The LA1K Comes to Leduc

Vice President Michael Elhard of the Northern Alberta Sports Car Club introduces the LA1K Race format

    On Thursday, February 20th at the Days Inn Clarence Shields introduced President Mr. Jed Harrison and Vice President Michael Elhard of the Northern Alberta Sports Car Club. They were pleased to announce that a major road race would be held at the Castrol Raceway on July 25th and 26th.
    This road race will be unique to North America as it will be a 1,000-kilometer road race and open to all comers. Thirty-five entries have already been received and approximately 50 cars are expected to enter with each car having two to three drivers. The event is basically a battle between speed and fuel efficiency with cars ranging from Mazda’s to Porsches. The event is attracting interest from sports car enthusiasms from all over western Canada and the United States.
    The weekend will begin on Friday, July 25th with registration, displays, and a celebrity race. The race will be held on Saturday, February 26th and will end when the first car reaches the 1,000 kilometer mark or if 12 hours have passed. Castrol finished the 2.7K road race track last year and this will be the first major event to be held on the course.  There are 14 turns in the course, which promise to provide lots of action as the 50 cars spin their way around the track. Having to drive 1000K over a 2.7K track with 14 turns will be no picnic and a real challenge to both the stamina of the drivers and the efficiency of their car.
    Leduc’s Mayor Greg Krischke was present and spoke highly of the Castrol Raceway’s development and how the Raceway has assisted in the growth of the area’s tourist trade. Mayor Krischke threw down a challenge for the celebrity race, which was immediately picked up by Leduc County Councilor Clay Stumph. It will be interesting to see if any other of Leduc’s well known residents will join them.




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