No Inflammatory Remarks were Made

Vol 15, Issue 10, Leduc - Wetaskiwin Pipestone Flyer

I must fully confess to attending all three of Raj Sherman's Townhall's in the Edmonton-Meadowlark riding itself. In those townhalls, Dr. Sherman made no inflammatory remarks, no violent or outrageous statements and did not insinuate anything nasty by innuendo.

My suggestion is that Dr. Sherman have a Cabinet Order-In-Council co-signed by the Speaker. Like a warrant if you will, so he can make his allegations listing his factoids on his weekly health show which is available 24/7 on the internet.

If his statements are found to be factual, even if only one of the folks he has or hasn't said has colluded in the slightest way, then let them be prosecuted to the fullest.

If his statements are proven to be inaccuracies, then let the Legislature in exchange for his immunity on the television show vote to recall Dr. Sherman, thus necessitating a full on byelection in the Edmonton-Meadowlark Constituency.

I wouldn't dare suggest any form of prosecution of Dr. Sherman if there are any inaccuracies in his statements, he has been through more than enough with his father's horrible health issues and the unneccessary attacks by your phone calls to the Alberta Medical Association.

To me if he is proven to be "a bully" (Graham Thomson's quote, not mine, Edmonton Journal, March 3rd, 2011) then he should just retire quietly and  return to being an Emergency Room Doctor where he would be a tremendous full time asset on the front lines.

Dr. Sherman is a great person and quite frankly a responsive MLA. But he has shown this week that he really isn't sitting on a ticking time bomb, if he were he would have released the evidence by now. Any party in the Legislature would be in huge trouble if they took him now. Immediate poll drop. Immediate.

But I, like Dr. Sherman know what its like to be picked upon. I want to give him a chance and see him list every attack, line by line, unredacted, even if it takes several programs.    Once the shows are up on the web, then any Albertan with an internet hookup can go and judge Dr. Sherman, uncut, unedited in his original broadcast format, with his own voice.

Rory Koopmans

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