New Pastor at Zion

Lutheran pastors present at the Installation Service were (left to right) Pastor Terry Defoe from Mount Olive Church in Regina, Alberta B.C. District President Don Schieman, District Outreach Assistant Dr. Glenn Schaeffer, Pastor Fred Albert going from Zion to a new position at St. Peter's in Leduc, newly installed Pastor Tim Richholt, retired Pastor Garry Dumbrowsky, retired Pastor Harold Witte, Pastor Don Hennig from Mount Calvary Church in Red Deer.

Zion Lutheran Church in Wetaskiwin held the Installation Service for Pastor Timothy Richholt on Sunday, February 9th. During the past year, Zion has been served by two interim pastors for six months each: Pastor Mike Pietsch from Australia, and Pastor Fred Albert, and both were very much appreciated by the congregation. Now Pastor Timothy Richholt will be serving the church for "as long as God wants." The Installation Service was a joyful occasion with emphasis upon the work, wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit in proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the glory of the Lord God Almighty. 
    The congregational singing brought out the acoustical excellence of the sanctuary in expression of joy, and the visiting church dignitaries and pastors were beaming. As always at such occasions, the District President for the Alberta and B.C. District, President Don Schieman, was present and was accompanied by his outreach assistant, Dr. Glenn Schaeffer. The outgoing interim Pastor, Fred Albert was present, as were Pastor Terry Defoe from Mount Olive Church in Regina and Pastor Don Hennig from Mount Calvary Church in Red Deer. Pastor Garry Dumbrewsky and Pastor Harold Witte, both retired and living in Edmonton, were also present. 
    The afternoon service was followed by a delicious full pot luck meal served by the women of the church. Pastor Tim Richholt is no stranger to Alberta, having previously served the church in Rocky Mountain House for 16 years. He is originally from Bismark, North Dakota, and continued his education in St. Paul, Minnesota, and St. Louis, Missouri. He began his 31 years of ministry in Colorado, then 16 years at Rocky Mountain House, and the last nine years in Billings, Montana, where they were closer to his wife's mother. Of their four sons, three are living in Canada, one in New York City. 
    They have five grandchildren. Pastor Richholt's says that his purpose in ministry is, "to share the Good News of God's love in Christ Jesus. A lot of people do not know about it, and all people need it." He considers it important work to share the Gospel. He talks about how "the world beats people up and tells them that they aren't good enough, but God loves them anyway, thinks they're valuable and knows what He made. Therefore, life can be abundant and joyful as attention is redirected to gifts and blessings." 
    His interests and hobbies include golfing and keeping aquariums along with visiting with people and sharing about Jesus. He says that he gets attached to people, so he considers it good to be back in Alberta and at Zion. He is looking forward to experiencing here many of the good things that happen with God's people. 
    The congregation is also very happy to welcome him. Zion Lutheran Church will also be hosting the African Children's Choir again this year, on March 22nd.

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