Kudos to MLA, George Rogers

Vol 15. Issue 6, Leduc - Wetaskiwin Pipestone Flyer

I just want to pass along kudos to Leduc-Devon-Beaumont MLA George Rogers for hosting the Rolly View Townhall meeting (Jan. 31).  It was a great demonstration of real democratic exchange.  Mr. Rogers and six MLA colleagues (including two ministers) turned up on a very cold night to debate the merits of various pieces of government legislation.  Many of us in the crowd continue to believe the new laws found in Bill 19/50/36 and 24 (which was not actually addressed at this town hall meeting) are deeply flawed and take away landowner rights. However, the opportunity to face our elected members of the legislative assembly was a fantastic opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with democracy.

More than one member of the crowd noted, "retro-active amendments are a good start to repairing the damage done to the trust of Alberta landowners, but not until these bills give back the right to landowners to appeal directly to the court... to judicial review... and real representation on advisory councils can Albertans even consider we are being dealt with openly and even-handedly.  Until the final authority of these Acts is given back to the legislative assembly (and the public debate and transparency that entails), any changes are cosmetic and designed simply to placate an increasingly angry (and increasingly aware) electorate.

Still, good for George Rogers for having the courage to hold the meeting. 

William Munsey
New Sarepta Gardens

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