“Operation Palliative Care” commences in support of the Black Gold Health Foundation

The Pipestone Flyer and our advertisers give back to the community in response to a plea for support

Vol 15. Issue 6, Leduc - Wetaskiwin Pipestone Flyer

Without a doubt everyone of us has been touched in some way by a serious illness of a family member.  Many who have had to deal with a dying family member, whether it be from disease or accident, the processes a family goes through is extremely difficult.  If we are honest with ourselves, when we experience a family member in palliative care, we never want to leave their side.  We huddle in a chair on a bedside vigil making sure that the one suffering knows we are there.

This situation is nothing new.  Hospitals have always been constructed to house the sick and dying.  They are planned around the need of providing the best medical treatment available.  But what they are lacking is an environment for the family to join in on the care needs of the patient. An environment that not only brings peace to the family, but also enables the much needed support to the patient that is so much needed from the family.

Last week Lorraine Popik on behalf of the Black Gold Health Foundation provided an impassioned plea to the business community during the Leduc Chamber of Commerce meeting.  Recognizing a need to improve faculties to provide the families of  pediatric and palliative care patients a means to bring that much needed support, they have designed a fund raising initiative they have called the “Family Care Suites Project.”

Their goal is to raise $100,000.00 over the next 100 days providing a reachable goal of $1000 per day.  The result will be the renovation of four suites at the Leduc Community Hospital providing a place for the family to stay and be with the patient in palliative care. “Family care suites are custom designed to encompass full family services from pediatric to palliative care needs”, says Popik. These suites will provide a comforting environment for the entire family.  The Black Gold Health Foundation envision rooms that are fully fitted with “up-to-date” technologies complimented with soothing décor.  Each suite will include specialty beds, televisions, drapes, artwork and a full array of furnishings.  “It could even have a computer with the internet.” says Popik.

According to current estimates from the Black Gold Health Foundation each suite is estimated to cost $32,500.00 elevating the four suite goal to $130,000.00.

As a result of this need, the Pipestone Flyer has decided to help the Black Gold Heath Foundation reach their goal.  We have started our own fund raising campaign “Operation Palliative Care.”  From now until the goal is reached, we will be approaching business advertisers to partner with us on this initiative.

Funds will be raised by having the Leduc – Wetaskiwin Pipestone Flyer donate fifty percent (50%) of advertising proceeds from business partner advertisers to the Black Gold Health Foundation's “Family Care Suites Project.”

Starting next week,  thousands of valued readers will see the “Operation Palliative Care” logo on Pipestone Flyer advertisements of participating businesses; giving us yet another reason to appreciate our advertisers as they join us in this endeavour.

To start the ball rolling, 100 percent (100%) of the advertising costs collected for advertisements in a special section, dedicated to the Black Gold Health Foundation, will be donated by the Pipestone Flyer. Every week we will provide updates on the progress and the business partners that come on-board with Operation Palliative Care. 

How Can Our Readers Help

As readers you too can help.  If you see the Operation Palliative Care logo on an advertisement or the poster displayed in a business, please support them.  As a community we can make a difference.  In doing so, the Black Gold Health Foundation will achieve the goal of providing four “Family Care Suites” at the Leduc Community Hospital.

If you wish to join “Operation Palliative Care” please contact Lanny Fleming at the Leduc – Wetaskiwin Pipestone Flyer, phone: 780-387-5797 or email him at lanny@pipestoneflyer.ca.

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