Town of Calmar Council Notes - March 21, 2011

Vol 15. Issue 14, Leduc - Wetaskiwin Pipestone Flyer

The Town of Calmar's regular council meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Mayor Don Faulkner.

Kathleen LeClair of the Capital Region Board presented Council with a slide show overview of the Capital Region  economic Roadmap, described and explained its purpose, background, and objecives. LeClair highlighted the seven key drivers of the Roadmap as:
1. Demonstrating leadership in regional management.
2. Becoming a centre of learning and education.
3. Growing to be the world's leading circumpolar region.
4. Creating a link or connection between people, goods and information, directly to the global marketplace.
5. Being strategically productive and competitive.
6. Staying aware of our natural resources and strategically managing them.
7. Creating vibrant, healthy communities.

"We have a steering committee who's consulted with Chamber members and business leaders," said LeClair, "and we are looking at business people who have businesses outside of Edmonton."

Councillor Bartlett inquired whether business people and developers were on the committee, expressing concerns that because development needed to be approved by the board and the time involved holds back development.

Ms. LeClair explained that, no, there were not any on the committee, but some business people had been met with, and
also, the economic Roadmap asn't really related and would not impact the timelines and process. Cultivating good relationships and partnering between post-secondary institutions and businesses is a primary goal, and changes to increase immigration and accessibility to assistance through the process of integration.

"We need to realize we are going to have a lot of immigrants coming - we need to get workers from somewhere," said Kathleen.

The participating municipalities of the Capital Region are a diverse group with the shared vision to make the best decisions
possible for the citizens of their communities.
Council thanked

Kathleen LeClair for her informative presentation.

Victim of Crime Awareness Week
Council received correspondence from Leduc & District Victims services reqeusting that April 10 to 16 be declared "Victims of Crime Awareness Week" and for permission to use the Town of Calmar Logo for advertising and promotion.

Councillor Bartlett moved that Leduc & District Victims Services be allowed to use the Town of Calmar Logo for the promotion of Victims of Crime Awareness Week. Councillor Borodawka motioned that April 10th to 16th, 2011, be
proclaimed "Victims of Crime Awareness Week" in the Town of Calmar, and Mayor Faulkner declared it so.

Financial Reports
Director of Finance, Mr. Mike Storey, presented correspondence requesting that the Final Draft of the 2011 Operating
Budget be adopted as presented.  Discussion ensued, with Councillor Wiancko commenting that he didn't understand the report, it was hard to follow and that he would like more detailed information. Mayor Faulkner reminded that this was already agreed upon, but, "we'll put more effort into making sure you understand it," said the Mayor.

Councillor Bartlett moved that the 2011 Town of Calmar Operating Budget be adopted as presented. Carried, except by
Councillor Wiancko, who Opposed.

Councillor Borodawka moved that the 2011 Town of Calmar Capital Budget be adopted as presented, and Councillor
Bartlett made a motion that Mr. Michael Storey be appointed to represent and vote the shares of the Town of Calmar at the Annual General meeting of the Alberta Capital Finance Authority to be held on April 7 in Edmonton.

Farmers Market Proposal
Council received correspondence from recreation Coordinator Bersma with a request that Kim Stejskal be approved to run a Market at the Mike Karbonik Area on Mondays from 3 - 7:00 p.m. C o u n c i l l o r Yachimetz moved to follow the recommendation of Recreation Coordinator Bergsma and authorize Kim Stejskal to operate said feature on Mondays at the specified time at a rate of $150.00 per day for the 2011 season, and that costs be monitored to determine of he rental rate is sufficient to cover the costs to the Town.

Interact Club Banquet Invitation
Council received a request for a silent auction donation for a banquet on April 30, and requested Council's presence at the
event. Town Manager Murphy stated she provided the Interact Club with a silent auction item, so Councillor Borodawka moved that the Town purchase two tables in support of the banquet for both Council and Administration to attend.

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