Up on the (cold) roof on Firehall #1 Leduc Exceeds Fundraising Goal

Vol 15. Issue 9, Leduc - Wetaskiwin Pipestone Flyer
Firefighters on the roof of Leduc Firehall #1 on February 24th were dealing with extreme cold and wind. But firefighters like Robert St, Yves who was on the roof from February 22nd to February 25th, inside felt warm because they knew their efforts were for a good cause – raising money to help eliminate Muscular Dystrophy. A major sponsor of the campaign, the Pipestone Flyer wanted to help make the firefighters ‘stay’ on the roof more pleasant so Lanny Fleming, Program Coordinator of the Pipestone Flyer personally went on the cold roof and delivered the recent edition of the newspaper. 
Although the final numbers aren’t in, the Leduc Firefighters will likely have exceeded their fundraising goal of $25,000 by a whopping $36,000. Karen Faryna, a major player in organizing the event reports, “It has been an overwhelming experience of community spirit and team building for everyone involved. I am full of gratitude with how much support our campaign received.  I am overwhelmed how so many have supported our campaign. Such rewarding work, I have no words that can clearly explain what I feel in my heart.”
The support for the fundraiser was very evident and amazing on the street on February 24th as vehicle after vehicle stopped to drop money in the fireman’s boot supporting the cause. Firefighters say the campaign will continue until a solution to MD had been found so the campaign is not over.
For more information or to make a donation contact Douglas Britton, President, Leduc Fire Fighters Association  (780) 953-3684.  

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