Town of Calmar Council - March 7, 2011

Vol 15, Issue 12, Leduc - Wetaskiwin Pipestone Flyer

The regular Calmar Council meeting was called to order at 7:00 by Mayor Don Faulkner.

It's official - the Town of Calmar will be joining the list of Alberta communities who will be hosting an overnight stay for the Wild Pink Yonder (WPY) covered wagon, outriders, and crew who make a yearly trek across the province fundraising for breast cancer research and the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

Think Pink
Hosting the WPY group involves furnishing facilities and resources for the event, including meals and entertainment, tent-pitching area, and hay and resting area for the horses.  Although enthusiastic about the event at the February 7 meeting, Council requested a breakdown of the costs associated with holding the WPY function before making a decision.  The grand total is estimated at $7,300, the most expensive item being the hiring of a band ($6,000) for the evening's entertainment.  Councillor Wiancko suggested hiring a local band.

Other ideas discussed by Council included 'turning the town pink', participating in the WPY's contest of fun that encourages hosting communities to create the "Pinkest Little Town in the West."  Councillor Borodawka proposed the idea of incorporating the Communities in Bloom program by planting pink-blooming flowers around town.

The Wild Pink Yonder fundraising group is scheduled to arrive in Calmar on August 31. 

Donation Request
The Leduc Rotary Music Festival has been actively encouraging Leduc and area students for 34 years.  Last year, in addition to recommending a number of students to the Provincial festival, the Leduc Rotary Music Festival provided adjudication for 1400 music/speech arts students and awarded 174 scholarships, 19 medallions, and 10 trophies.
One hundred percent volunteer operated, the Leduc Rotary Festival is reaching out to the community for support and submitted a requestfor a donation from Calmar Council to help offset costs of the event.

Councillor Scotty Wiancko made a motion to donate $300 to the Leduc Rotary Music Festival.

Debenture Bylaw
Bylaw # 2011-04 authorizes the Council of the Town of Calmar to incure indebtedness by the issuance of debenture(s) in the amount of $185,295.00 for the purpose of street, curb, gutter, and sidewalk rehabilitation.  The total cost of the upgrade project is approximated at $882,295.00.  Provincial government grants will cover $697,000.00 of the total cost.
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