading after giving administration time to make a further amendment regarding a speed limit change on the west end of the City along Hwy 39 westbound.

Redistricting of West Annexation Lands: 
    Council held a Public Hearing prior to the proposed 2nd and 3rd Readings to Redistrict the recently annexed lands on the west side of the City of Leduc. A letter was received for the Public Hearing from area residents Kelly and Andrew Smith, objecting to the Redistricting from Agricultural to Urban Reserve due to the fact they felt that Council was using the Redistricting as a way of "pushing through" the proposed west end Firehall. Their objection was to the proposed placement of the Firehall so close to residential homes. 
    The receipt of the letter was mentioned at the Public Hearing but in discussions during the proposed Redistricting, Ken Woitt, the Director of Planning and Development for the City of Leduc, stated that the letter was not relevant at this time. City Manager Paul Benedetto commented that while the City was not legally obligated to do so, they would notify the Smiths that if they wished to do so, their objections would have to be resubmitted for the Public Hearing for the Firehall construction.
    Councillor MacKenzie also noted that there would be opportunities for public input at future open houses and information sessions regarding the development of the west end lands.
    Council unanimously passed 2nd and 3rd Readings for the Redistricting.    
    Council was adjourned with no in camera items.

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